Social Media Manager

How to be a social media manager – you dream of becoming a social media manager?

Do you think that you can write well and think well then you can become a social media manager and start your career in social media.

I have written a short guide which will help you start your career in social media. These simple steps will help you get hired and start your career in social media.

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hi this is Rohit from licensed master come welcome to my channel and today I’m going to talk about the nine steps to start your career in social media so issue a very active on social media and you love social media I want to transition your job into a social media manager or you want to start a social the you’re just starting out you cut any wanna be aware I’m a social media manager I got a couple of points which you can look into the drama social media manager and started start your career given you can look at life self mastery calm and looking at my blog post so here these nine steps to start it start a career in social media the first step would be to to confirm whether you are interested in social media as a as a career because social media is ever changing and skewered and it’s it’s not a regular nine to five job so you know be very careful if you are going ahead with social media as your color choice well the second step would be to educate your salon be aware on what is happening on social media I would recommend to be there on the top four or five Leicester networks and educate yourself as much as you can you can enroll yourself in two courses I’m shadow of social media managers so that you understand what really happens during the day of a social media manager another thing would be to be very active on social media that means to respond back comments and to ensure that you know you build up an interactive page for your social media account another would be to to learn on the job you know so so you know if you are working in a large organization volunteer to be part of and all those activities which could lead to social media initiatives for your company a lot of times is you are in a marketing journalism or advertising field given transition into a social media manager chopper fan then you know unitive a trendsetter you know two types of people norms on social media one who follow people and other would set trends so you know in show not you are on trouble things you create posts which go viral and build authority in that place so so so that sort of situation awareness is extremely important then it’s important to build your personal brand have a consistent profile image or Biograph the bio bouchy or or about yourself across social media profiles and our description as well as the header image about your about you on your blog across all social media channels then it’s also important to learn advanced marketing skills like you know trigger creating Facebook Ads knowing about hashtag marketing knowing about trading you know you tube headers or Twitter editors interacting with people on Twitter and all of other social media channels network extremely important to network with other social media influencers and other people so that even get know as much as you can I built relationships for these people online also you can offer your services for free going to connect with publishers and advertising companies and offer your services from see if you’re starting out or if you’re working in a big company warrant or your skills so that you have better understanding about social media management so these few ways can feel healthier in starting up Guardian and social media management do let let in your comments to know us are there any other ways you can start a current social media and I do subscribe to my channel thanks.