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this is melissa from Alyssia at home and welcome back to another video so today I wanted to talk about and share some information in regards to getting paid to post on social sites such as Facebook Twitter Instagram even Pinterest and so forth I’ve received a few messages over the last couple of weeks random messages from individuals who are asking me about posting on social sites and getting paid for it and they were asking me if it’s a legit type of opportunity because they’ve heard of it from other individuals yes there are companies that will pay you to post on Twitter and Instagram and so forth and it kind it can be a variety of tasks and type of work that you’re doing if you have a popular following then I know of companies that will you know contact you and ask you hey you know you have this amount of followers can you promote our products and our services and they will you know either pay you for doing that and/or pay you a percentage if you are able to make a sale out of whatever product that you’re promoting for them so I know that there are opportunities out there for you know having a certain amount of followers on social media sites because you know companies do look for those who have a certain amount of followers again to advertise their products and your services and so forth to get the word out about their company and their business so that is legit and in order to you know get those types of companies to pay you you would have to build up your following and your interaction they want to see your interactions with the followers and so forth now if you’re looking for you know real companies to work with in terms of managing social sites and evaluating social sites for companies then these are legit companies that you can work for that will hire you and pay you hourly so you know these companies will pay you up to $15 per hour and they offer you know flexible schedule you may be working one to four hours per day you may be working five days out of the week but you know they will pay you and they are legit and it’s hourly pay for your time one company you may want to check out is a pin a pin tend to hire social social media evaluators and those are people they hire to manage social sites if you have Twitter Instagram if you’re active on Pinterest or familiar with those types of social sites then you know you can work for companies such as Apple if you have Instagram or Twitter or Facebook and you’re very active then you know they may consider you for different projects to work for them they do pay you $14 per hour and you have to be a US citizen to work for apon so once in a while they will be seeking you know social media evaluator as they call them they do provide trainings so you will be trained to do this it’s not hard at all I’ve read individuals who worked with a pen and they wrote about their experience and they said it was pretty easy work and they get paid you know really good money and you do get paid once a month and it’s by direct deposit so you know just expect to get paid once a month to have flexible schedule and it’s a contract job so you know you will get work based on what projects are available and so forth so again it’s a part time type of position now after that you know you may want to keep happening your favorites on your computer and keep checking in with them you can sign up with them and so forth and get you know job alerts and just check in on their websites and see when they’re hiring for social media evaluators at this time I’m not sure if they are hiring but you know it’s definitely company company you may want to consider other similar companies is lion bridge and leap force and those companies also hire people to do website evaluating so you know you can do social media evaluating or website search engine evaluating another company that I came across that you may want to look into is virtual office temp and I’ll leave their website they tend to hire a virtual assistant to do a variety of tasks and they have you know multiple positions that are available and that are hiring currently and they also tend to hire people to work on social media as social media evaluators as well so those are companies that I know of that are legit that will pay you hourly for your time in regards to managing social sites and so forth now it don’t expect to do work such as posting just simply posting things on social sites and getting pay for it it’s a little bit more to it than that but again from what I’ve been reading it’s basically very simple work it’s not that hard or difficult to do and you are provide they do provide you with training in this field so that’s basically what I wanted to share with you guys and those who are asking about getting paid to post on Facebook and so forth these are companies that you may want to look into if that’s something that you want to do also if you are interested in you know posting on social sites and getting pay for it a great site that you may want to consider and also join is Fiverr and I’ve mentioned a site multiple times on my platforms on Fiverr you can advertise yourself and your following to different companies and to um you know different businesses and clients and you can advertise yourself and basically let them know that you know you can pay me five dollars to post your your company or your business link or your company’s information on my Instagram to my Instagram friends to my Facebook friends and I promote you on my social sites that I have this amount of followings on and you know these companies and businesses will come to your your Fiverr profile and they can pay you directly through you know Fiverr and it’s easy to set up an account on Fiverr and provide that type of service and there’s tons of people that are actually doing that people who have you know large social followings who are actually utilizing their following and their popularity on Fiverr to make extra and some are making a living off of it so I highly recommend that you check out Fiverr and you know sign up it’s absolutely free I’ll provide the link below where you can sign up and you know utilize Fiverr to get yourself you know posting on your social sites and getting paid for doing so okay so um yeah that’s another way you can get paid to post on Facebook and so forth well this basically it for this video if you’re not subscribed subscribe to this channel to stay posted on new opportunities to work from home and I plan on you know at some point doing a miniseries where I will you know help those who are just getting started working from home I just want to you know share some tips with you guys and share some information on you know getting started working from home and the tools that you will need and what companies to look for and where to find work from home opportunities to are legit and you know the basic essentials that you will need to set up your office and so forth so I plan to you know put some more of that information on this channel as I continue to you know post videos so stay tuned for that as well and if you have any questions you can email me you can post comments below this video hope this video was helpful for you guys if it was then thumbs up subscribe and share this information with those who are looking for legit ways to work from home and I’ll see you guys next time happy work from home bye bye.