Facebook Jobs

The Social Jobs partnership application is an aggregated tool that lets candidates job postings on Here in this tutorial lets learn how to apply job through this app on More Information & Videos visit.

hey guys welcome to we teach Academy and here in this presentation we are going to discuss about how to apply for a job on Facebook so with the social jobs partnership app applying to new jobs now can be done directly from Facebook so on your Facebook homepage search for social jobs and then click on the social jobs partnership this will take you to the social jobs partnership community page here click on the social jobs app and now here give the name of the job you are looking for then choose the category we can even select subcategory if you would like to and then specify a location and how close to that location you want to work and hit the box below if you are looking for friendly positions and when you are done click switch jobs the results box will appear with the tabs containing results from a number of networking apps you can like any of the results or click send to send them to a certain friend group or email letters you can even share it on your timeline for further more details regarding it in a particular position click on the result itself and you can see a short description and the link to the site it was listed on so in this way you can apply for a job on Facebook hope you liked the presentation when I can subscribe to V teach Academy calm thanks for watching have a nice day you.