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hey guys going live in the group I just wanted to share this video with you found something it’s going to be really cool um and it’s going to help you out massively and there’s some really good stuff to come I spoke to the developers of this yeah it’s going to be really really good so just I’ve been using it for a while it works a treat and it’s called ghost browser now basically what it does is you can stay logged in to multiple channels all at once now it’s a pain in the ass they have to keep logging out and in and on and then if you’re doing clients you know if you’re managing their social properties it’s the same thing logging in and out leaving that footprint plus it takes a lot of time you day now we ghosts browser it’s an app in its own and it’s totally free which is amazing so maybe a paid versions coming I’m not sure I’ve spoke to the developers of this let’s keeping the cards to the chest and the nut sort of releasing it in the moment this is in beta stages but it works a tree and what is to come I’ll brief over it so and then I say what is to come with it after speaking to the developers so you can have multiple tabs that are color coded at the top that staying logged into / chat accounts so you can see this one here this is mine then I have my gmail open I can then go and open my facebook my Twitter all my accounts stay logged in on this one tab now on the green tab I could have the second set of accounts open staying logged in to each council you know you can stay logged in across multiple accounts now another many social i think linkedin is the same as well you can only stay logged in to linkedin on one browser okay you have to log out and log in if you if you managing linkedin accounts and again here so so we do we know we do a lot of we do a lot of social stuff so we can stay logged in lot across these accounts now my question to the developers was that can we assign a different proxy to each of the tabs so obviously look you know more unique from different locations even when you set in your ifttt properties or you set in your social media or you want to set those accounts up from one IP and then when you log into them to come share post you want to be able to do that from that same IP okay and just to make that footprint you know look look legit so yep so they’ve told me that they are going to be assigning some proxies it’s a good idea that the you know the happy to talk to me about that yeah they’re doing some really good stuff and they said that I be rolled out by the end of the year but I would get in on this now it’s totally free start using it you can log into these accounts I have no issues at all since using it and i’ve been using three or four open at a time working on those accounts and it’s been totally fine and you know what it just breaks down your work it keeps you organized it keeps you flowing so you’re not having to drag and drop and paste from an excel sheet to log in to remember the password and all that crap you can just get to work so you can have all these open in the morning open them up and off you go and you can start working on so I hope you got some value from that I do you think it will help you I really do so get it downloaded i will leave the link anything else you need in this group we’ve gone a little bit quiet lately and i’d love to hear some more results is there anything i can help you with just reach out live comment below and yeah we’ve got some really cool stuff coming up in 2017 and we’ve just released our beta stages for our linkedin software now if you’re looking to get clients for your services us vou web design whatever it is you’re doing linkedin is powerful at the moment it’s really really powerful you speak to the right business owners that make the right decisions so we brought some software to automate that out we have got a bt group if you’re interested in getting in the beta group where we’ve got a handful in there at the moment or getting some great results and we’ve kept the price point low just to get you in but the price will increase and but yeah again just just ping ping me a message and I’d love to get you in that group as well so take care for now get this downloaded have a play and we’ll talk soon take.