Social Media Manager

Make sure you want the full video as Gary Vee, like always, has a some fantastic advice.

so in that I think strikes right to the operational question which is businesses most businesses are structures do this right we don’t have like a community manager necessarily in house so the question is do businesses go and hire that person or do the outsource that person so I guess that’s question over one and in question number two what did they look for when determining so if you’re bringing someone in what’s the character is that makes that community manager great whether it’s an in in house or an outsourced situation you know I think in house or outsource is completely DNA in the company you know if you want it to be in house and you feel they can capture the voice better that’s the way to go what scares me about that is you become very dependent on an individual or two so that’s become a problem for people in households sudden when the community manager builds a lot of brand equity they become really important and you know maybe overpriced for small business outsourcing you know because that’s what we do with vaynermedia I still think that there’s a place for it but not necessarily the right thing for everybody strictly a DNA question what you look for is somebody that looks for business Sensibility at the end of the day let’s call this what this says and I think I set this up proper in the room which I think really helped me kind of drive my message to the audience today I am NOT in this because I think it’s cool or I’m a tech nerd I don’t like this stuff I like it for one reason business this stuff sells stuff so the first thing I would look for when hiring somebody or bring somebody in do they understand at the end of the day we sell cars now we sell our brand and we sell our relationships but at the end of the day what are we doing we want to move more product I think too many Community Managers too many social media people are way to resent about it it’s all about feelings and butterflies and rainbows and unicorns and that’s great but I want my unicorn to like throw a customer on its back and drive me to rot so I could sell in the car and so I think business sensibility matters to be first and then an understanding they don’t know what tumblr is if they don’t know what Instagram is if they’ve never heard of kora then they’re not up to the latest stuff they can’t be just one dimensional at Facebook and Twitter person because let’s be very honest in 24 months there’s would be four or five other platforms that matter I mean how many people in this room you can’t see them folks but how many of you know what Pinterest is so you know good amount of hands that’s impressive to me what I want to know now what I do know is that somebody people that raised their hands Pinterest is being a very interesting product for me because it’s attacking the normals like what I call normal 20 to 30 year old females which are not teched out which aren’t obsessed with Twitter and Foursquare they know what Pinterest is so when a product penetrates the masses that’s why I get excited that’s why I’m paying attention to Pinterest there are people that are paying car models right now on Pinterest I’ve seen it I looked at it before this talk and use it on stage you get a feel for your DSTV this is what I talk about I mean this is what matters this stuff is moving evolving this you know what I love somebody said to me man Gary this is really hard I know this is hard like it should be this is business you know what the version of this was before you left at 7 o’clock in the morning you got home at 11 o’clock at night because you were building a business business is hard hard work wins this should be hard because the customer should get everything price selection service I mean that’s just the way it is consumers are gonna get it one way or another closing thought I got a lot of crap yesterday because I was speaking so fast in my keynote you completely blew me out of the water thank you perfect target off my back I appreciate you coming out man thanks for having me on yeah thank you.