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Do you think employers are trying to help you? You already know you cant trust recruitersthey tell as they think you need to know to take the job they after representing so they collect their payday.

The skills needed to find a job are different yet complement the skills needed to do a job.
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hi I’m Jeff off of the big game hunter the head coach for job search coaching HK calm and for years I’ve been telling people to go visit tweet my jobs they get a sense of jobs that were available through Twitter and to use that as a search tool now tweet my job’s is no longer around there’s a new name for it let me just pull that back up career arc calm sea ar e AR AR see calm and you know I just went a couple of searches here knowing that I have a position on recruiting for in Madison Wisconsin and it’s not pulling up the job matter of fact that’s pulling up relatively few jobs at the right level in Madison Wisconsin i’m going to try one extra thing to see if it pulls that up but what I’m finding is it’s not really doing a great job of locating positions that i know are being advertised for not just simply my own but other people’s jobs that I’ve seen on their Twitter feeds that are not turning up on the using search so it begs the question what can you use instead what’s a better tool than career organ replacement for sweet my jobs in order to find job openings and the answer is Twitter that Twitter itself is pretty good in terms of job hunting now I would tend to look at broad categories so for example you know one of the hard things with twitter is you’re not going to get positions near a city like you might on other searches you know instead what you’re able to do is enter a keyword you know a particular skill the word job and the city and an abbreviation for this state that the position might be located so I’ll use an example of accountant job new york NY and New York and why being in quotes that will turn things up for you now if you are looking for something in Long Island City or on Long Island unless the tweet went out is long island city or li SI or long island in quotes you’re not going to find it unfortunately and that makes Twitter a little less desirable in terms of search of then other tools that you might use but if you’re in a large urban area or looking for something in a large urban setting New York Dallas Chicago Boston you know I’m going to tell you it’s not a bad way to search and you’re going to turn up a lot of different jobs pretty easily so again don’t forget Twitter itself at if a search box a key skill or skills the word job and the city and the abbreviation for the state emotes.