Social Media Manager

I got a chance to catch up with Simon Nicholson, the Social Media Manager at Honda Europe, at the recent Cloudforce conference in London

and now views and entities from the world of technology coming up Sky News tech talk with Krista Holloman so my name’s Simon Nicholson more work for honda motor europe a social media manager so I’m responsible for social media across Europe founder so at the time that that means it’s cars bikes power equipment so nice their wide range how do you keep track or roi sao roi for me is this is also it’s very key or how i feel we should kind of measure it is within campaigns so i think we’re a lot of organizations get unstuck is where they they get there looking at roi on social across the whole board so whereas i feel you have a social foundation where is your ability to engage your ability to listen and then from that you can launch your campaigns so rather thinking oh here’s a social campaign thinking is quite gimmicky here’s your your campaign you’re using social to make it work well you got your sharing functions your content backed up with the research we’ve done in listening to North consumers want and then it’s looking at that kind of ROI that particular campaign where hopefully if you’ve done your social right you’ve done your research and you put in the right kind of social user experience then you will get more back from your your investment in that campaign wherever it is people converting into sales or more awareness from the sharing aspects so that that’s that’s given me and then is there’s a lot of things which are hard to track where it’s you’re putting in social structures where increases collaboration and you’re coming up with new campaigns which you may not have done before so that’s where the kind of a gray area is because without this you wouldn’t to come up with the campaign it really attribute it so where I’d like to go is full of tribulation so we’re looking at if someone’s got an issue with their their car they might contact us on Twitter we sort out the issue for them that they’re happy afterwards we then go and we trap them later to see if they’ve actually kind of purchased a new a new vehicle or a motorcycle just to make sure that we can attribute that great customer service we’ve done on social media through to to any kind of money money of you will get revenue streams so that’s the challenge for the future and for me now is putting in the structures that will eventually we’ll be able to track them and that’s when we can really say is socials roi because we had to track it across the board you see a problem we’re driving traffic to Facebook over your own website where you control the experience yeah I think there’s two different aspects there i think when someone’s going to the website maybe it is very kind of factual you’re there to find the information about the car so perhaps depending on the kind of advertisement it is you might not be ready there to kind of jump in with the sale something that i hate is kind of sales people just jump in it at jumping at your throat trying to make the sale so i think there’s the benefit there where you’re taking them to a more kind of community based setting where they can kind of experience other people’s opinions of the cars and it’s much more the kind of social proof rather than a set obviously every car manufacturers going to say on the web I our cars really great then but it’s when you go into the communities and then say read that actually all these people had a really fantastic experience these these are the features they like here’s the sort of things that we’re engaging with our communities and it’s it’s not just the car purchase that’s where I see the benefit of descending to somewhere like Facebook or or even if it’s some kind of a dedicated micros I which is a little bit different to how your kind of website experiences as browsers get more sophisticated in intercepting conversations about their brand for example is to risk their customers would stay away from that they get afraid intimidated by the fact that someone knew they were talking about for example honda civic and then we’re not anticipating you to say something about that I think there’s kind of two issues there it’s how close do you get as a brand when you when you’re doing the listening and it’s it’s again in the same kind if you bring it back to a relationship there’s there’s a close relationship and it is uncomfortably close so it’s actually finding that balance as a company and that’s I think that’s based in your kind of the brand perception that you what you want to have so you may have some companies which decide that they want to be quite distant you have more which kind of want to engage more and holder is one of those companies we want to engage what we want to talk about our product want to talk about the consumers interests and you don’t want to get too close to someone who’s kind of private life so it’s drawing that line between where people are kind of talking about you and you can you can respond and you can be helpful or someone’s got a complaint most of the time they’re happy that they could i’d say that the the brand has heard that heard their issue or if or if this is said something and praised then the brand comes out thank you thank you for saying it’s it’s a kind of a rewarding experience Sky News tech talk in association with first Tuesday the UK’s largest network for high growth technology companies and their investors for free membership visit first Tuesday dot org UK.