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social media marketing with is the number one video sharing site more than fifty three percent of web traffic comes from at you can create your own channel and as a site has over 1 billion views per day video is the preferred way to receive information you only have to look at the number of video sales letters that are now being used on websites creating your videos the important thing with videos is to keep them between one to two minutes long people have a very short attention span even if your video has to be very detailed try to keep it under ten minutes you can create a video in the form of a slideshow you can create video using screen capture software you can create videos using animoto and you can also use resell rights videos what about your video content try to make it entertaining it’s important to be yourself to be a real person and show your own personality people will then be able to build a relationship with you they’ll start to trust you relate to you and of course that will lead to an even better response your video should usually start with the benefits and always include a call to action so how do you go about creating your videos what equipment do you need well if you’re going to use a slideshow software you could use Microsoft Power.Point or Microsoft Publisher if you’re running Mac then you’ll want to use Screen. Flow the screen capture software that we recommend is camstudio it’s free we also recommend Camtasia but it comes with an expensive price tag although there is a 3 a free 30 day trial and the Jing project that’s also an excellent software it’s free but your videos can’t be more than five minutes and you’ll need a good camera a flip cam and an excellent microphone now what about your channel now the important thing is that on your channel you don’t have to add just your own videos you can add your favorite videos so you can search through find videos related to your niche and this way it will seem as though you are there your videos but they all contain within your own channel you want to make your channel seem active and popular to do that you want to subscribe to other related channels in your niche how do you get viewers well the first thing is to provide real value and entertainment through your videos you can interact with users by leaving comments you can also make videos on hot topics in your niche to find out what’s going on you can search using google trends and google alerts and don’t be boring now there is a great service called tube toolbox with tube to box you can send out mass subscriber and friend requests and this will automatically build you a massive audience for your videos getting involved in staying social one way to get involved and stay social is to make video responses this is a video that you make in response to another popular video that will lead to more exposure for you you can also rate videos and that helps because often people will rip want to return the favor to you and the higher your ratings the more exposure you’re going to get as we mentioned before you can join groups of groups that are related to your niche and commenting even though backlinks are nofollow they do increase the ranking within itself don’t forget to send out friend requests in your comments in whatever you’re doing on try to be a little bit controversial and most importantly be entertaining here are a few tips and tricks remember video responses to popular videos if you create one the video could appear right before the comments this is the very first thing people will notice below the video you can steal or borrow the titles and tags of other popular videos so when people search for something that the popular video shows up for you’ll also show up and you can turn your videos into podcast and submit them to dozens of directories now we’re going to talk about video distribution there are some services that you can use that will get you a wider distribution for your videos for example Tube. Mogul traffic gazer the advantage with traffic geezer is its social bookmarks each video automatically and it turns videos into podcasts and submits to over a hundred sites you can also distribute your videos in your own social name. .