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Choosing your major is stressful, especially if you have no idea what you want to do. Trust me – I’ve been down that path. So here’s how you can choose your major if you’re stumped! Hope you enjoy and thumbs up if it helped(:


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hey guys it’s Paula as you know I am a college student and I really like making college videos for you guys I think it’s kind of my duty as a college student to kind of let you know how things are going or give you advice or anything like that so I’ve gotten a few requests to do a video on how I chose my major and I thought that was a really good idea because this is coming from someone who had no idea what she wanted to do in high school literally no clue I was so lost there was nothing that really like jumped out at me that I wanted to do with the rest of my life and I didn’t know what I was gonna do at college on all my college visits I would make sure I would ask what do you guys do for undecided students do you have like academic advisors that are there to help people if they don’t know what they want to major in how long can you be undecided before you have to commit to something because I really just had no idea what I wanted to do it probably didn’t help that I was looking at colleges that had a very limited selection of majors that you could choose from so things like math nursing engineering just things that you could probably major in anywhere and I would look down the list on the brochures of like majors and I would be like this one this one this one like literally none of these literally none of these I don’t want to do any of this around my senior year of high school right when it first started I just decided like you know what I’m gonna major in business because business is kind of a universal thing you could just major in straight up business or marketing or finance or anything and probably get a job anywhere then I took this marketing class senior year and it was actually kind of horrible because I was one of the only seniors in that class there were like a lot of sophomores and they were all friends and I was always left out and I just felt really awkward in that class like always but I convinced myself like yes marketing let’s let’s do marketing I don’t know why but this seems like a good thing for the real world then also of my senior year of high school I took this class called advanced broadcasting and I had taken the intro class my freshman year with my best friend just as like a phone class like we would make dumb videos and dumb skits and stuff like that and we would learn the intros of editing and everything like that so we decided to take the advanced one together sometime in our high school future but then she decided not to take it because she was pursuing like psychology and other stuff she was interested in and I just decided you know what I’m still gonna take the broadcasting class it’ll be fun and then just throughout that entire class when I was sitting there I was like you know what this is my favorite class this semester maybe that means something maybe I could pursue this is this a thing that people do can you major in broadcasting so then I started researching and at that time my top college was Carthage I really wanted to go there I don’t even know why but there was just nothing about it that I really wanted to go there and I was looking at the majors list and they didn’t really have it they just had a bunch of like communications majors like comm studies or I don’t know whatever major is there out but they just had like communications is what you could major and I’m like okay maybe I could do that but what does that mean where does that get me so then I looked at Northwestern and as we all know northwestern is like whoa and they have a film school that is amazing and when I toured the campus I was like wow this could be something and then after I got into Northwestern and I got my financial aid package and I realized I could not afford this school to save my life I decided to look at Marquette and I saw they had a major called broadcast and electronic communication and I’m like whoo that sounds intriguing so I applied and I got in and I went to tour the campus and I just fell in love with the freakin place hence why I go to Marquette now and you know that gotta make sense so yes my major is digital media and I guess I’ll tell you guys a little bit about what we do in that major in case any of you are interested in this field or you just really don’t know what it is so as I told you guys before my dream job my goal is to work in a TV studio somewhere I really want to be the technical director which is the person that pushes off buttons I think it’s super fun and I don’t think I could be a director just because I’m not like bossy enough like I can direct people but I’m just I really don’t like to be the leader so I like to follow orders from someone else hence I like to be the TV so in digital media we basically work in the studio and we work on field assignments so in the studio you know it’s your basic TV studio you do live shows like news shows or talk shows and it records live to tape so everything that you see on the set and everything that the actors are doing the director is calling out what he or she wants and it’s immediately going live from there to a tank or to a clip and that’s kind of how the show is made and then in field assignments that’s when you know you get a camera and you go out into the world and you shoot something so it’s like short films or like scripted narrative kind of documentary things and so that’s when you like shoot all your footage out there and then you come back and edit it to the way you want sighs my phone my dad just texted me on my way home already made del I don’t know what that means so that’s kind of the basics of what digital media is and how I decided to do it and obviously played a big part in that decision as well because I love making videos and I love editing things and I guess the only reason that I am in front of the camera while I make my videos is because there’s really no one else to do it like I would much rather be behind the scenes and shooting actors and then editing it later but I just kind of make videos up myself because that’s who I’m with all the time so that early love of just making videos and kind of making something and then editing it into something else and that really sparked my love for digital media of my love yes I’m in love I’ll admit it I’m currently also if you care I am minoring and advertising and I’m taking a few classes this semester and I think I can stick with advertising so just kind of like a good miner to back up my skills so my tips for you on how to choose your major if you really don’t know think about what you enjoy go down the list of majors of the school that you’re interested in and think to yourself can I see myself doing this what I enjoy doing this if I see this word and I associate it with my major is fill in the blank will I be happy that way can I see myself doing this if you’re still really really undecided wait till freshman or sophomore year to declare your major and just take a bunch of classes that kind of introduce you to a lot of these subjects and you will find something that you like I promise that is all for me today I hope you guys like this video and it kind of gave me some advice on choosing your major and how I chose mine so thumbs up this video if you liked it leave any comments down below tell me what other College of videos you want to see and I’ll be sure to do that subscribe because you know you want to and I will see you guys in my next video bye opposites attract thank you so same dude oh boy damn what a preppy man if you don’t want to play dead tax.