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In the second instalment of our 1st & Worst series, G Herbo speaks on his favourite social platform for picking up girls, what song got him into rapping, and much & Follow G by David Dalley (of by Daniel Quintero of Opposition

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my mama told me baby please say y’all dead corn yes crazy she knew why the police stayed on that corn y’all good ready the best fight it’s the girl it’s the ground the deal that’s the best I don’t really know I’m saying Twitter cool I like Twitter just for I’ll be just tweeting fuckin around you know I’m saying this fucking shit Twitter you know Instagram all the others entertain it to me you know like I already take it to series and I like I do cuz I’m an artist but it’s all entertainment me feeling like yeah buddy be putting a finish selling pointing hard but the best place to find females to me as integral of history writing like ace they all finish the ground females be mad you are a job I take it like I ever had a job before yeah it’s my first real occupation you know I you know I was just in the streets brewing I thought I was gonna play sports but I never had no job that was summer job slime or internationally noise that’s cool that was my worry job but I like school I wish I could stay in the school but I never had no job my worst job babysitting baby say night we tried hold these clears I’ll be right back his chops for sending them right back you will Santana little Wayne money Oh bitch when I was young just you don’t say that was uh those were the cabin people that I you know I’m saying looked up to you feeling me out of last Wayne Juelz you know she knows type of dude and really what I never want to grow up and become an artist like I never wanted to grow up we just naturally happen to knowing their and that’s probably how I get my my little pocket that I stay in you know I’m saying in my lane and just my style from that whole ever know if it is I probably ain’t gonna say don’t know I don’t hate on nobody over I fuck with a lot of shit that’s out here actually like I can’t really speak on it and I ain’t even no no like scary sneak dissing shit I really can’t think of no terrible shit really I know it is a bunch of terrible shit out here but I can’t put on listen to their shit already and listen to music anyway because they join them thanks a lot of niggas star point man me a ticket be man what is yeah this might be my best experience in a national first international leg man yep first time actually making it to Canada this this is a best experience together and just me and him too so you know yeah we got these fairies it together you feel if not the very worst definitely one of music customs for like 14 hours like I was ready to tell em bro just take me in custody and you could wake me up with my plane ready like anything to be sleeping a little been cheating shit I just take me in the back log get a little card alone your mo.