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Having a Profile suitable for a professional Social Media Manager and Consultant is incredibly important. Check out this video to get my top 6 tips for profile domination. To find out how to become a professional Social Media Manager & Consultant and get a “Relationship Marketing & Social Media in Business” Training Video take a look at .

hi guys it’s mark Latakia from get pro social and welcome to the first in a new video series that we’re recording called linkedin tips for social media managers and this is the first video that’s part one called profile domination now the reason i’m making this video series and its really just because we see so many and people in our industry social media managers social media consultants or trainers or what have you and these people may be very very good at the job but the linkedin profile just doesn’t reflect that and and if we are selling ourselves as experts in social media we must have all our bases covered and our linkedin profile especially must be particularly flawless so I’ve just made at this quick video with six of the main tips and that I’d like to give you and the first one tip one is just don’t neglect the fundamentals okay and what I mean by that is and make sure you do have a hundred percent profile completeness okay I know sometimes it’s difficult linkedin asks you to upload your resume and what have you you really don’t need to do that as long as you have the last four or five positions that you’ve held in your and your profile that should be enough you don’t need to upload your resume but do make sure also that you have a really good photo okay don’t put a logo on there and certainly don’t just leave it as the avatar or the the silhouette of a person make sure it’s just a good honest photo of yourself it doesn’t have to be a you know black and white misty filtered photo like mine is it just needs to be a good honours photo of yourself so that’s really just the fundamentals you need to have the hundred percent profile completeness and you need to have a decent looking photo so the second tip I just want to give you it’s ready to fill up with keywords okay we want to be found in searches on linkedin as social media managers and social media consultants or however and we are selling ourselves now in order to do this we need to know how Linked.In’s algorithm search algorithm works and it’s very very simple actually it’s only based on keyword volume and placement so and any opportunity you need to fill up your Linked. In profile with as many keyword rich statements and paragraphs as possible now for example it’s going to let show you my summary here which is rather large and I’ve done that because I wanted to get as many of the keywords in there as possible that i will be found for in linkedin searches so for example you can see here I’ve said social media managers consultants professional social media managers and as many times as possible well not only that we’ve also talked about and linked it at Facebook custom fan pages because we’ve I though is not the company face book stores Twitter management you know I’ve said as many times as possible our keywords especially in our experience also fill up these text boxes with as many keywords and keyword rich and keep paragraphs and key phrases as possible and I will all help with us getting found when people are searching for social media managers or consultants or what have you particularly I want to point out really try it really make an effort to put in some good anchor text on your links to your websites here because the anchor text will tell the search engine exactly what to expect and it helps out with your SEO also so it’s a really great opportunity for you here so rather than just having you know personal website blog company website what have you and make sure you put some anchor text in as you can see I put an amazing social media website and may not think it’s amazing but at least it’s got some anchor text in there and it’s a bit more interesting than just pony company web link also I put on the top here info packed social media blog so shoehorned in social media again there so at any opportunity make sure you have as many keywords and there as possible and all help with your search positioning ok so the third tip is to get recommendations ok so you can see here on my my profile I have 23 recommendations and now I’ve got some great tips for you to be able to get some recommendations now this is five tips this is from an e book that I wrote on linkedin what I’ve just took this snippet from it now this is five tips for getting good recommendations on linkedin number one is ask for recommendations as soon as possible either after leaving a company or after doing business with somebody and make sure you ask for that recommendation while you’re still fresh in their mind and they can still remember how you know great your service was the second tip and is to request specifics ok now if you don’t request specifics and you may not get the recommendation that you really want and now I want people to say about me that I taught them a lot and they’ve got value from my training and they’ve got value from my service and they were very very happy with the way their social media now looks I don’t want people to say hi yeah mark was a really nice guy turned upon time what have you you know I want a specific recommendation relating to the service that I provided so that’s what you will not want to ask for when you’re requesting your recommendations number three is offered to swap recommendations so no to build up your the recommendations the tally of recommendations you have on your profile offer to swap the recommendations with whoever you’ve done business with or colleagues or what have you also you may offer may later offer to write it yourself excuse me may like to offer to writer yourself with this is a great way of being able to get a really specific and recommendation now a lot of people don’t have the time all the time to sit there and write a nice detail paragraph as a recommendation for you so you may find it gets pushed by the wayside for busy people whereas if you’ve written it yourself and you can just send that over as an email maybe and just say something like I you know I know you’re busy guy I’ve written recommendation on your behalf if you agree with it would you can’t be kind enough to post it and you’ve saved them time and you’ve got the recommendation that you wanted and also the fifth tip were really just to be persistent because not everybody checks linkedin every day and so those are not on your Linked. In a lot they may not get back to you in time and then you know the relationships faded so just be persistent keep trying keep asking and keep reminding them of the value you’ve provided and hopefully you’ll get you’ll get that recommendation sooner rather than later ok so the fourth tip wants to give you is ready to be the go to guy ok be the expert now we are social media managers social media consultants trainers what have you we need to look like experts ok so this is why I’m making this first video on the profile because this is where people will make the mind up about you ok they’ll come over to your profile and they will look it take a wot at 30 second glance if you don’t look like the expert they won’t believe you are so a couple of tips to looking like the expert really is to make use of these and the applications that we have following on from having a lot of recommendations and have a lot of connections and look at making your you know your website links look great like this we need to make people think wow god I wish I could do that with my Linked.

In profile so I’ve put some applications in here with a one of with a video in and so you know not many people know answer or videos in the Linked.In profiles and in fact well I don’t see many and when i’m looking through other people’s linkedin profiles and so this is a great way to demonstrate you know how you know how to use linkedin and you’re very savvy with that and it’s a really easy thing to do this is just a google docs appt patient and that I’ve uploaded and it’s just a one page presentation with a video and embedded on it and now we’ve upload there and it looks like I’ve got a video on my Linked. In profile that’s fantastic also you know have your Word. Press blog on here and have some really good articles so people can see wow yeah he does know his stuff about social media and anything I’m sure you could provide value for us so you know that that’s a great tip to have also what it would suggest if you do take part in the questions and answers sections and train get the best answer if you can answer something on social media or internet marketing or social media marketing or what have you and someone selects you is the best answer then it appears on your profile and people will see that you have expertise in this particular area so you know that it’s a great thing to have it makes you look like you know you try to provide value for somebody and they’ve appreciated that by I’m still acting you as the best answer from their range of answers from the question ok so the fifth tip want to give you is the skills section optimization now this is a new section from Linked.

In and that have been introducing on unabated platform just to test it but it’s become very very popular now in order to maximize and the opportunity for you to be found in these skills sections you really need to go in there and claim the the keywords and the the skills that you really want to have attached to your profile so I’m just going to scroll down show you some of the ones that I’ve selected you can see have selected social media training skills marketing strategy internet online marketing social media marketing social marketing social networking I’ve done a lot of my keywords there and so hopefully as time goes on and as the skills section gets better where people are searching for social media managers or consultants in the skills section or typing in any of these particular words here and I’m going to appear in the searches okay and the sixth tip I want to give you here is just basically your Twitter integration okay so important really to have your Twitter integrated and use with a profile integrated into your Linked.In profile now for example sorry for scrolling up and down quickly here you can see man I have this is my most recent tweet here and know how Facebook’s new business platform changes the global there’s an ass ecosystem so if you have that you don’t always have to be on linkedin posting things and it just saves you a lot of time but also when you have a company profile which will move on to another video the tweets that you make are in your company’s profile then they can see and the most recent tweets that you’ve made not just our last one like you can see on this profile but maybe the last five or six and so again that’s that’s very very helpful and again helps to add to the else to add to your prowess and fairly as as a social media manager people can see that you tweet frequently and you to eat relevant things and so again that’s the the sick tip really there so make sure you got all those those things in line and you will look like the expert and as a social media manager as a consultants or trainer okay so if you like to maybe become a social media manager or consultants you know if you’re looking to to change career or you just doing some research on how to become social media manager or consultants or trainer even and we can show you how to do that now linkedin consultants can even charge off to a thousand dollars a day that’s just for Linked. In bear in mind that’s just for go into a company and teaching their employees or their sales staff how to use linkedin correctly now we have a linkedin masterclass here it is essential marketing and management techniques it’s a workshop it’s a video series and also an e book and and that’s part of the so get pro social social media manager and consultant training package and now you want to know a little bit more about that I can give you a free video on relationship marketing and social media even business and also to find out a little bit more about becoming a social media manager and consultant and come to get pro social DOM and give it a free video where you can also see video on how to make social media your living and become a professional social media manager and consultant so thanks very much for listening and I hope the video is helpful and keep your eye out for part 2 thanks very much. .