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hi friends this is Chatham in this video session I am going to explain you how you can use Twitter to find a job or to find a job opportunities now this is my twitter account page and here is the search box so if you want to find a job related to your domain or related to your education or related to your qualification you have to use very powerful tool which is available on twitter which is a search box so here is a search box on right hand side top so for example if you are looking for job in some locations so if you are looking for a job in mumbai so i am typing here jobs and i am enter button to search the tweets which are related to these words jobs mumbai so i can see different tweets happening on Twitter related to my keyword jobs and Mumbai so it is filtering out different job opportunities available on Twitter people who are posting job opportunities or Twitter so if it is relevant for you you can go and click on links or whatever information is available you can use it to seize the opportunity the other thing is these tweets are all with links so these things are from maybe from website but we want to search more genuine a job tweets or then better you use keywords like jobs mumbai and use minus HTTP with it so that will filter out the tweets with links so you will get more genuine requirements from people so here one person is looking for some data entry operator of zero to three years in Bangalore Mumbai salary one point 20 per annum so this is very genuine to it where a person is asking to say cv on some email ID here there there are no links because we have included minus HTTP in this so that you can filter out twits without links in that case but if you are really serious if you are really looking for job then I think you should go and search with different keywords like this is jobs mumbai so location plus jobs i am searching but if i’m looking for specific jobs then i am talking about safe marketing which is no mean then locations SE kounye and then i am talking about jobs and then maybe minus HTTP show you how to use multiple keywords to find the job so you can find different jobs available on Twitter through these search box so this is it from my side enjoy and use Twitter search engine to find jobs before that better you complete your profile Twitter profile give detail about yourself add the link to your profile which will explain your resume or which will show your resume on some website so this is it thank you.