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hey slope has come at you again whatever video from Lopez’s saying calm and in this video I’m gonna talk about Facebook and social media opportunities that you might not know about and every once in a while I get messages sent on Twitter and Facebook and even sometimes on of you know certain upcoming brands or up and coming companies a lot of mostly startups you know they see that I have a kind of a big following on on my other channel and you know it’s just not just me so there’s a lot of us millions of people right now you know there’s some girls on places like snapchat it’s the ground Facebook where they have maybe 50 thousand a hundred thousand five thousand a million followers and these brands and sometimes startup companies with products and services might ask you to help them promote their products on your platform because they see that they see your number they see your following so sometimes if the opportunity is right or you think that you’re a match that might be something yet that you consider and this is company out here that’s called apon epic calm I’m gonna put the link below this video I mean basically this company use a lot of they hire a lot of people to monitor manage and help people promote their products you know so this may be this is something that you can get involve in you know because the same people these are the people that actually sent me the messages on Twitter Facebook and they manage maintain and the content on websites and it’s a third party company called apon a pink calm I’ll put the link at the bottom of this video just like I said now if you have a huge following you can take things into your own hands you can promote yourself on websites like Fiverr I’ll be sure to put the link below the video as well where for example let’s I don’t use my something that will have 20,000 followed almost 20,000 followers on one of my other channels and some people will probably have a product that’s a good fit for my channel so they’ll send me a message and proposition to me on Fiverr calm and it could be for it could start at $5 $10 whatever I wanted to set it at so L see you know they might send me a deal saying something like the price might be at $10 right and the back end price could be $20 $40 and beyond just depends on where I want to set it so there’s a lot of people on Fiverr they’re making basically making a living doing this so the idea the concept of fiber is to have a low upfront offer which is mostly five hours and if people want to take things to the next level and upgrade to higher prices could be $20 $40 $80 $100 they can do that so a lot of people are making a living doing this on fiber comm so if you have a huge following this could work pretty easy you know because a lot of people that want to advertise their products and market their products they’ll give you the content like for example me for example oh my over channel is mostly about dating relationships money travel and if someone was approached me and said hey do you have a book coming out they want to promote their book I’m willing to pay you a certain amount of money and I’ll give you the content which would be a video clip that I could put in the beginning in the end of their video and I would say hey how do I promote your video clip within my video for say 2 or 3 videos on this topic and for and for this amount of money that’s that’s a good example of how the deals are being made you know and then you got some big brands that might approach you they’ll pay you 2,000 5,000 10,000 a month for 12 months 6 to 12 months sometimes longer than that so there’s a lot of social media jobs plus there’s a lot of social media opportunities that you can get into if you have a huge following or if you want to come up so like I said these are just two opportunities or two ways you can go about doing it but hey you’ve got to get started somewhere you know you can’t start on the top you know I didn’t start on the top I started from the bottom and I bribed my way out I grind my way up to almost 20 and Phobos on so I can’t tell you which channel is best for you just depends on your skill set and depends on how much time you will have to put in so it could be Instagram for you if you’re a woman gonna be for you it’s gonna be Facebook it’s gonna be Twitter I don’t know what’s the best of you but I say find one and master that channel and then try and test the waters and move on to the next and that way you you’ll be able to cross promote you won’t start from scratch because once you got one once you have a following on a channel all you have to do is cross promote you can say hey this like it for example if I’m on I’ll say hey catch me catch me on Instagram I’m on Instagram now so also there’s a certain percentage of people on are going to go to my Instagram and they’re going to follow me but if you’re starting from scratch you’re gonna have to use other people you know or you’re gonna have to grind it out on your own you gonna have to sell promote yourself if you started out from from scratch and if you don’t really have a following you know so if you liked what you heard share this video subscribe to my channel check out my my blog Lopez the Singh Kham until next time see you next video. .