Twitter Jobs

If you’ve got friends, they’ve got friends that could possibly get you a job. Same is true for your Twitter friends and their Twitter friends, as one Gnomedex attendee discovered.

so Who am I speaking with hi there my name is elena’s toronto and i work with a company called sparkle of media based down in portland we do social media for travel and tourism industry and as I understand you did not take that name from my last name spark at all did you know well Phil that was on the top of ideas yeah list so as I understand we were doing just talking briefly you actually got your job through Twitter and I want to know the details of that story how how did that happen yeah as a true geek basically I was looking for jobs on facebook on Twitter on linkedin and I figured that my passion is social media and travel and I have international background myself and from Russia so I really wanted to get into travel and use my language skills so I cast a call on Twitter for people who who know of any possibilities that combine technology particularly social media and trowel and I should heard back from lots of different people who were suggesting to talk to other people and so basically Twitter was a great conversation starter and one of the people I talked on Twitter was my boss so oh we decided we talked we exchanged a couple of twit and then we went into a meal and I’m asked him and I got hired oh alright well let me back up just a little bit how did he actually discover you via Twitter was it like through a friend i mean was he already following you had it had to be connect well he wasn’t really following me but i knew a couple of people who are really great connectors and I think there are lots of connectors on Twitter right now so one of those connectors basically I’ve recommended me to a bunch of people on Twitter and that works perfectly so my current boss was basically one of those people who is in travel and who is on social media that was the perfect fit for me so actually that then actually the story makes sense you probably let’s back up to how you met the connectors did you meet those connectors and an event or through Twitter how did you meet those connectors that made the connection for you for you to get your job well its a mix of real life stories going to Vance conferences and just basically talking to speakers at the events as well as basically linkedin and twitter i often just find interesting people and try to start a conversation with them and yeah and then the friendship stars basically all right so what is the website of your company it’s Park loft mediacom so spark a spark and loft in a creative space yeah.