Social Media Manager

Video 2 of the Social Media Marketing Manager Program

an introduction to Facebook and social media marketing more than sixty percent of Americans have a Facebook account on Facebook is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build a fan base of people who know like and trust you you can create fan pages which have unlimited numbers of fans Facebook is extremely viral Facebook is easy to create mass updates and Facebook is personal your profile and fan page set up on your profile or fan page you can include a detailed description about who you are what you have to offer and how it can help people it’s important to be as personal as possible that way you’ll transmit that you are trustworthy you’re interesting and you’re likeable so we suggest that you put up lots of personal pictures and videos mixed in with your business related pictures and videos is really important to come across as a real person therefore you’ll need to be transparent and honest in your communication how can you get friends and fans well the first way is to join related Facebook groups related to your niche related to your interests and hobbies and related to products and companies or organizations that you like don’t just join those groups get involved in the group discussions leave lots of comments and be interactive it’s also good to take note of and add other active users in your niche especially those that already have lots of friends get involved follow your newsfeed comment on the status of other users and their posts try to be interesting and opinionated it’s important that if you create a post that’s opinionated or controversial you’re going to have interaction comment on own wall posts comment on pictures and videos comment on status updates comment with links of interesting things that you found all of this attracts more people and try to do this between three to five times a day building up your fanbase start off with your personal profile and try to build at least 900 to 1,000 friends then create a fan page then you can suggest your fan page to all of your friends send your friends a message asking them to suggest your fan page to their friends building your brand on Facebook you can use Facebook Ads to advertise your fan page as well as your own products or affiliate products when doing so use pictures that are interesting and grab attention interlink your facebook activity with other social media networking sites so let people know about your twitter myspace and so forth accounts remember that to build your brand you want to first build relationships with friends and fans before you start to sell to them it’s really important not to sell too soon but rather to make a relationship and then to talk about the products and solutions to problems that your friends and fans have you.