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I get to interview the coolest people and today is no exception this is mike lewis and today I have the pleasure in catching up with and talking with a young man I first met in 2005 my my how time flies here we are 2011 already now when I first met him he had a remarkable understanding of the internet and a passion for sharing his knowledge and his wisdom we pretty much everybody who wanted to learn now since then he’s gone from strength to strength and become one of the most popular one of the most sought after internet authorities on the planet he currently has more than 200 students in 10 different countries and he conducts courses and trainings and business schools in university in many different countries which is hardly surprising because he can actually speak five different languages it is indeed a pleasure and a privilege to work on my good friend social media and video marketing strategist mr.lassie rule heinen good morning to you sir thank you Mike and now today if i’m correct we’re going to be talking about simple and easy to understand why of how other people listening can become a social media manager working from their own home and servicing local businesses in their own community is that right exactly Mike that’s that’s the topic for today and I think we will share a lot of lot of great strategies okay well we better get started then so I got some cool questions for you here so let’s start at this one now back in the day as they often say and things in 2007 I remember participating in your video marketing webinar training and that was before most people have even heard of Facebook so to get everybody up to speed what’s happened since then and why is social media such a big opportunity now yeah thnkx that’s a good great question and and and I still remember the webinar we did on 2007 and it was really really great times we were talking on how to use how to promote your business and how to use social networking I think on those days we also talked about myspace because Facebook was not yet that open to everybody it was mainly for for us to who were in the University and and it was great honor to give that webinar to you and your your people anyhow from those days a lot of things have changed and as most people who are following and half the eyes open no social media you can see it everywhere nowadays so just to give you some examples for example the Super Bowl advertisements in US which is the most expensive advertising you have on the world this year 2011 was the first year that companies were not actually promoting their websites but they were promoting their Facebook pages which is quite amazing if you think about how much money they spend for this kind of advertising so that shows how important facebook is and social networking is and also to give you another example when I’m checking for example my wife Sandra who’s reading some magazines that that woman read that most of the advertisements are not advertising the website anymore as they used to be but they are advertising the facebook page they say click like and follow our updates here and there for example big companies like L’Oreal and so on so what what is happening is that people are using so much social networking notice that companies need to start being there and start listening and interacting with with their clients and creating a community and what this means that it says a lot of opportunities for somebody who can teach and help companies to do that and that’s kind of like where this social media manager term comes here in Spain people call it community manager but i like to call social media manager who is somebody kind of like independent person who who is handling the facebook page and videos for local companies so it’s actually really really exciting opportunity I’ve seen I mean you know me I’m not exactly the most technical people on the planet but I’ve seen there even local stores now I’ve got a facebook page and I remember talking with you a long time ago about a tripadvisor how popular it was for people to go to tripadvisor to look at different hotels and so on and so forth and how you were saying then it was it was more important for hotels to get a good rating in the social media then it was for them to go to get a good rating with the hotels Association so they’re more concerned about real people in the real world and then belonging to some Association trade association or whatever it was more important now with regard to to Facebook and things like that you know you can call me cynical if you want but you know I like to whine people up a little bit on facebook when I can but as far as I can see most people only use Facebook to upload all kinds of quotes their photos of their friends and they often want to broadcast dubious information about things that most of their imaginary friends are not really interested in but I know you see Facebook in it from a totally different perspective but because you know that it’s not really possible but quite straightforward to make some money with facebook so tell me how that’s possible sure sure and that’s that’s really good point so let me give you some of the background as you mentioned I’m I I speak different languages and the recent years I’ve been teaching on the universities here in Spain on how to use marketing and how to use facebook marketing and actually really proud of that and also excited that the universities are including these kind of topics to their to their courses because it’s so important nowadays and it’s so important to know how to use Facebook and so why you can earn money is that people it’s kind of like the same when we had like you know maybe seven or eight years ago there was a lot of webmasters you know if you were a webmaster and you could create a home page for somebody you could make a lot of money just because everybody needed to fit their own home page or website and now kind of like the same is happening with social media but the cool thing here and the big change is that you don’t have to be a webmaster or somebody with a lot of technical skills or carrier on information technology because when you do these Facebook pages for companies you don’t need technical skills as much as you need when you are creating a homepage so that’s a big big big change and that’s the huge possibility and of course the other thing is that most local companies so to speak local community business communities they don’t have time to go to the University so they don’t have time to learn this on internet and they don’t have time to implement this so they are most of them are bit confused they feel this pressure that I need to be on Facebook and however they don’t have time to manage it carefully so that’s why there’s a huge possibility for let’s say people who are just open to start providing this service and and helping local companies and the cool thing is that most most of the times you can charge monthly fees for these local companies and and i already have many different clients who have something like you know three or five monthly clients who pay their monthly fees and it’s actually really nice way of also earning a extra income but back to your question the main point is that companies don’t have time they don’t know how to do this and also there is not you know there’s not enough information most of the people don’t know this you know for example in schools or there’s not enough generic education on this the causes we give for example in Spain are really specific courses for for example business people or hotels and so on and so forth so so that’s why there is a possibility to do this and again your presentation or your analogy there of most people use it just for fun so to speak it it’s true but that’s why I recommend everybody to learn more and really start exploring these opportunities that can happen when you start seeing Facebook as something you can you can make money offering a good sir to local companies it’s interesting you know because I am as you know I come from a long way back from an advertising background and one of the things that’s always been so expensive in in all kinds of business is the cost of advertising and of course many of us have made a lot of money from advertising in the past but now when you go to Facebook and there’s what how many people on there 700 700 million and they will have 1 billion next year and you can have access to all of those kind of people for free you can even go and find out where they are what they like who their friends are although it’s an incredible change in the way the world works this social media stuff that you can have direct access to people all over the world without actually spending any money at all if you’ve got the patience to learn about it so I’m looking forward I got to have a Facebook page so this is all that stuff for me so now you you you said you got to I know you’ve got students um in 10 different countries and you’ve got some very interesting case studies with those kind of folks could you share a couple of the stories from your astute you’re sure I think that’s also really really interesting to share because the good thing here is that many many times to start off many times internet marketing or marketing on the internet it’s a great opportunity most people know that it’s an opportunity that you can make money you can earn income even though they there would be a down economy or whatever however it takes time it takes effort and most people don’t know how to do all the generic things like build traffic and build your list and do this and that and the other there’s kind of like too confusing so the good thing here is that this is quite simple and also the other thing other thing I hear many people complain is to all this only works in America or something like this when we talk about new internet marketing strategies but a cool thing is that when we talk about social media it’s actually happening all over the world just to give you one example is that letting countries are actually really active on social network it works and it’s probably because they like to chit chat a dad tell rumors have things like that it’s part of the Latin culture so example in Latin couch countries it’s used more than in in Finland which is my home country anyhow going back to your question what I was about to say is that this works wherever you are in the world so what happens is that if you live in u. s. you can do this even though you don’t speak English and I wanted to start with that because that’s so important to understand I have some extremely good case studies of people who are living in the US the English it is not perfect but they are making money as the social media managers now how could that be possible is that they are serving their local communities so they are for example in this case they are making short videos and they are creating channels and Facebook pages for short sorry for companies that are Hispanic for example Hispanic restaurant and so so tough to mention one for example Carmen who’s really carmella Lopez who is taking a lot of action she lives currently in New Jersey probably will move to Florida later but she already has i think five different clients three to five different clients and these are restaurants or companies that hispanic companies that she does a facebook page and then she record some videos and post those but the best thing mike is that garmin not only has clients in her own area but you can also thanks to skype and all these internet technologies you can have clients wherever you want on the world so she’s originally from colombia and she’s doing a facebook page 41 hairdresser in colombia so basically a really really cool cool case study i wanted to share another one whose name is Mauricio Mauricio is living in Venezuela and Venezuela if you are following the news it’s quite difficult when it comes to doing business or things like that because it’s quite closed country because of the political things and so on however he started the week are something like six weeks ago and he already last week when I talk he already has five different clients and for each client let me let me say what he’s doing he he creates hit their Facebook page and start managing the Facebook page he creates the Twitter page and start managing Twitter and then he creates them videos and upload some them those to their channel and start doing that and that way he has five different clients and you know what the best Mike he doesn’t do all the work so he’s delegating parts of these people these things to people who want to do he’s only concentrating on getting new clients and talking with different friends hey by the way how are you does your company has to have a present presence on Facebook already ah if not let’s let me help you and let’s see what the possibilities are and let’s see what the benefits are and so on and so forth and when I was talking with him last week he said that for 2012 his goal is to have 30 different clients who would pay him every month monthly fee so as you can imagine it’s quite a quite amazing opportunity when you think about all the different problems we have in economy and all these you know people are losing jobs and and and just you know a lot of difficult challenges in the traditional business so to speak so just to summarize you can help clients in your local area you can help clients worldwide wherever and you can do this from your home you can you can be flexible maybe the most important thing here to highlight is that you always have to be really professional and you have to have could give good service as as everybody knows but those are some some case studies I wanted to share they see now you you’ve cracked something there that’s been a problem for all kinds of businesses that there there are P of good technical skills and have a good understanding of the internet and sun and so forth but they’re not very good at finding customers and you get the other kind of people and I’m probably more like the other guy who’s good at finding customers if it doesn’t have such good technical skills so he can go find the customers which is what he enjoys and what he’s good at and give the work subcontractor work to someone else who likes to do the technical stuff but it’s not very good at finding customers so it’s kind of a win win win situation it’s totally and the main thing here is that it has to be something that you like to do and that you can crow because later on we can talk about different strategies for crowing because the good thing is here is that when you build a good relationship with these companies you can offer them more and more other services and and therefore your monthly fees can go up so yeah there’s a lot of opportunities here and we often hear about you know advertising agencies and suchlike and major corporations are very much into this social media like you said the ads in the middle of Super Bowl and are now being placed there with reference to the Facebook pages and stuff so plainly some of the bigger corporations are doing this is there still room left for someone with without too much knowledge too much experience to to get into it is a real space there’s a good question and that’s something that many people are are thinking when they start so so let’s let’s talk about that normally beak advertising agencies and I would say there’s a lot of social media agencies they work with big brands nowadays so they work for example with big let’s say coca cola or ford motor or Pepsi. Co or whatever so beak multinational companies those are their clients because they charge a lot of money and they do projects that that will take on many many long long time but what happens is that there is a huge amount of local businesses that are that really you know they need this kind of service you know they don’t they don’t have time to find out Facebook work or works and they need this but the big advertising agencies will always focus on the biggest clients they don’t have time to go to you no small parts of London and find small shops or restaurants and start offering to them and also they are charging really really high fees that only big multinational companies can offer so that’s why this is a huge demand if you think about it most of the businesses are you know small businesses and that’s really the the cool thing here is that everybody can do this I even have a one of my clients is it’s a person I’m also helping in we’re doing some coaching and he lives in a small area in Chile you know in Latin America and and even though it’s not a big city you know he’s just he’s using these strategies he’s asking his friends that by the way do you know somebody who is a business owner or has a small business and then his friends give him referrals and and so on and then he starts speaking with these companies so really the opportunity is is huge because there’s so many of these companies and again most of these local the local companies the cool thing is that if they are close to where you live you can always go to visit them and that’s that will improve the kind of like your relationship with them and that will you know keep them paying their monthly fees and and and so then you can later offer them more other things and so on and if they live further away you can use technologies for example skype is amazing tool and nowadays you can share your screen on skype or you can have like a video conference and you can be in totally different country and and offer this so yeah it’s it’s only white open for most you know for most local businesses and you don’t have to be big advertising agency to start I would I would highlight their that what you need to do is you need to have knowledge the basic knowledge on how to create Facebook pages how to manage them correctly and professionally and also how to create short videos and how to you know upload and optimize those those videos so you need this basic knowledge but you don’t need anything like programming skills you know like people who are doing websites or something like that and the other thing is that this is kind of like kind of like also fun work in a sense that you get to know a lot of interesting people and you can you know you can this can get you too many different things let me share one more case studies that also have a client called Harold in Colombia and first he started applying everything that I teach and he went to his local companies and he had three different businesses he was helping and he noticed that when he went to the some kind of event like Chamber of Commerce there was so many people asking hill with this that he started he like created the event in his local area I think it’s called Medellin the city over there and in Medellin he organized the event where he was teaching company’s local companies days and that took him from the kind of like initial level to the level where he’s viewed as you know kind of like a platform speaker or trainer and that’s again really good for him and he has been able to brand himself really well as a as a local business consultant focusing on on social media there’s a yeah as a business coach myself there’s a few really cool things about this that I can see because of the nature of the business you’re if you’re creating facebook pages and uploading videos to as on and so forth it’s not um it’s not time sensitive in as much as you don’t have to do it at a certain time of the day so for people to be to become a social media manager once they found the customers they can fit this around any other business and the other job they could do the weekends they could create a whole part time business here which may grow to a full time business without taking any time away from their normal daily routine so that so there’s one good thing the other good thing I can think of is that the fact that time much of this work I mean if you creating your first Facebook page is probably a bit of a challenge but when you’ve done five six seven eight ten it must get really really easy to know what to do and how to do it and to be able to recycle the then the wisdom you learn from previous clients to a new one so this is an F this is I can see this is a is a home based business where every client for potential client you talk to you educate yourself as you go along and you can recycle that knowledge in that wisdom to provide a better service for your clients as the business grows this is very easy thing Liza very does it give you a few indicators people always ask me is this something that you know you can do now and then tomorrow it’s it doesn’t work the cool thing here is that importance of social media social networking and video marketing is only increasing and i would say that there’s a huge opportunity for people who want to use this and apply for the next you know for the next four to five years at least and and that that is what makes it really really big opportunity that it’s not something that goes away or anything like that hmm so for someone who’s interested in becoming a social media manager can you give me a rundown on what what do they normally do and and what kind of services do they offer their clients if I always sent myself up today as a social media manager what would my what would I need to do and right what services Proctor by what do you need to do it’s kind of like that first you need to have a exact information on how to how Facebook works and how how baseball Facebook works for businesses let’s say it like that and how to create these pages how to manage how to be in contact with people and then how to create the short videos and and learn how to eat how you works and so on and and of course then you need to also be in contact with the clients and so on but let’s talk about the main thing which is that what kind of what kind of things people are normally doing I highly recommend focusing on two of the biggest sites or let’s say two of the biggest techniques of marketing nowadays and those are facebook marketing and video marketing and let me let me say why a facebook number one it’s growing all the time and mostly everybody is our facebook it’s kind of like official social network in most of the countries only in brazil there’s one called or good and then in china there’s something called run run or something like that but most of the other countries facebook is the number one social network and there’s a huge number of people there who prefer to communicate with companies using facebook they don’t want to go to all let’s go to hit their website or let’s call them they want to communicate and interact with the companies and learn about the products using facebook so number one most of these local companies can find their clients using facebook so that’s why we want to offer them facebook marketing and then we want to offer video marketing which means that we want to create a channel on and create short videos i don’t always recommend creating a lot of short videos that are like 30 seconds or one minute long and then upload and optimize those to and their same videos you can later share on those on the facebook page as well and we haven’t been talking we have been we haven’t been focusing that much on a video marketing we can do that on another interview but the cool thing with video marketing is that it’s the fastest way to get results many times for these local companies because when they think about video marketing they think if you ask you know whichever company might close to where you live that oh would you like to have a video presenting your business and and they would normally say oh that would be great since you to be so popular and people just prefer to view things however most of them think that doing a video costs like you know something like eight hundred dollars or up to two thousand dollars or something like that so the cool thing is that you can create you can go with your flip cam that I know that you have thanks to my recommendations you can go with the cameras like flip cam or even your smartphone like iphone 4 or something like that and you can do them like a demo you can get them to talk and record them talking and and then you can upload that video to and I have many many case studies where people have closed the deal by showing them a demo video and this demo videos are like 30 seconds where company speaks at how we are called the name of our restaurant is this we offer this kind of food we are located here and we give this kind of specials and you can contact us here kind of like really short 30 minutes or 30 second video but the cool thing is that when you upload these to you too when you send them to them they are like wow that looks really great and let’s get working so to summarize we want to do facebook marketing we want to create a lot of short videos and and therefore the video marketing and then additionally you can create them Twitter page and an Twitter account and and you can handle Twitter to them and maybe in some cases linked in also however I recommend people always starting with Facebook or video marketing and the cool thing is there that you can also outsource part of this work and only focus on the things you like so some of my clients only like to do video marketing and they focus on that and when their local businesses their clients ask facebook marketing they will outsource that and then I have others who like Facebook marketing and when somebody needs video marketing they will send them to some friend or something so you can totally you know customize and focus on what you like but in general folk on on providing facebook marketing and video marketing because those two will will create the best results and most value for your clients this is great this is just some great stuff on here I’m looking at the clock and conscious of time here so if people wanted to contact you Lassie and find out more about what you do and what you do and how you do it where is the best place for longer to get ahold of you way is to just go to my website which is smart social media com SRA that beasts and an over there you can sign up and get all our all our free training that we offer and and I think that’s the that’s the best way to best way to contact so it’s smart social media dot DS yeah viz viz yes mart social media dot biz okay I need to go check it out myself so it’s been great talking to you today lassie and um when you’re ready let’s have a talk about the the video marketing thing too because as you know on your recommend i got the flip cam and I wanted to try that myself my name to it so when you’re ready I’m ready and it was great giving this interview and chat about social media thank you yes really appreciate you thanks very much. .