Twitter Jobs

Tech savvy job candidates are now finding work through social media.

while the unemployment rate remains relatively steady people looking for work continued to face tough competition but some tech savvy candidates have found a way to narrow the odds they’re using social media to find work or to let work find them let’s face it from clerks two CEOs no one really enjoys looking for work traditionally jobseekers have had to sift through stacks of postings before finding once to apply for but that could all change thanks to social networking while it’s famous for sharing videos and photos it’s now linking employers and like minded jobseekers for project manager cheeto Vazquez it was the perfect place to build his Network he found his latest job on the micro blogging site twitter kind of cool that you didn’t have to like search through woods and you know stacks of useless jobs that might not be relevant to you a lot of times blood recruiters don’t actually know you know what the job entails and they just post it out there because that’s what they’re typically doing social networking sites like Linked.In allow professionals to have a digital resume along with references from past and present co workers on Twitter a simple search for jobs can put you directly in touch with employers and on Facebook users can join employment groups with up to date postings they’re not like traditional online job boards as you can usually make direct contact with the advertiser we push all of our jobs through to our Twitter feed and you’ll find that there’ll be candidates there that are just hooked into your feeds to see what jobs are coming through and they’ll pin you straight back going I’m interested can we talk and it just instigates the recruitment process and it keep it keeps a timely and speedy however some industry heavyweights beg to differ social networking is and said is is here to stay there’s no doubt about that but you know we fundamentally don’t believe that it’s going to have a big impact on on the jobs market but what everyone can agree on is that the job market is definitely making a recovery job ads in both online and newspaper classifieds rose by nearly twenty percent last month compared to january according to a recent survey but that didn’t include jobs posted exclusively on social networking sites it’s a sign of that both business confidence and the economy are on the way up while no official data has been collected on social media success when it comes to finding work its growth and popularity can’t be ignored Facebook alone attracted 100 million users in less than a year while Twitter gets over 500 million hits a day so for some jobseekers it really could come down to not what you know but who deb’s majumder world news australia. .