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how Twitter can help you get a job so I got a question from one of my Twitter followers Stephanie who wrote in to say every can you do a video explaining how i can use Twitter to help me land the job after the job interview has been done and this is a great question kind of a unique question I don’t really get asked too much about jobs because I focus on entrepreneurial stuff but I’m always happy to give it my best shot so i’m gonna i’m going to imagine now that i’m an employee trying to get a job at a company anyway i’m just joking i’m just joking it’s a great question so how do we do it first of all understand that with most jobs employees potential employees do a terrible job of showing their passion for the job that they’re trying to get into and they just do the bare minimum most of the people who I’ve had interview for positions that I’ve had they don’t even read the job description properly they don’t know anything about my company they show zero effort zero initiative and so they’re obviously not going to get to the next step the point here is that a lot of people a lot of the candidates people you’re going up against are not showing any initiative so just showing a little bit of initiative already puts you ahead of most of the other people how to use our initiatives to get the job and how can use Twitter to help you what i would do is i would use twitter to show one that not only you understand the company that you’re trying to get into but to that you believe the same things they believe in and you help promote one of their campaigns by you asking this question i’m assuming that your new job has something to do with whatever social media marketing somehow you know if it doesn’t and then they may not care about what you do on twitter but if you do then you have a shot i would try to look at one thing that they’re doing really well and make this something important like what does this company do that you love one project that they’re working on that really speaks to your heart that gets you excited so yeah i love this company really want to go work for them and then create a tweet that highlights that project and copies them in on it user handle and your goal with this tweet is not just sucking up and showing you know that that you’re highlighting them in one of the projects I mean that helped us already more than then probably any other candidate you’re going up against it’s going to do already more but what I’d love for you to do is then try to promote that what I want you to do is get that tweet to be retweeted by as many people as you can so you have to leave enough room for people to have retweet and your full name in and that company’s full name in as well as your tweet I know it’s hard but this is your challenge what I want to have happen is for that company to look on Twitter and see their name and your name being mentioned by a lot of people and highlight in a project that they care about and you care about if you can do that and it may just be you telling all your friends hey can you please retweet this right like you may not have a huge following yourself that’s okay it could be telling everybody you know old high school friends whatever it is please I’m trying to get a job with this company just retweet this message if you can get lots of people retweeting this they have to pay attention to you and they say stephanie is standing out against everybody else and she’s taking so much initiative to help us here’s an example of how this has worked for me I’ve never applied for a job such with Twitter but recently got into a fight with a local company was a hamburger restaurant they only accepted cash at their building and I hate pain just cash because I can’t track it and I have to carry coins I just I hate paying cash so tweeted like you guys got to get you know take debit take credit and so worth the two percent fee or whatever it is anyway the owner was upset he called me out on Twitter he told all his followers to start hating on me he was being a huge little man and as a result I spent the whole night fighting and responding to all of his followers on Twitter one of them called in hero burger which is another local hamburger store and saying well our place is way better than hero burger don’t go way to hear a burger whatever why don’t you go either hero burger because you don’t like our hamburgers fine and that created this whole thread that copied me and hero burger and the company that I was fighting one and lots of people started responding copied hero burger in on it later on in that night heuberger respond and say hey guys why can’t we all get along and then they sent me a private message and it was their director of marketing who wanted to talk with me to see there’s anything that we could do together you want to learn more about what I was up to and once if there’s a way to work together on a project and that all happened because of Twitter now I could have probably gotten the job with your burger if I wanted to in some kind of marketing capacitor social media but because they kept getting called out on Twitter with their handle name and my handle name by a lot of people it forced them to pay attention it forced them to respond and take action so that’s what I want to have happen for you I want this company to see their name Stephanie’s name and the message being mentioned by a lot of people so that they are forced to respond to take notice to say this girl Stephanie what was she applying for again who is she how do we get her on our team that’s what i would do believe those you’re watching like the video give it a thumbs up below let me know what you think leave a comment underneath you have a question for me leave it below if you ever use twitter to help you land a job or guess the sales capacity of somehow leave it below i want to hear your story and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos thank you so much and I’ll see you soon you.