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races live in three all right now a lot of you may not know this but in the past I’ve made a lot of videos called get off Twitter and I made those videos because I got tired of seeing people fuck up their lives by posting things on social media and I’m going to bring that series back today because well something interesting has happened you see in the UK there are these things called football clubs and the American equivalent would be football teams well one particular football club decided to hire a FIFA player to represent their team now they hired the young man we will say on a Friday and in fired the man that same Sunday now you may ask yourself how oh how did this young man lose a very decent job in over the course of two days well allow me to explain because this is another example of how you can fuck up your life now this particular young man we shall call him Tony cock his last name is Kok it probably pronounced cuckoo but since he’s cocked it up so much we shall name him Tony cock now Tony cock decided in the past that he would tweet so very anti feminist things in the past now sure he deleted those tweaks but that doesn’t fucking matter on the internet the internet is going to find what you decided to put out there not to mention in the past he has tweeted some bad things about the football club that had hired him particularly calling all of their fans during that’s right super good for some particular reason now you can understand that lemma here when hiring someone to your team after he has openly called the fans of your team gay now there’s nothing wrong with being gay one would assume unless you’re mr.Tony cock because he you would determine during in a derogatory term which meant that the team itself was being looked badly upon by him now would you like to pay someone who in the past had been very adamant about dissing your team I would say no and this particular thought process was endorsed by the particular football team and they fucking fire them I don’t understand why people find it so hard to stay their ass off Twitter when it comes to just posting dumb shape right it can’t be that hard I do it all the time I say dumb shit primarily 99% of my life right but it’s all just dumb shake pertaining to myself I said that I paid for women to have sex with me I said it up here for drugs I pay for all kinds of dumb shite right and I see all kinds of dumb shape but it’s all inward right it’s all directed at me it’s hard for people to have a problem with what you’re saying and do to yourself right because people are very fucking self centered and when it comes to Yeti like the look people like to look down on you right why don’t men people looking down on me because it doesn’t fucking hurt me right it’s probably is where you’d go after people when many times are like that the tables can be fucking turned and you get screwed over because you said something nice to say to your mouth too fucking five years ago and I wasn’t being brought up you’re costing your job experiences how much fucking money were they paying this guy right how much fucking money were they going to pay this month and he just threw it all away because a few years ago he probably said some shit about sucking dicks or something look I’m not saying don’t have a Twitter account nuts they don’t have a Facebook right go ahead get your outside and start to post it away I’m saying that be careful of what you post assault solemn sad and if you’re going to go after a Pacific group of people like the women folk are African Americans or the Asians when you attack a subset of people well going to be fucking yourself up over the future a bit right now you know what anyway I’m fucking done I’m done this whole thing has been quite dumb and quite super Danny fucked himself out of a good amount of cash and know some of you might be saying money doesn’t always fucking matter what I promise you right now when you’re young and you’re you know you’re trying to make your way through life I promise you it matters quite a fuck about so be careful out there on the Internet you are and you know try not to fuck your life up on Twitter I’ll see you in my next video you. .