Social Media Manager

Video 1 of the Social Media Marketing Manager Program

an introduction to social media marketing your step by step guide to generating profits from social media marketing why social media marketing profitable first because you can reach a very large amount of people has over 1 billion views per day Facebook has over 400 million users myspace has over 200 million users and Twitter over 100 million users the key to social media marketing is interaction people buy from other people people they know not from nameless companies all of this means that businesses and companies are spending more on social media marketing the other reason that social media marketing is highly profitable is its speed it’s very very fast so what are the desired results first you’ll learn how to brand yourself and your business and products you’ll learn how to build a large fanbase of potential clients how to build a quality email list and how to drive large amounts of traffic to your website there are so ever some potential pitfalls with social media marketing for example hard selling trying to sell too soon spamming and the use of automated software all of these can cause you more problems so what about this introductory course to social media marketing we’ll talk about Facebook Twitter My.Space dig stumbleupon and will also show you how to take action. .