Facebook Jobs


we take a moment now to preview our show coming up on Monday it is an exclusive interview with the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and is chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg here is an excellent there are many people who look to Silicon Valley and they say they’re poor platforms out here at Amazon it’s Apple it’s Google it’s Facebook and what we’re gonna witness over the next 10 years is a flat app war between the four of you for the future oh you seen it I mean people like to talk about war oh you know there’s like there’s a lot of there are a lot of ways in which the company has actually worked together there are real competitions in there but I don’t think that this is going to be the type of situation where there’s one company that that wins all this so you’re already getting into each other’s businesses you know Google I think in in some ways is more is more competitive and certainly as is trying to build their own little version of Facebook but you know when I look at Amazon and Apple and I see companies who were extremely aligned with us right and and we have a lot of conversations with people at both companies just trying to figure out ways that we can do more together and there’s just a lot of reception there there no borders for us certainly right be likely we want everything to be social yeah and we want prefer everything to be social with Facebook and so for us you know Arvin’s really to work across we want to work on every tablet so if you’re Amazon you’re I mean one of the big strategies is sell Kindles so you can sell more things right if you’re Apple a big part your strategy is sell devices because that’s how you make money right if your Google they want to get Android as widely adopted as possible our goal is not to build a platform it’s to be across all of them I mean because our mission is to help people connect and stay connected with with people no matter what devices they’re on there’s one thing that I think is most important that’s true of Facebook which is that we are focused on doing one thing incredibly well I think if you look at other companies all of these companies are doing lots of different things but we are still as we grow doing exactly you want anything you think you can’t do it is true that there’s a corollary to what you’re just said right so it is true we are focused on this one thing but because there’s all this other stuff out there that means that Facebook is evolved as a partnership company right which is very different from the way that Apple or Google or Amazon or Microsoft or any of these folks are right I mean if if Apple or Google wants to build a product they typically go build it right whereas if Facebook wants to make it so that you know we want to help rethink the way that people listen to music or watch movies what do we do we build a platform on top of which people cannot connect and we enable all these different companies dozens of companies to plug in I’m companies that are big companies companies that are small companies things that don’t even exist it’s a really different approach than what all these other companies and results you want to provide a means for people to to look at movies to listen to music we build the social technology they provide the music yeah we don’t we don’t want people to use Facebook to watch movies or read newspaper articles what you want to we want to provide the social the social technology so we want them to listen to music on the i.Phone or through Apple or through Spotify anything they want we want them to watch movies anywhere we just want Facebook to be how they share wherever they are and so we do this one thing which is underlies this huge partnership strategy and it does make us I think pretty different than than many of the other companies you’re talking about just take the movies thing as an example I mean the biggest movie company is that our partners right now and are building on top of our platform are Netflix and Hulu right and I guess who lose more on the TV side but people can share all kinds of videos that they’re watching you can see the top things that your friends are watching so I could go to your profile your timeline and if you want you can have a box up there that’s what are the TV shows that you watch the most and I can go ahead and click on it and it’ll take me right to the Hulu app and I can start watching that um that I think is really powerful the piece that Facebook is doing is saying okay we’re friends right and allowing you to share that I want to express to to people what are the TV shows that I like and now Facebook is giving me a place to go see what you want to watch if you want to share that one is online at Charlie Rose car. .