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Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS premieres 16th, following the life and times of legendary Steve Jobs, but where’s the movie for the even more thrilling Bill Gates? Here it is.

Ryan Williams as Bill Gates
Dan Hodapp as Paul Allen

dropping out of college it takes guts bill no it doesn’t i ran to pass my parents they were okay with it what are you gonna do I’m gonna start a computer company why the heck would you do that cuz computers our need how’s it coming good just coating a basic interpretation of an altair 8800 gee whiz I’m gonna put one of these in every home in America isn’t that right cliffie it’s time to deal with IBM ms dos was a success what more could you possibly want a state of the art operating system that moms will love what are we gonna call it bill what are we gonna bill you know people are going to love Excel spreadsheets are great and all but what about design get out no I’m sorry you can I don’t know what I was thinking you should stay that was rude you’re taking on IBM what are you trying to do I’m trying to I’m trying to are you trying to write a letter exactly here’s to the normal people the people who use a PC your aunt your stepdad the office of a car mechanic people who love solitaire people who don’t mind having to reboot a startup this windows is a mess if it doesn’t crash it’s a bug if it’s not a bug it’s a virus we’re gonna kick you out of the industry I am the industry Bill Gates is the richest man in America I want to start a foundation I want to give it all away are you trying to change the world I already have cookie I already have can you believe it yeah yikes yikes William milkshakes double milkshakes let’s go.