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Football Manager 2017 is out 4th, this is a video summarising the Social Media, Inbox and Transfers and Contracts improvements on Football Manager 2017

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hello then welcome back to another one of these videos we go through a few different areas and we’ll start with social media for a bunch of course released their trailer if you’ve not really seen my other videos on this go around check them out the first big feature then is this social feed tab but it’s basically your own Twitter you can see there that the spokesperson for the club the sport spokesperson is retweeting like crazy different things different opinions so it’s is okay I feel split about it while I think it’s part of all now and it’s interesting there’s the other part of me that thinks it’s there any point in this I guess it’s nice to have I mean they’ve obviously wet tired and put it in there whether it affects sort of gameplay tactics match engine then I don’t think it does but as an immersive tactic I think it’s quite a nice thing to have in and their guess that’s what you’re trying to do right they’re going to add features to make the game more immersive over a number of years so there we are social media now they’ve improved the inbox basically they’re you they’ve made it more accessible easy to read easy to go through and that’s good because I think a lot of the problems people have before matches then they get a little bit cluttered more visual aids will add to that the way which thou information is presented it’s much improved and good because the inbox is the source of all the things that you do like you go to the inbox to decide what to do next a lot of the time as it’s great to have that in there you can see the way that sort of the league now looks when it’s presented m2 that they’ve obviously made the game look better that I think done Anna cards within the likes of the league page is great the fact it will change now beyond a sorry sight leo change now based on how you perform in their league rather than sort of static odds give another style yeah it’s great because it gives you an idea of where you stand with sort of ten games to go I think that’s going to be really great and do they fancy for it or not but I think visual stuff in this way in the format which is been laid out this year it just is it’s not like again but I don’t feel like this year there are major improvements based these little touches these little improvements on lashes game that make the game better and i think that’s always what I’ve kind of wanted I don’t want mass change I want things to be I want things just being upon slightly now you might have seen their transfers and contracts have had a big change the pre contract talks and which I do thinks fascinating because it will it again make it more immersive I think these sort of things give you a better understanding of how players and deals work in your life but you can offer him you can say like will give you away to rise at some point we’re going to challenge for a title and if they like the sound of that at the time of a pay rise then they will take that pay rise they’ll say okay yes let’s talk about it more often you contract let’s get involved and I don’t know if you always have to I suspect you probably but always always have to offer things but there is the option there for you to do it and now with the addition of transfer sagas it makes transfers a lot more in depth and I think that’s something that as long as the AI responsive to it and they deal with it in a similar way to any human would that’s great by the way this transfer window panel I must say looks absolutely great aspect you can actually send that blind day after a fuse as well it’s going to look fantastic region’s coming in what are the teams doing I feel like that something always want to keep a track of in previous years but another fun sort of an optimal way to do it having this screen now he’s just that isn’t it that’s exactly what we wanted and and they didn’t stop there a more intelligent transfer I something people have been calling for for a very long time they no longer want to see a player bought for 20 million and then he never plays that that’s always read something that has irked me and hopefully the end of that now and hopefully teams make transfers that make sense to the team that they have as well that would be quite nice I think press conference to be improved as well and when we got to talking about players they will come and sort of pester you more journalists over the course of a season which i think is fine like I don’t necessarily find it that interesting and I Monica momently assistant do it sometimes but it’s still nice this is sort of my deadline day as well in that they’ve now you need options so they’ll advise that if you can’t get the player then trying it Mon line because there’s not enough time agents and players obviously have more power now that was mentioned in the trailer and I mean it in the feature of real sorry which is good and bad i think i think there might be situations now where players to solve you think they’re going to accept your deal everything’s going quite well all of a sudden their mind might change and that’s gonna be quite frustrating like it as part of the transfer saga business that’s going to be interesting and the way they can offer their players out a lot more and then to decide based on what you’ve said do you want to come out onto this guy or not so that I put in is they can lock clauses so if you are insisted on playing sort of our monthly installment basis you can unlock that which is something that I didn’t have before so good great I’m looking forward to that and I think that that will improve the way I’m supposed to negotiate in general and the wage free differences you can now do it that if they play they get a certain percentage and you can cut that up now so it’s not just a base fee of okay this is what you get per month you can now do it so okay if you place these games then you can I will offer up the transfer fee i offer up the wage free percentage that I’ve accepted which is good because especially in the lower leagues that will keep you afloat a little bit more like you might get this player in and then if you start playing spit out a couple of games used to have to page wage which can be a bit rubbish finally managerial transfers you can now have the option completely to that if you want to accept a job elsewhere you can now say to that team that you’re approaching okay look I’m just going to finish out where I was before and there we are so so sure meet here huh like you’ll see I don’t know let me know what you think about it in boxes there as well transfers and contracts what are you thinking then I think I guess I give a quick summary that we’re social media I think it’s nice do I think it’s revolutionary no but do I think it’s an important aspect of football these days yeah of course so they kind of have to play in the game it makes sense with it affects how I play the game probably probably not and just just being honest in box I think there’s some great improvements to some of the screens the way sky reports coming now the way that and scouting comes in now things that I think that looks great i thought i’m really pleased they’ve they’ve improved that and hopefully over the course of the year you know it’s the difference because you feel like okay this is where we can apply different things now and the way we can scout players is a lot simpler the way we can play you sort of player instructions and training and it’s all there in front of me great really really pleased and transfers and contracts and sort of improved transfer AI perfect every year that needs to get better and better and better until it’s perfect so again i think i’ve done a good job hats off to them but of course what I know what you think in the comment section down below on these particular topics what you thinking let me know then and of course if you’re looking forward to some more format your content and Leicester City save with me just as a fox coming soon if you want to see more of that stay subscribed and if you want to end leave a like on this video please do so we love with careful attention till next time I’m FM 17 not too far away goodbye.