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Ashley was so kind to share her “real life” story of how she found herself laid off and thrown into the job market, even as an industry expert in HR and Recruiting. She developed her branding strategy to incorporate social media into her job to land a job through a Twitter connection. You’ll love this encouraging story. Read more from her at.

hi everyone I’m Susan abello here and thanks for coming by discovery social I’m excited today because I have a good online friend Ashley Perez and she’s going to help kind of go over her whole strategy of how she found a job through Twitter and we’re just kind of dive into into that for a few minutes and so Ashley welcome Thank You thizzin how you doing today I’m great I’m just I’ve been looking forward to this all day and I’m so glad to have you on here I know that Sabrina and I for discovering social we had gotten with you to to write up your whole job search strategy and how you came to to get on social media to help land that job of yours and I just wanted to take that a step further and and kind of put a face to a name for folks so I’m tell us tell us that a little bit about at the beginning stages you were working as an HR assistant mm hmm yes so I started out was working full time while I was going to school so I finally landed a first role as a recruiter is a temporary assignment and then I took another role as more of like an HR operations assistant so I dealt with everything ranging from onboarding candidates to payroll to any customer service I guess you could say aspects of HR and then I ended up getting laid off and from there it was just you know a struggle of temporary jobs that just didn’t pan out and you know unemployment and you know that’s so hard we I find so many people that I’m connected with even if you know even in the HR space and as a matter of fact my blog is going to be about that tomorrow who have found themselves being laid off and they’re like a lot of these people have been in these positions for a long time and they’re like gosh you know I really don’t know where to begin and you know how everything is really kind of changing Howard Howard do in our business because a lot of its going social so not knowing or not being involved in social from a business point can be kind of scary so so so you found yourself you were looking on job boards applying that way and it just what how was that working for you it wasn’t at all so um you know I guess before I moved down here I should have looked at maybe the work situation down here um it was just like I guess so many people are applying to the specific jobs that I was looking for an HR that I felt like my resume was just going into a black hole so it was either I wasn’t getting any responses or um you know I would get an interview but then it would just fall off from there so I wasn’t really getting any leads as far as job boards went and you know a lot of people feel that same way and the thing is you know there’s so many people out of work there are so many applying for the same positions having a strategy to set you apart I believe it’s really crucial in that so so what triggered you into thinking in terms of developing a different approach where you were you already on social media um well I mean I used social media for personal uses I mean I was always told not to have my social media present just because you know all the horror stories about an employer seeing a party picture you know what have you and that was going to ruin any chances that you get for an interview so I was a little bit weary about having a social media website when it came to my job search um but of course linkedin was really good and I hadn’t account but I never really used it too much until I realized that when I was applying to jobs I knew there was going to be a hundred like just hundreds of resumes out there so I’d actually start searching for the recruiter that might have been recruiting for that role and reaching out to them directly and that’s kind of how it kicked off using social media for looking for a job you have receptive where recruiters when you did that were they pretty approachable yeah they I think they actually appreciated it because I mean I’ve been in a recruiting role I’m in a sourcing role now I know that I’m overwhelmed with resumes all day long so I appreciate the fact that someone’s taking the extra step to try to show me who they are and I feel the recruiters felt the same way so it was a lot quicker to get my resume noticed by them because i was putting myself out there and standing apart and so it was pretty important because that was my next question was how important is it not only in developing your whole brand strategy on social media how important is taking that next step and connecting to those people and engaging with them well I mean resumes are great but I feel like you know if you don’t put a face to your piece of paper that gives your experience or you don’t actually engage in communication they only know you for what maybe you’ve done in the past but not who you are and what you can do in the future and I felt like once I started to use social media more and talk to the recruiters a little bit more they actually were more receptive to maybe my my past that looked a little bit like I was a job hopper but it was just because I was taking temporary jobs during the time that I was looking for work so I think that really made a difference because I could explain myself and it you know didn’t look bad well that makes sense that makes sense because you can always explain so much better you know and then then having just you know piece of paper yeah I agree with that so in developing your whole strategy you were already on social media a little bit personally yeah um what how did you come did you start doing some research on how social recruiting was being done how did you decide to take that next step and just plunge in and developing your social strategy well um you know like i mentioned i was doing temp jobs here and there and and they were HR related but i knew i wasn’t going to be building the skills that i wanted to display to the recruiters so that’s when i actually started the HR blog that i’ve been writing since june and I’m like well how is this going to get exposure you know I’m just writing a blog but it’s among all the blogs on the internet so how am I going to get that out there um and that’s actually when I started using Twitter for business use and that’s when I started promoting my blog on Twitter as well as Linked.In a little bit more then I joined in some linkedin discussion groups and and promoted myself and my knowledge and then also my my blog as a resource on top of maybe some of the comments that I made in discussion groups and then I also started to participate in the different Twitter chats regarding human resources recruiting things along those lines and it kind of just went from there now how did you find out about the Twitter chats did you find out about those on linkedin or just being involved in Twitter and trying to trying to listen listen out and see what was going on honestly I was so clueless on how to use Twitter and I know I should have known how to use it by this point but I just was looking at my little feed and i saw this hashtag for tea chat and i saw different people talking about HR related topics i didn’t know really what a hashtag was at that point and i ended up getting involved a little bit more and then I realized kind of why there were so many hashtags in an hour spin it turned out it was like a chat so that’s how I started to discover those and I discovered more and more and try to get more involved and get more exposure to different people in the industry and for those who may not know what a what a twitter chat is it’s basically a live chat event through twitter with a little number sign which is called a hetero i did that the hashtag example teach have and and there’s so many great live Twitter chats that are happy and you can always go back and find the topic of discussion and the tweets though and join those communities and be a regular part of those I think they’re so crucial and and just engaging one on one first of all connecting with key people and showing your experience through the conversations that you hold with these people and they’re just such a great way to get involved and I I just think that’s genius that you did that and a lot of you know all of us have floundered I guess is a good way our way through social and I’m just trying to figure out the best way and and reading blogs and and being in those discussion groups on Twitter and Linked. In and learning more about those things so I applaud you for doing that now let’s talk a little bit about it can you tell me that the period of time that you started this from the time that you started noticing that you are really connecting with some folks who might potentially be able to use you with their companies so I want to say when I I first started off as Linked. In discussion groups I started getting involved in those and that’s when I actually got more I guess more people that were willing to help me whether they had a job for me or not they’re like semi your resume I’ll send it to everyone i know that’s looking for an HR job so that i think i spent like a good month on that and then from there I started to get really interested in some of the the topics that we were talking about and that’s what kind of sparked the HR blog because I had really good resources to use to write the blog then from there i joined twitter and i want to say probably about three weeks to a month was when i actually got connected with the social media manager that initially or ended up giving me the job that I have now wow that’s amazing that’s a short time short time that that happened that yeah that’s that’s really amazing and kick myself for not doing it sooner and with you all the time but you know what you did it and it worked and I just I think that’s amazing how fast how fast that actually happened I i think there’s so many people still out there that number one fear is keeping fear of the unknown is keeping them from getting on social media for their job search strategy and really not not knowing how to implement it into their strategy and and it’s just a lot of you know like i said research and the smart thing that you did I I think to was started writing the blog because that positioned you as an expert in your field that also gave you something to start sharing in your groups to start a contributing valuable content to show that you knew what you’re talking about yeah exactly so for example and how I I guess use that was I would see someone would tweet something may be relevant to recruiting or branding or you know whatever it may be and I will respond then I communicate with them be like hey if you’re interested in that I just wrote a blog about this last week here’s the link check it out and it kind of went from there and I mean I was actually surprised with the results I never thought it would turn out the way that it did and you know even now I’m getting in touch with so many great people out there in the industry and just learning so much so you know even though i have a job i’m still learning a jar yeah all right yeah and you know what I it’s important that people understand that you’re not see what you could have done and a lot of people do is they do it incorrectly in my opinion they start a blog and all they do is start sharing their blog the key here is communicating and engaging connecting and creating that whole connectivity within the sphere so to speak of influencers and I you know I I told sabrina i’m like who is this actually Perez because she’s everywhere you know I feel like I felt like grow up yeah because you were always there you were always engaging and part of the conversation on the Twitter chats and it’s like you were there all the time it wasn’t like oh my gosh you know one day we just a seat see that you’re there and who is this for you know now if you will bear your yes it definitely is and and I think that that can’t tend to shy people away from getting on there when they realize how much time it takes but then when you look at the results on how what a short time frame it was for you to actually connect to that key person who was sending out that information about the potential job was very short time span so it was all that work ahead of time paid off and I think that it definitely seems overwhelming with the amount that you have to put in and the dedication but um what I ended up doing after probably a few weeks into it is actually got a whiteboard a daily whiteboard and I broke down how much time i was going to spend on linkedin discussions on twitter chats i’m blogging on actually phone networking on in person night right i noticed that my social media strategy was more i guess i was doing a lot more than i would spend on the actual job boards i think i spent like two hours a week actually looking at jobs on job boards and majority of my time was spent communicating with people on social media and that’s that’s important now is going to be our next flow here having that calendar and scheduling the time scheduling the time to do your in person networking and events scheduling the time to write your blogs having a blog calendar of topics that you’re going you’re going to write about and having those scheduled so that you can kind of stay on track and that’s that that’s important as well so good I’m sorry it just helps you kind of break up your strategy too so you’re not focusing on one area you really need to have a piece of poop I guess you need to be in every area to really make it work right right and it’s it’s being on linkedin being on twitter being on the chats doing the blog so they’re all working together it’s called cross pollinating we’ve hauled it and and and now here you are on Google yep and helping other folks and that’s important that’s what we wanted to try to we loved your story and we’re going to get on it here and go further here but being able to use that to help others and make it easier for them because you’ve done all the plowing and ahead of time and can kind of kind of help other folks I love connecting people with other people and and that’s that’s a really big thing when you’re building community online to be in and off to be able to connect people within your community that can use use the help like say a potential job search candidate so let’s let’s talk a little bit about after you started getting involved in and you connected with this key person how did it how did it wind up that you actually got a job through that connection um it was actually in a Twitter chat so i guess the social media manager must’ve saw some my tweets and noticed that I had um either mentioned that I was looking for work or also i had the hashtag hire me on my little bio section and and she reached out to me and she said send me your resume and from their ascent over the resume and she sent it to the hiring manager and next thing i knew i was doing the phone screen a couple days later so you got pretty much taken it to the top of the stack because of your engagement and connection and with her on social media and that’s what I want people to get out of this too it’s so important to you know you can kind of be on social media you can kind of be there in the mix but if you’re not engaging and you don’t there comes a point when you just have to ask to you didn’t actually have to be that she asked you but there was some kind of conversation going on there where it basically took you from a stack of resumes to the top because of who you knew and go ahead I was just going to say like even before her you know just talking to people throughout the chats or the discussion groups like I said before you know just having a couple minute conversation or just talking about certain aspects they were excited to know who I was and they were really supportive and willing to help so like I said even though they didn’t have a job for me they still were trying to help regardless so it was i love i love that aspect of it yeah and that’s the whole community thing to working together for the greater good to help the people back to work and that so many of these great chats like hire friday and NT chat are all about helping whether you’re in a position that you’re already working at you know in your next burden and in the business or HR field or whatever get lending your expertise but also helping folks who are on the other end who are in the job search market know what kinds of things because some of the topics are what kinds of things to put on your resume what keywords to use how to develop your Linked.

In profiles so that it’s searchable and it can be found because as you know now and I’m starting to see utilize the social media in your recruiting that recruiters are online and they’re looking and they’re so searching so being online is is so important that they’re finding you they’re finding the candidates that they want that have the right culture fit branston and and any final thoughts or words of wisdom you want to give some folks before we uh before we end this yeah sure I mean as far as making your personal brand just really stand out and be successful you need to define what you want to promote when it comes to yourself like who do you want to be known as um and then go from there you know whether it be just focusing on one aspect of social media or maybe doing video blogs or regular vlogs or just getting involved in random projects that can add a little bit something to your background besides what your resume is but the important thing is is you have to communicate with people you know I felt like I was attached to my cell phone or my laptop because I was making an effort to respond to people in a timely manner with well thought out you know answers and I think that’s really what you need to do if you want to find that job that’s really going to fit who you are based on your values um I mean that’s really what I did and you know I’m always welcome people to talk to me if they have any questions about it oh that’s awesome and I love this story I appreciate you being here with us to share that with other people i think it’s going to be so helpful for them so tell us where folks can find your blog to connect with you what’s what’s the name of the blog um while the URL is ashley lauren Perez com the blog’s name is the social HR connection which I just switched over this past week if you notice yeah just because that’s how it went um twitter my handle is ash Lorne Perez and then of course i’m on linkedin as ashley lauren perez and like I said I mean if anyone has any questions about strategy or just breaking down the day or just any general information or questions about how to get started just reach out to me I’m always here to help awesome now I’m going to put you on the spot here but have you joined the I can’t remember because I’m old have you joined the discovery social linkedin group for job seekers I have not yet I would love for you to be a part of that so that folks who have questions that they need answer you know immediately maybe being a part of that and helping them in real time and being able to answer their questions would be the other thing for you I must thank you I thank you so much and we’re out of time okay I sweet we’re doing good on time I’m going to go ahead and end it and I thanks Ashley and if you guys don’t do anything else connect with Ashley online she won’t steer you wrong they’ll be so glad that you connected with her she is engaging she’s fun she’s knowledgeable and I think you can learn a lot from her so thanks a lot for being my guest I have no problem thank you all right..