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hello and welcome to how to create your dream career as a social media director I’m really excited to share this information with you today because today we’re gonna be talking about how to build your freelance business as a social media director and by freelance I mean having a business that doesn’t have any employees where you you could have a real lifestyle business where you could be able to travel the world or stay at home in your underwear and I kind of say that kind of kind of kidding but also true you know I’ve had the ability now to travel around the world I’ve gone all over the world but I’ve done a lot of extended holidays and you know now I just a kid and now I get to stay at home and you know not necessarily my underwear but usually you know my trackpad so my pijama see no info in video games alright so you you get that that sort of freedom in that lifestyle so when I started my business when I very first started it I was like I want to build a 20 million dollar a year business or a 40 million dollar a year business and I’m gonna have an agency I’m gonna have an office with employees and that’s what I first thought that I wanted and then I realized that I don’t want that at all because as soon as I got my first employee it became a headache and I was like now I have to manage this person it became another job for me and I just I did not enjoy it so then I started going back and saying do I really need 20 million dollars a year and I realize I don’t you know I’m a really simple person I I don’t need all that stuff you know most of the things that I want I have right now have the ability to get right and so I realized I really don’t need to reach that level so my goal now is to have a business that will do a million dollars a year with no employees and and that’s kind of what I want to share with you today is like how to how to create a lifestyle business as a freelance social media director alright so there’s a lot of new people who are here today I do these webinars every two weeks I bring on either a guest to come in and share or I’ll share information with you we also run the internet masterminds meetup group as well that happens every week as well but what I noticed was with this webinar particular we did a lot of video advertising and use promotional partners I think the word out and there’s a lot of new people who don’t know who I am alright so if you’re new can you just type the letter one in the chat box I just want to know kind of who’s new and and who already is familiar with me it’s when I kind of gauge who showed up here okay so yeah so we’re getting tons of one so thank you so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna go really quick give you a bio give you a bit of my background so you kind of see where I came from and kind of you know where I’m headed then we get right into the content because one thing I hate is getting on a webinar presentation in the presenter it just talks about themselves for like half the time I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna talk really fast just so everybody gets a good feel of Who I am to make sure that I’m the kind of person that you’d want to learn from as well alright so let’s get right into it so if you were to google my name you would see there’s lots of information about me primarily you’re gonna see that I’m the founder of web friendly alright but you can actually go through google and you’re gonna notice I think there’s over 20 or 30 pages on my name just like content from me I think it may even be more than that that was the last time I checked was probably more than a year ago but you do a google search there’s lots of information about me right if you’re too Google I’m sorry if you were to look up my name on you’re gonna see tons and tons of videos of me presentations that I’ve given at different conferences workshops promo videos we’ve done lots of testimonial videos there’s lots of content if you’re just google my name and look me up on but when I want to share with you right now is the stuff that you won’t find on so my own personal story you know where I’m at today so who’s seen this movie type out one in the chat box have you seen this movie so when I was young I I think it was maybe 14 years old when this movie came out and you know I wasn’t supposed to be watching this movie is a bad movie right I mean you know it’s anyone’s you know it’s kind of inappropriate but somehow it inspired me to get the film I really liked how a story could be told in a different way right like most movies were linear right whereas pulp fiction had a very like you know nonlinear kind of story and it I don’t know what it was it just it sparked a creative side of me and I started selling film at the time you know I was in high school or getting into high school and I I want to take a course called directing a script writing and my dream was to do a short play on a scene from pulp fiction and in order to get into directing and script writing I had to take acting classes which I hated and I was shy and believe me I no desire to be on stage but I did it and I kind of broke out of my comfort zone it was my first time kind of really knowing what it was like to step outside your comfort zone and I mean very very very uncomfortable I was a very insecure kid in high school but this really helped me get on my comfort zone I got into the directing a script writing class and I failed because the teacher didn’t want me to do the Pala fiction play that I dreamed of and wanted me to do a more traditional play said why break the rules he’s like learn the rules first then you could start breaking the rules and and I didn’t agree and and so he failed me and it was real disappointment for me but that didn’t stop me from getting into the film industry I actually did work in the film industry for I think two years I was a prompts person I worked on lots of different movies and TV shows and learned a lot of great lessons from working in the film industry and one of them being that people who had worked in the film industry for you know like 10 years plus most of them they hated their job and they hated their life the film industry demands very long hours from you and it requires you to work long hours on long stretches and then find the next job right like you never consistently be able to get work especially when you’re first starting out you always have to go out and try to find new business or not new business but new new jobs like new gigs in the movies and so it’s kinda like you’d work for a long time you make a lot of money but you’re just working all the time like literally all like like you’re talking about 15 hour days like you know 12 hour a day would be the minimum you’d work in the movie industry okay but a lot of times its 15 18 I think I did a 20 hour day was the most I’d ever done we did movies we have to go like on location and like live somewhere else for a long period of time those are usually fun but you know they were also draining as well cuz you know again you’re working all the time and I realized I didn’t want to have that lifestyle and so at the time the real estate industry was booming and friends convinced me to become a what I used to call a real estate er okay so a realtor for those you don’t get the joke so I used to call it being a real estate er and my friend made this as a joke for me that’s not a real mustache and and you know I tried to get into real estate but I had no sales experience I had no marketing experience and I ended up I was in real estate for a year I ended up selling one place and it was from my dad and so I do appreciate my dad giving me the business he also gave me a referral to a friend but I never end up he’s selling the place but but the by the end of that year I was over $30,000 in debt and I don’t know if anyone knows how that feels like I know that he’d been to college or university you probably know what that feels like but it’s not the same right you know when you’re when you’re really working you’re really hustling and then you don’t really make him you’re just looking after your credit cards and you’ve had bad habits of you know this lifestyle that you used to live that you can no longer afford but you don’t even logically figure it out like I was young and I was partying you know on the weekends and going out I don’t know what the hell I was doing it but I was dumb right and you know having $30,000 in debt I had you know no no real career skills I you know I had a you know a job mentality and had that entrepreneur mentality at this point I went to my managing broker and I said what did I do like I’m broke I’ve got no marketing scales I got no sales skills like where should I go from here and he said well you’re young why do you try some internet marketing or do this internet marketing stuff so it just so happened that a week prior to that I had met a guy that had just moved from United States he was he lived in Seattle and he had just moved there a few years prior he was in India okay so he was a great guy and here’s this picture here this is immune him his name was sandy and he had a really thick accent a thick Indian accent and he was telling me about SEO and when he first told me about SEO my first question was is that even legal and so uh you know I know I didn’t know anything about internet marketing but he was telling he was trying to sell like doing SEO for my real estate business he had no idea how broke I was he was trying to sell me something you know so I went back to him I said hey man like can you help me with this you know internet marketing stuff and he and he asked me will you help me with my sales cuz you know he didn’t have a lot of social skills at the time you know he had studies in sales and some marketing but you know his social skills weren’t 100% so basically he had me help him sell SEO and websites and in exchange he was going to help me build my website it turned out we made so much money together you know selling websites and SEO that we ended up not doing anything about my real estate thing we became partners in this business and we grew his business over the next two years but of course you know I was you know an employee under him as well and I want to start my own thing so on the weekends I started teaching workshops around social media and you see people like 101 basic things about social media okay this is like way back in like 2008 2009 kind of time okay and once I started getting into it you know I started trying to find mentors okay I tried to find as much knowledge as I possibly could I found out about people like Evan pagan I found people like Gary Vaynerchuk I remember the day that I started reading the 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferriss and I remember thinking to myself in that moment like oh shit I should have read this a long time ago you know like I realize I’ve been missing so much information you just don’t know what you don’t know then I found people like Seth Godin who was kind of a pioneer of social media marketing right so if you haven’t read a book by him I highly recommend you do I started going on I watched hundreds and hundreds of hours literally of you know TED talks you know inspirational TED talks business talks you know I watched thing called the entrepreneurs thought leaders program from Stanford okay that’s where they get entrepreneurs who went to like Harvard and Stanford people like Mark Zuckerberg the guys who created Instagram like just you know Eric Ries you know a lot of these like people who you now may know of a tower leaders in the business world well I was listening to them you know seven or eight years ago on at this entrepreneurs thought leader when they were first start you know so first starting to get you know momentum in their businesses and I just I just soaked up as much information as I possibly could and then a friend of mine gave me this program on the bottom right who knows what program this is who can name it just curious all right we apparently just lost otter you guys you guys can still hear me right somebody said they lost audio okay perfect all right so all right great so who can aim that who can in the course so far I haven’t got anything there we go Laurie got so it’s it’s a traffic secrets 2.0 okay so what’s special about traffic secrets 2. 0 is that this was the first million dollar product launch so you’re familiar with like Jeff Walker’s product launch you know and you know these you know all the internet marketing gurus and not even just intermarket any words but now just kind of like the internet marketing launches you know the info product launches this was the first time that someone had done it and made over a million dollars it was it was a huge deal somebody gave this to me it was like it was just like gold you know gold in my hands you know and this product actually started the internet masterminds meetup because what happened was when I got this program I didn’t know a lot about internet marketing so I wanted to get other people who arranged into internet marketing to learn with me so we could learn together so I invited a few friends and Iannetta added another meetup we all said okay this weekend we’re gonna go we’re at my place we’re like we’re gonna watch this entire training all weekend do nothing else about watches training and I believe it was like 12 hours of videos I believe or maybe more and we we got through maybe like the first two or three discs and then we just started talking and masterminding and never I actually finished the whole program was kind of funny but then we ended up starting the internet masterminds meetup group which is kind of cool it’s kind of like a side story of kind of what happened there all right so so this is where I’m at now so we said a word friend Lee back in 2009 that’s that’s my company we started the internet masterminds at the same time there’s 2009 but there were only a couple months apart I started something called the Facebook for brands program back in 2010 all right that was where we’re teaching people how to market and promote their business through Facebook solely then I started the social media director program and then we started was called the SEO director program right so those those are the core the core products of our business right now all right I have been able to have the opportunity to speak at conferences all over Vancouver as well as I went to Toronto this last November I spoke at socialite I also took a five week trip this last summer and I went to Thailand I went all over Thailand it was amazing anyone who hasn’t been to Thailand highly recommend it I also went to Australia a couple years ago also did five weeks in Australia I Australia is bloody expensive all right I don’t know if I actually recommend people from Vancouver going to Australia because Australia is so similar to Vancouver that it’s kind of like just expensive so I also did an impromptu trip to Vegas and then Disneyland right after I spend three days in Vegas that I took the bus I went to LA and then I went to I went to Disneyland then I went to Universal Studios and I got I got to get my dream car I’ve always wanted a Mercedes I finally got to have my Mercedes and I also got to buy a lot of cool toys so I like to collect FX lightsaber so if you ever thinking about the perfect gift for me I’m looking for the original FX lightsabers v refine them you know I just recently got the color right now Straight But the kylo Ren lightsaber as part of my collection so I’m sharing this with you to show you that you know I although I work a lot I also have a lot of free time and I still have that lifestyle business that I want I also spent a lot of time watching TV alright so and again I’m sharing this with you to let you know I don’t work 24/7 okay I’m very productive with how I work which is what I want to talk to you about today is how to do productive so you could have a time to stuff you really want so I’ve watched all these shows okay from start to finish I love all these shows and you know and if I you know I know that if you’re working full time all the time you know people might say this is a waste of time but this is my time to unplug I get to unplug I like to watch shows and I actually learn from I recently just gone to survivor and I realize there was 35 seasons of Survivor and I’m learning so much about social skills on people skills from watching Survivor like I really really enjoy it there’s other shows like The Walking Dead where you probably don’t learn as much but if there was a zombie apocalypse I probably pretty good alright I also just had a baby he’s now verse 3 and a half months old this is just his last weekend we took a picture together I bought him his first pair of shades I have three cats Miko Miyagi and Michio so by the way all our names start with M it’s Matt Marcus Mika Miyagi Michio and I also play playstation so I just got a ps4 and I played battlefield so if anyone has battlefield hardline once play with me hit me up I’ll let you know my username I’m usually playing on the weekends and Friday nights on my time to play battlefield and again you know I think I learned a lot from playing Play. Station as well because you learn a lot about teamwork and about working as a team in order to win so I want to throw that out there as well that some people would think this is a waste of time but I always get learning experiences from everything I do all right so that’s another one me as I promise I’m not gonna go on and on about kind of Who I am and all that kind of stuff again you guys didn’t Google me afterwards if you’re still on for Miller who I am I just want to share a little bit about me so you guys can relate all right so by the end of this class this is what you’re gonna learn okay you’re gonna learn the tricky trap that you may already be caught in that separates out the winners from the losers in the world of social media you’re gonna tell you’re gonna learn how to tell what your income thermostat is set at and more importantly how to raise it so you can truly so you are truly ready to not just dabble but make real substantial income from your career as a social media director all right you’re also going to learn the number one reason aspiring social media directors fail and how to overcome it and create a lucrative six figure business that supports a lifestyle you want this is key and you learn how to quit your job and create a lifestyle business where you can work where you want when you want and make a hell a lot more than you’re making in your job right now and I’m not talking about making a thousand of $2,000 a month I’m talking to make it a livable five to ten thousand dollars or a lot more per month all right I’m also gonna show you my 10k sales process I’ve used this to close $10,000 plus projects with two 30 minute phone calls I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars using the system so I’m gonna give you the glance out of what this looks like all right so I’m gonna be off of everyone I have a script that I actually wrote out here that was gonna go through everything we’re gonna talk about today and and I want to get your feedback on this because my plan was to kind of use the script and and read this as we go through it so I don’t miss anything but then a part of me just wants to kind of just just speak to you from the heart and just kind of go through it I’ll try to remember as much as I can just kind of go through my speak from the heart just want to know can you give me a one if you if you prefer me just go through the script as read the script and give me the number two if you prefer me to just leave the script aside and and we’ll just go at it and I’ll just I was kind of I’ll try to remember as much as I can I want to I want to really speak to you from the heart so give me a 1 for the script give me a 2 if you want me to just go without the script I wanna throw the script away all right we got mostly okay we got we got like five ones that’s interesting okay somebody said oops okay okay perfect so we are definitely going with number two okay cool so I am I’m gonna get rid of this and by the way this is the many payoff you guys can see this but I spent a lot of time on this so I’m going to put it aside and I said we’re gonna go at it right so here we go I kind of nervous now that died so in order to become a successful social media director you must master three areas we’re gonna count them down from from three to two and then one alright so here we go so number three you must become a Productivity junkie so what it means is what what being a Productivity junkie means is being in the zone in focusing on completing money making activities and you know what I mean by being in the zone is you know what happens is anyways when you you get to work you want to make it so that when you’re working like you’re just focused like I had people in the office here they notice that I work with my headphones on sometimes I’m not even listening to music I just plug my headphones in I put them in is fine I’m so much more zoomed into my computer and focused and people tell me that they don’t want to interrupt me because I look so focused while I’m working right it’s because I’m in the zone right I don’t come to work and kind of babble on kind of uh you know what’s going on here I come to work with intention because I want to work and then I want to go home right I want that free time I want to spend more time now with my son I want to spend more time watching Game of Thrones I want to spend more time playing Battlefield right I love working I mean a passion with my work but I don’t think it’s healthy to just be working all day long I think it’s what most healthy is to feel great because you came to work you accomplish your tasks and then you went home I love watching people in the zone I first learned about the zone from Tony Robbins personal power to old school program but that’s when I first learned about what the zone was and now when I you know for example you know Oprah Winfrey she came to Vancouver and she did an event and I believe tickets to the event were like around a hundred and thirty dollars one hundred fifty bucks something like that and I went me and a friend of mine we went together to Oprah and my friends were like why would you go to Oprah like you don’t even like over like I’ve never watched the over show I’ve never never seen anything Roper before the reason I went and by the way I got floor seats as well I paid extra I wanted to see her face I want to see how she how she was on stage because I knew I would be able to capture just a little bit of the zone that she’s in when she’s on stage you need to learn how to get into the zone when I go on stage when I’m about to present on a webinar I get myself into the zone and then I present so when I come to work before I start working I don’t start dabbling I get in the zone and I work okay work on our my money making activities so the things that when I finish them when I complete them they’re going to add more money in my bank account okay not time wasting activities we’re gonna get more deep into this in a moment alright so I want to be really clear you want to get into the zone all right so what usually happens when you try to get into the zone your phone rings you get a text message right you get an email a Facebook alert things start distracting you we call this the butterfly effect right well you’re like haha a butterfly and you you float away right you need to stay inside the zone and remove distraction from your work from your work life right so you need to start your day by asking are you an active mode or reactive mode who can guess what the differences between you guys’s comments alright so active mode is when you are active in you were deciding what you’re going to be doing reactive mode is when you’re responding there was text messages you’re responding to this phone calls right that’s being in reactive mode so always ask yourself are you an active mode or reactive mode okay you need to be a control there’s you and there’s everybody else there’s the them okay so you have to choose who’s in control of your day you your or your clients or your family or your personal life or what is it all right so you in just saying control because when you run control you stay in the zone all right and you need to make like actual physical changes are around you around your life to make sure you stay in the zone so for example if you work from home and I just saw comma hear someone talking about they work at home Alexis so when you work from home you might notice like for me anyways I remember my first day back after my paternity leave you know I spent a couple weeks at home first you know I was like okay I’ll work from the kitchen table right you know and I was like put my headphones on and you know I told my girlfriend you know the baby cries don’t you know I’m working you know it did not work I was not in control I immediately said I gotta get to a co working space and now I work full time at spacecraft uh you know I have to make sure that my environment around me allows me to stay in control okay there’s a lot more examples we’re gonna get to in a moment here all right so to either here’s five steps to become a Productivity junkie all right so tip number one is you want to turn off all your notifications so notifications on your phone on your emails on your Facebook you want to remove notifications notifications are a Productivity killer you’re the one is you want to put your phone on silent when you work now on your phone there’s actually a feature there where you know what you could say do you want it to vibrate when on silent you say no when I flip my phone on silent it does not vibrate it does not make a peep it cannot distract me all right so on Facebook I make sure that all the notifications are off on Facebook I don’t get emails I don’t get notifications I don’t get anything happening within the app nothing you you can do whatever you want to Facebook unless I’m on Facebook I’m not going to see that notification okay you go into your settings you turn off all your notifications those annoying sounds that beeping stuff all that stuff is made to take your attention I’m actually offended that Facebook has put in so much effort to steal our attention spans I’m literally actually offended by that move all right so you need to go in and turn all the stuff off okay on your phone you want to flip it off to get vibrate off on silent and if you’re on Apple Computer I’m sure you can do this as well on Outlook or whatever you’re using you don’t want any sounds when you get an email okay you want to remove all notifications and all distractions from your life so when you are working you stay in the zone you don’t get distracted no butterfly effect all right I just wanna all right all right great all right so next up is to is tip number two is about the amount of hours you work in the day so traditionally you know most people are working eight hour days right like who right now works an eight hour day right now or actually better question how many hours you typically work in a day that’s my question just write the number how many hours you typically work in the day we got nine ten we got a four got a 12 7 to 9 9 to 10 6 to 8 for 10 8 4 to 14 3 to 5 okay Monica you’re like a retired 10 9 4 to 6 14 6 great tan so a lot of tans in here ok so I’m gonna tell you about my work day I want to work a 5 hour work day and what I found I do I’ve done this for a long time we’re a 5 hour work day you become a lot more productive okay so the way it works is they use the 80/20 rule you figure out you know what is it 20% of the things that I can get done that was gonna it create 80% of my workload right when you work fewer hours you actually will become more creative and have more scarcity so as an example why should I talk about this more later but when I for example put the other presentation it’s like this one here that we’re doing right now this presentation you know I knew what I want to talk about I had an outline I’ve been writing out this script okay I wrote the script like where’s all the stuff I want to talk about but I didn’t actually start building these slides until this morning right because I knew that if I was in a time crunch I would get it done I would get it done and be great and I’m really excited about this presentation I think this gonna be an awesome presentation we’re just getting started but there’s so much more right and I got myself in a creative zone because I had no choice I had to work when you have only five hours to work you get shit done you don’t let distractions get in your way and last point here is you want to nix they’re always available attitude especially when I’m working with clients especially as a freelance social media director you don’t want to make it so that way your clients can get a whole you all the time now one really great way of doing this is to reward yourself on that fifth hour so you make plans to go out with your friends you make plans to spend time with your family you make plans to watch Game of Thrones or to play battlefield right and you say this is a time I’m going to go and watch it or you go to the gym that’s another one that I do so I said I’m gonna work until this time got five hours then I’m done and I’m gonna reward myself by doing whatever it is I want to do and that’s another great way of just getting stuff done getting it other way what I find when I work eight hour days is that you know you know I usually spend about two hours just dabbling you know not even getting things done I’m tired or you know whatever it might be right maybe I either slept in or woke up too early or you know there’s so many other things that happen where I’m just like all this work until whatever right I set a schedule of how long I’ll be working all right so productivity sorry becoming apart to be juggling the tip number three is to create lists so this has been huge for me huge huge okay what I do is I create a to do now list and a to do later list and I have a personal list which is a smaller list but what I do is every day when I start I start my workday I look at my to do now list and I say what do I gotta get done now today in the next five hours what do I gotta get done in order to say I am complete you know and this has been huge huge okay and then I have my to do later list which is other tasks which I might do tomorrow or I might do later this week or I might do next month what I notice is that with my to do later list is that sometimes when things are just lingering there for a long time I remove them I just say I’m not gonna do this so if it wasn’t important enough for me to get it done in the last 30 days it’s not important and I get rid of it as it’s gone so I’m continuously scratching things off and what to do now list am I to do now list is all money making activities always money making activities now once in a while you know personal things I got to get done as well I’ll make a list of things I get done personal like for example I I’d get my passport renewed you know stuff like that where it’s like you know things there’s got to keep your not coming so much in the zone and work it’s like I gotta take time today and just figure out a couple personal things as well and I might have a personal list that I’ll also move to my you now list if it’s there it’s gonna happen in my day this has been huge for me I highly recommend everybody do this all right next up is to know that your personal life is gonna get in your way all right your personal life will get in your way and when your personal life gets in the way it’s gonna create friction in your life and you’re not gonna be able to focus you’re not gonna be able to stay in the zone if you have friction in your life so productivity tip number four is to remove friction from your life and what I mean by that I would you learned this from a Productivity course and basically the lesson was to figure out what is like what’s causing drama on your life right where is the friction you’re like and the exercise that I did was to write down all the things that are kind of bothering me at the top of my are at the back of my mind know things that are bothering me and this was many years ago and this was literally a life changing event for me like literally it sounds so simple but it really was so what happened if I wrote down a whole bunch of stuff then I did the 80/20 rule so I said okay what are the 20% of the things on this list that are creating 80% of the friction in my life and what they turned out to be was there are pretty simple things one was that I I got to argue it my dad and I hadn’t talked to him in a little over a week okay so you know maybe I was in a bad mood or something I said something rude to him he was upset at me I was inside of him but it was my fault I knew it was my fault but I just kind of left it right then another one was with one of my best friend’s my closer friends from high school I was making some yo mama jokes to him and over the phone and I thought he think it was funny he didn’t think it was funny are really offended about it and we hadn’t talked in over a month and the last one this is probably the biggest one at the time well as you know I had an ex girlfriend at the time we had broken up and we never really got closure I mean once been in relationship you know how that feels right we just kind of like I don’t know where we’re at I don’t know how I just feel so that night I my ex and I hadn’t talked to her and I think a couple months or something and I was like hey what’s up and basically I got closure right the next day I my friend and I phone my dad and I made up with him I apologized right I owned up to it you know so that you know that next like not that even like that that next day after all that friction came off like all this weight was lifted from my shoulders and I remember I just felt different I felt free I felt I felt happy I suddenly felt happy in my life and it’s just like I never got over that I just now I know it’s like if I’m not happy if there’s something bothering me I know what it is it’s friction right and there’s friction it kills my productivity so I want to go go to the next level I want to be in the zone if I want to be an a player and I want to make ten twenty fifty thousand dollars a month I can’t do it if I have friction in my life so I’m always looking at where’s a friction how can I remove it I never want to create any kind of drama or or live around any kind of negativity I’m in my life and if I do I catch it okay I catch it and I get rid of it I let it go or I deal with it get rid of it okay this one’s been huge huge all right so productivity becoming a Productivity jump junkie tip number five and this one here this one here is my favorite this is the one that’s gonna give you butterflies in your stomach and that is to sabotage yourself to success let me tell you another story this picture here is the first conference and like big workshop that I did prior to this I had done small workshops between five to a maximum of maybe 12 people okay for like a weekend this was my first time saying I’m gonna do a conference where I’m going to speak in front of a large group for an entire weekend I’m gonna teach them all of my content it scared the shit out of me to do this okay because one was I was charging $500 per person and my goal was to get 40 people this room I believe had 38 people and $500 each a few my friends also attending to sometimes get friends I kind of come in there free and help out they were also there so there’s more than 30 people and it really almost didn’t happen so what happened was like I’m getting nervous talking about the story but what happened was I learned about this concept to sabotage yourself a success so what I did is about a month prior to the day that I wanted to have is I went and I booked the room in the room was I think it was a couple thousand dollars once it was like two thousand dollars I booked the room I put the deposit down for the room and I also booked catering so this particular room was not near any any places to get food so what I did was I had to get catering for everybody so the catering who was like $5,000 it was like really expensive but the catering was most expensive part of this whole thing and um I I booked the catering I paid I put the deposit out for the catering so now I was in it okay I think I think altogether I was in it for about $5,000 which I did not have $5,000 I put on my credit card and remember I was just getting out of debt at this point this is like I was scared okay so now I had to sell out this workshop in order to make my money back at least right so I sabotage myself to success and this program was really the one that really launched my career it really positioned me as an expert it really made me feel like okay I can be a public speaker I can be a professional trainer I could charge even more for this right and I’ve continued to sell up more workshops sell out my conferences I’ve still got advanced and conferences I’ve got so much more but it was all because it started at this event where I really sabotage myself to success so you want to look at what are your goals and how can you sabotage yourself to success right how couldn’t you make an investment that’s gonna make it so you can’t get out of it anymore you have to become successful all this otherwise you’re gonna lose big time okay it was this is like a huge huge thing for me alright and the last tip here and this is the not counting is the 5 because this is kind of a bonus tab but basically I don’t work when I’m not in the zone alright so if I’m not feeling in the zone you know I’ve got friction in my life you know I’m just not feeling creative it’s time to get out right it’s time to start working I don’t work if I’m down in the zone I’ll go for a bike ride this year as a trip I didn’t Sarah I was on a work trip but I went for a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge but I bike ride a lot in the summertime here in Vancouver I going like four or five hour bike rides I listen to a podcast while I’m going right so I can learn at the same time but I just I just unplug right I might just go watch a movie go to theater by myself might go on have some drinks to friends or sometimes you just gotta go out and get drunk you know you know just totally unplugged whatever it is Yoga is another big one for me I mean I think I’d have the contrast is like gets Ron do yoga whatever works right whatever works for you right and you just gotta kind of unplug so don’t force yourself you know if you’re not in the zone you’re not gonna be you’re not gonna be doing your greatest work and it’s time to unplug it’s time to do something else right you want to do great work when you are working right so we just talked about number three which is productivity just curious what do you guys think about the presentation so far just wanna know kinda this is the first time I’ve done anything like this by the way I’m usually always teaching like marketing skills right all right great okay perfect so far okay I’m getting really good feedback thank you I get to see you hated that you were left by now so yeah I was only Tooting my own horn there all right all right so here we go to number two so number two is about being fearless around asking for money what’s really funny about this one is that I didn’t realize that people had such a fear around this okay so I you know it’s kinda weird I was at a conference and I remember the speaker was talking about this for like the whole morning of the first day he was talking about this and I was like okay like get on I was so bored you know I never felt or realize or thought I had a fear of asking for money I just didn’t I never thought of it as a thing and you know halfway through this presentation you know the morning presentation which I went on for like four hours I started realizing like maybe I do have a fear around asking for money right like like you know I mean who’s comfortable to write a proposal right now for over $10,000 they give it give a client up roses like here pay me $10,000 I’m just curious right now who could say yes or no yes I could do it or no I could not and be honest yet right be honest okay mostly no Wow Wow I’ve had all knows okay we got one yes we got two maybe wow that’s amazing that everybody except for one person said no okay we are one more year Wow we only have two yeses all right all right so yeah so I I realized that I had this fear and I recognized it I was able to get over it so that’s what I won’t talk to you about right now so we don’t want to just pay the bills okay cuz that was my mentality was if I just pay the bills and I had a little bit of money left over I’d be happy and at time my bills were low because I’m growing a business I was very frugal right I didn’t wanna spend a lot of money and my expenses were like maybe like $2,000 right so if I had made $2,000 in that month I was I was satisfied that was all I thought that I needed but I never got to create a lifestyle business because I was going basically like paycheck to paycheck right like client to client hoping every month I could make at least $2,000 right if I made $3,000 I was like hell yeah like bring it right and I heard one month ninety five thousand dollars like full my mom and celebrated I was like I made five thousand dollars like that’s what it was like for me right and until I realized that you know my my inkum thermostat was set lower I had money traps our money traps is low pricing and selling your time so at the time you know I was charging 300 dollars a month to manage people social media you know and that’s low pricing and if somebody were to hire me per hour I was charging a hundred bucks an hour that’s a lot per hour but as a freelancer hundred bucks an hour I would say it’s kind of like you know the base price that everybody should be charging 200 bucks an hour okay I would say but I mean if you’re not charging you that you’re hearing coop thermostat is is very low right now okay so I was always at $100 per hour at the time and what I realized once I reset my thinking I realized that if I charge more because I started charging more and people said yes and I was like oh my god they said yes right so I charge more they said yes and then I started realizing that those clients were amazing they were awesome clients and in my distress in my business in my life went way down so when you have clients who pay you more it’s way less headache okay they perceive you they have a higher value of you so they listened more about what to what you’re saying when I started 300 a month I had my clients tell me what to do when I started charging now I tried a thousand dollars plus per month and no one’s telling me what to do they’re always coming to me for advice right it’s a totally different dynamic right they trust your opinion and they stick around longer which is huge right like you have clients we stay with you for a year plus right even though they’re paying you a lot more they’re paying you more you’re able to spend more time with them therefore getting more results therefore make them more happy therefore you extend the lifetime value of all your clients so now the minimum to work with me is $1,000 a month on a minimum 12 month commitment so there’s a $12,000 deal to work with me right plus there’s a bit more that’s involved in that so don’t don’t don’t get too carried away right now I’m gonna explain to you more about my pricing and how it works later but that’s a minimum and then I don’t charge for the hour I don’t I don’t have an hourly rate if someone says hey can a higher fee an hour the answer is no okay I got too many projects in the go and I just can’t handle just a one off kind of call so instead what I offer is a $500 meeting this is gonna be an in person or an online meeting and it becomes a deposit towards working together so I will tell the person here’s you know the ballpark of how much it would cost to work with me so if you’re if you’re interested of working together a long term it’s a 502 pause that we come in for a meeting that meeting can go on for an hour it’s a meaning of us figuring out if it makes sense for us to work together and it’s a deposit so that’s paid towards me if we work together that deposit would go towards that project that’s how that works okay and and sometimes if it’s a long if it has to be like a full day strategy session I would charge even more than that but I always charge the deposit to work together long term okay so I I raise my income thermostat I started getting higher paying clients way better clients a lot less stress so where’s your income thermostat seven now I’m kind of curious kind of where you guys are at right now very curious if you could be honest with me in the chat only I can see it I’d be very interested to know if you can tell me so when I first started with $2,000 okay my mom told me I should be a manager at Mc. Donald’s okay dissing my mom at all but you know my mom thought you know she was so afraid you know anyone’s had kids you’re so afraid you’re your child’s gonna be a failure or fall to drugs or drug dealing or going to jail and I was I was a bad kid honestly I guess pretty that kid so Nick for me to just get a job at Mc. Donald’s is great but I got fired from my job at Mc.

Donald’s get but you know at first I was just like if I could just make $2,000 a month I’d be happy but then I realized that’s not enough so I was okay five I remember I made five thousand like okay I can make five thousand dollars every month right then when I got to five I was like what about if I want to make six figures if you want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year you’re gonna make eight thousand bucks a month I was like okay I want I want to have a six figure lifestyle business my goal became eight thousand then I started like up to eight thousand it quickly went to ten and then I’ve had $50,000 I’ve had between 10 to $50,000 plus months ever since I’ve had a month where I made over $60,000 right and so as my you know my income thermostat kick getting set higher now if I made $2,000 a month I’m just like what the f right I’m gonna not swear but I’d be like it’s not a good situation right so now it’s always like you know I’m making at least ten that like if I’m kind of like working part time on paternity leave I’m making $10,000 a month right but otherwise it’s it’s keeps going higher and higher because I’ve set my income thermostat higher so I’m curious I want to know an honest answer from each of you where’s your real and income thermostat now right how much is it what’s what’s okay for you to make per month type it in the questions box right now let me know right now what it is 3,500 all right 8,000 awesome alright one person said they’d charge 50 bucks an hour get a raise that for sure 2,000 for three days so what’s the monthly I’m trying to get a monthly gauge here all right it’s a 5k good 5,000 perfect right someone want to replace their corporate income so at least $10,000 per month good right that’s that’s a good level six to eight seven way too low yeah $20,000 a month now by the way when I’m talking to income thermostat this is how much you’re currently making per month this is not your goal don’t confuse this for a goal this is like what are you really making right now that is your income thermostat we’re not we’re not gold sitting here all right so if you look at the last few months how much have you been making per month that is your income thermostat no no oh I will make so much okay for ten ok 6,000 all right can’t all right I’ve cut I have a feeling some people may have misunderstood the question so I want to know what’s the monthly that you’re making now right so okay so that was good one 5,000 good 2500 all right good so you guys got it you guys gonna have to raise this up all right so if you want to become a freelance freelancer spoke to me director or freelance or anything what I realized is that you need to be in the six figures because there’s so many expenses that come with running a business and growing it at the point we can be productive and work that five hour a day that you need to be making at least $8,000 per month and I want to say ten because I noticed as soon as I got to eight it was just like boom I’m eight I was making ten it was almost like eight didn’t exist anymore right it’s like kind of like once you get around eight you end up just going over it and over it or over it right so let’s just say it’s $10,000 per month whatever one hundred twenty thousand dollars a year that what I think in order to be successful as I feel answered or to have a lifestyle business you need to be making ten thousand dollars per month so you can just start thinking about or saw some high income skills that you could start using to get to that $10,000 a month level alright I think that you will be stressed out Si.C unhealthy getting fat you know if you don’t get to that level because you’d be overworking you’re not investing your house you can’t afford vacations and trips you can’t afford a nice car you’re wasting time on the bus you know you maybe you haven’t bought like I went and bought this is like a 3 or $3,500 computer you know some people only have like a 500 hour computer that’s slow it’s killing your productivity you need to have this extra income to be able to buy these things without thought because it’s gonna save you an extra hour a day right I mean it’s huge in order to create that lifestyle business so you need to beginning to at least $10,000 per month if you want to be a freelancer you you can’t be a freelancer or stay a freelancer if you’re gonna be below that I’m gonna say eight to ten eight to ten all right that’s been my my my experience anyways and I’m sure log you may agree with this all right all right so was anything when I run away from home all right so so how to say your income thermostat higher so you want to ask yourself how much money do you make over the last year all right so how much money did you make last year that is your income thermostat right now okay looks what just happened there there we go and how much do you want to make this year right so think about how much you make last year and how much can you realistically make this year doing what you’re doing right how many hours do you want to work per day now this is key because remember I talked about working five hours a day you might want to work more than that but how many hours you want to work per day and how much vacation time do you want per year this is all gonna come into play right now we’re gonna get real about it right now okay we’re gonna figure it out if you want to get to a hundred thousand dollars a year you know how much money you really need to be making all right we’re gonna break down some numbers so if our goal is $100,000 and you want a five week vacation I just use five weeks because the ice for some reason take five weeks holidays okay I did Australia five weeks I didn’t Mexico five weeks and I did Thailand for five weeks okay and five week vacations are awesome I I work at a kind of part time while I’m working and again cuz I’m still making money like when I was in Australia I still made $8,000 and I wasn’t even really working when I was in Thailand the same thing happened I made over $10,000 one project kind of working okay I I don’t even want to admit how few hours I worked to make that money just in case my client over here is it but but I paid for the whole trip and more right like Australia is bloody expensive I’ll just don’t go to Australia but Thailand was amazing you can make a lot of money living in Thailand as well and let’s say you want to do a five hours per day and you’re not gonna work on the weekends I personally don’t work in the weekends and I tell my clients not to call me on the weekends unless it’s like an urgent emergency I’m not working the weekends I’m spending time with my family or whatever okay like I I spent time on my own once in a while I will kind of maybe do a project on a Sunday night kind of thing but not very often okay especially not now that I have a new son all right so let’s just say that those are our numbers just for example okay you could you could set your own set your own to whatever you want I’m going to show you how I do the math so when I figured out here was that this turns into 235 working days which equals four hundred twenty five dollars per day so based on what I just showed you you have to be making four hundred twenty five dollars per day on a five hour work day no weekends and you have five weeks off per year all right and that equals into eleven hundred and seventy five hours per year at $85 per hour not that you’re gonna charge $85 per hour but just so you know what your your minimum time would be worth okay based on these numbers now again you could do your own math and figure this out for yourself it helps you just get a gauge how much money you gotta make right and it kind of helps you day by day or by week or by mom you got to kind of figure out where you at in order to reach your goal all right so now we did we did productivity and your income thermostat all right so far do you guys have any any questions about anything we just covered around raising your income thermostat we got a question here what does the social media do we’re actually to talk about that shortly good question though all right those the only question good so I’m gonna keep moving I hope I’m moving in a good pace not too slow not too fast let me know if you guys want me to slow down or speed up goggle at your face so number one is to become a success modeler now this is huge down I showed you this earlier where I showed you you know kind of people who influenced me in my life well the person who I really want to model and and you know and my success modeler was you know people like Evan pagan all right it’s top left Tony Robbins I actually learned this concept from 20 Robbins right and Gary Vaynerchuk Tim Ferriss Seth Godin and a lot of other people who I found online and what was key here is that you know I was looking for people to learn from because I don’t want to just figure things out on my own I want to find somebody who’s already been successful at what I want to do and then model them okay I’m gonna be like them so as an example recently I started getting into like sales files a lot of you know that right I started getting to click funnels I found this guy named Russell Brunson I was like this guy seems to really know his stuff so I bought pretty much everything he has to offer all these different courses and videos I got these softwares and all this stuff and I modeled success I become super successful I building sales funnels now I charge a lot of money just to build sales funnels for people right so I found somebody who’s really good at what I want to do that would be one example right the other one too is when I want to learn about information marketing that’s when I found I’ve been pagan he’s the info marketing guru or whatever right and so I modeled him for success alright you just want to see here we have some questions perfect so so you want to find someone and there’s this famous quote on a staff famous but stainless to me anyways it’s by Brad sugars ok the founder of action coach okay this is one of my favorite quotes he said if you want to out earn me you have to out me I really took that to heart when I learned it I realized I had to learn as much as possible I started reading tons of books listening to podcast from I told you I go for bike rides I listen to podcast right I’m always trying to learn if I’m playing a video game I remember I was playing Battlefield 4 their first time I was like am I getting Dumber by playing this like that was in my mind am i getting dumber and then and then I was like almost going to return my place Asian and then I realized I wasn’t getting dumber because I was learning how to play in as a team in a team environment and I was learning a lot about strategy and military stuff just in case that ever happens in like you know the world downs kind of thing the same with like watching TV shows like I was watching survive I just saw her watching survivor anyone who’s watched survivor okay I watched the season where Boston Rob dominated okay with season 23 you know he knows survivor knows who Boston Rob is and Boston Rob just dominated this game okay so it’s know now I’ve learned now that that is kind of like the best played game survivor and at the time I didn’t know it and I was watching this guy as he went through it and by the end of it it just like I was just so good at handling handling other people’s problems like you know sometimes you’re dealing with like family and friends and they’re mad at you for something or whatever it’s like someone came came to me I won’t say who was what a family member came or like mad at me about something and I just diffused it you know I just knew how to defuse it and it I was like kind of laugh to myself I was like did I just learn that from Survivor you know a did I really did right so that’s an example is like I’m always wanting to learn okay I’m always buying courses I spent well over ten thousand dollars a year just on my education going to conferences traveling to conferences going to conferences buying workshops video programs coaches I business coaches that I’ve worked with you know like tons of stuff I always want to spend I always had this commitment ever since I heard this that I would spend at least 10% of my income just on education just learning and learning more and I’m not talking about going to college universities I personally think called university is just huge waste of money if you want to get into business like unless you want to be like a doctor a dentist or something like you have to get license and go to school you know yeah okay go to school but if you wanna learn business like I just think that that’s just the worst thing to do you want to learn from somebody who’s like in the field who really knows what they’re doing right somebody like Brad sugars you know an action coach doing something like that right so that’s that’s was my mentality from like I learned this when I very early on in my business I want to keep on learning I keep on reading but I’m always listening to a book I do audiobooks right so I’m either reading a book or a lot of times I’m listening to books I’m listen to podcast I’m watching videos like always learning always learning something new I’m always want to buy a new course absorb the information I always want to figure out what’s the latest the newest strategies you don’t want to stay stagnant if you haven’t taken a course for a long time we’re going to stay stagnant and there’s a difference between watching videos on and doing your own research and learning that is a great way of learning but it’s a lot different when you go to somebody with your conference is an example and you learn from one person for an entire weekend and you absorb all their knowledge right it’s kind of like we’re in the matrix and you get plugged into the matrix and it’s like you get zapped in you learn all this knowledge right it’s kind of like you know if you go to a conference and there’s like a multi speaker event and you’re you hear a little bit from every speaker but you don’t actually like really get a whole you get a lot of ideas but you don’t absorb knowledge you know and that’s what I look for I look for who can I go to and then absorb all their knowledge and put it inside me you know that’s what I look for all right so you have to become a director okay you have to become a director of your own reality you have to become a director of the marking you do for your clients you don’t want to start working with a client and they start telling you what to do right you want to go in there and say okay here is the plan here’s a mission it’s like making a movie you know I talk a lot about your social media is like a reality show right you’re creating this story this ongoing story about what’s really happening in your world in your business world in your real world in the real life right it’s like creating a reality show and you want to direct this story right but at the same time you want to direct your life you want to know that you have control of your life there’s some knowledge that you don’t know yep you should go on and get it right you need to go to get it and that’s how you gonna stay in control of your life right yeah I worked in the film industry I know what it’s like to work at the door doctor who’s out of control right where the lighting guys don’t have respect for him and the the camera guys are not really paying attention they’re doing their own shots right you want to stay in control there’s a lot that goes into staying in control right so now I’m going to share with you my business model and a lot of you are asking kind of what what does the social media director do how much you charge okay so I’m gonna share with you my business model so this was my all business model okay before a few years ago this is what I used to do so it was like $300 a month I would post on your Facebook page once a day I post on Twitter three times a day optimize at least one video per week on your channel and I’d always manage your reputation online so anything you have about ending it with your online marketing you need advice about your SEO reviews online anything like that I’d make sure it was all good right so some of Google your name google your business name you had a good reputation I set up like Google Alerts that sort of thing make sure that you have a positive reputation online also just giving advice to businesses and entrepreneurs about that right second second kind of package that I would offer is about 500 bucks a month and this is again like one post a day on Facebook I’d also be managing their Facebook Ads at this point as well doing at least one social media campaign I usually do like a viral contest or something like that per month doing five posts a day now on twitter i pre schedule all these I used to use something like buffer or I forget what the name was it was like it’s called timely at the time I’d optimized like two videos per week on their channel and then I’d manage their reputation then I had my thousand dollar month package right where I do like to post per day on Facebook I netted even more campaigns for their facebook advertising I do two social media campaigns for them per month I do nine posted a on Twitter I’d optimize three videos right and then something happened I created a new business model I learned a new business model actually learned this from Dan Locke you guys who knows Dan Locke who knows down Locke Dan Locke has been my coach my mentor now for just over a year and he really helped me to kind of repackage kind of what what I’m doing yeah a lot of people saying Dan the man yeah a lot of people love Dan Dan’s amazing so right now what I do is I first need all my clients to have a sales funnel so when I drive traffic for them I can turn a cold lead into a warm lead into a hot sale right and in order to do that I need a minimum of twenty five hundred dollars to build a sales funnel in order for me that even like this is for the most basic final twenty five hundred bucks okay I’ve charged up to twenty thousand dollars to build a sales funnel which included the copywriting the video production all that jazz all the emails all kind of stuff to build the entire funnel out but just to set up all the pages a minimum twenty five hundred bucks okay and what that includes is like consulting on the copywriting the graphics in the layout I’m not actually writing or Dharini the graphic design I’m consulting on it I build out all the pages I used click funnels the good ones in familiar with that I love click funnels okay I monitor their analytics I integrate with Google Analytics I put a Facebook retargeting pixel on the sites I integrate with Wistia video I wish see a pro account we have lots of analytics around the videos people watch that sort of thing I integrate with wufu they have like an application form or surveys that sort of thing I set up these two email templates they’re just basically responders whenever somebody opts in I integrate with some sort of an email service such as Mail. Chimp and I also backup all their data as well to make sure just in case anything happens and then I create a campaign and report so at the end of the month or the end of the campaign I’ll get a report Thea right that’s twenty five hundred bucks to start and then what I did is I cut out all my other packages and now I only offer a package which would start at $1,000 per month and that’s here where I’m mainly doing Facebook advertising for clients okay so if we’re not doing Facebook ads we’re running some sort of traffic however we’re buying traffic okay and so most of the time it was using Facebook Ads retargeting maybe some Twitter advertising that sort of thing okay so here are researching up to three audiences I’m creating up to 24 ads so I do eight ads per audience I renew all the ad sets every week so every week I’m refreshing those ads I’m tracking all the conversions I’m integrating all the conversion tracking into their sales funnel so we can actually track our performance so we could figure out how much we’re spending on ads how much is that converting it to actual profits I could track the whole way through i central facebook updates and I will put an update out on the Facebook page every 48 to 72 hours Facebook has changed a lot since you know my older packages so you don’t require as much content on a Facebook page just gotta keep it up to date and then I will boost those posts to increase our engagement and again I’m working on a very campaign based kind of thing with my clients so I was quite campaign reports that way I get the case study and then that way they can write me a great recommendation because they know exactly what I was able to call mr. for them right so I was create a really good campaign and report ok but here’s the key and this is the thing that really transformed my business this is the thing that Dan taught me I also charge now I don’t charge but you know I basically become a partner with all my clients where I earn between 10 to 50 percent of all the net sales that I generate for all my clients so I’m now the position where I don’t work with a client unless I’m also earning a percentage of all the sales we generate this has been a huge transformation for my business because before I mean I’d make a thousand bucks per month would be great but now I’ve had clients where I made over ten thousand dollars in a month because I generated over a hundred thousand dollars in sales for them through our Facebook advertising campaigns right so now from one client I’m making ten thousand dollars per month from just one I just took on a new client and I’m expecting that we’re gonna be making between twenty to forty thousand dollars per month once we get our campaign going we’re just starting it like I’m gonna be launching his new funnel on Friday and I’m very optimistic about it so he actually paid a lot more than what I just showed you here plus I’m getting 10% of all the sales and we’re looking to do you know on lower end he’s done about seventy five thousand dollars per campaign on the higher end over two hundred thousand and we’re looking to just kick that up so you know that’s another way aware you could be making a lot more than ten thousand dollars per month using this kind of business model all right seeing what else we got see you guys’s questions here for there any questions so we got a question here how much of my leads are organic versus paid I’ve been working mostly on just paid traffic specifically these kinds of campaigns are all paid traffic we’re using sales funnel so we don’t have a lot of like SEO that we can do with it I love to talk to you Chris you just mentioned here you know thousand leads with organic traffic love to talk to you please you shoot me an email we can chat more about it right but this here is a different model where you don’t the worry bar again you’re gonna learn about organic I’m talking about the business model of learning how to do this so that way you can make more than ten thousand dollars per month with this model and as you can see it’s pretty simple right you gotta figure out sales funnels you gotta figure out social media Facebook Ads right then you gotta figure out how do you structure deals right that’s really the key here is how do you structure this kind of deal with the right kind of people cuz when I’m doing these kind of deals I’m partnering with businesses right they’re not my clients anymore I’m not partners in multiple businesses but you know I’m working together with these people so it’s not just anybody I’m gonna work with right I’m I want to find the right kind of person that we will you know have a connection with and be able to work together long term I don’t want to hunt for clients all the time I want to work with one client for long I won’t for years you know and I’m gonna show you in a second how why this model is so much more beneficial as well all right perfect so here we go so in order to get these kind of clients this is who you need to target so um I look for businesses at me for criteria so the first thing is that I’m looking for an entrepreneur has been in business for more than a year I want one has been an entrepreneur for ten years maybe they just start any business that’s fine but you know I want someone who’s established okay so no new businesses no I don’t work with startups okay the second thing is they have to have a profitable product or service and what this means here is that a lot of you will have a product where they haven’t done in the advertising because they got it all through for example organic or word of mouth that sort of things so once we start doing advertising they’re like oh that takes up all our profits right so are these somebody who’s got a very profitable product so I’m looking for somebody that wouldn’t make a sale that sale to them is worth at least a thousand dollars so that could mean that it could be a thousand dollars in the initial transaction or a thousand dollars in profit an initial transaction or maybe the lifetime value so as an example initial transaction is like you’re doing marketing for like a business coach a coach gets a new client they charge that client like a thousand bucks a month right so that client actually works like 12,000 dollars the initial transaction is a thousand dollars but really it’s worth 12 right another example with like lifetime value is things like you know gyms gym memberships yoga Cross. Fit you know stuff like that where people pay a monthly fee for a long period of time and then it becomes worth more than a thousand dollars right as an example I like Starbucks I believe the average lifetime value of a customer’s like sixteen thousand dollars it’s like a really high number right because people just come so often right the lifetime value is what we’re focusing on right and the other one is that when I start with a client they need a minimum of a $500 per month Facebook advertising budget and that’s just get us started right that way I can start showing us a results they get excited then we start doing a hell of a lot more right but just to start out 500 bucks so we can set up our initial campaigns right so that’s that’s kind of the criteria that I look for when I’m working within your business all right and then if you want to get clients like these that I talked to you about this is a kind of criteria that you want to look for as well so how many clients would it take for you to achieve ten thousand dollars per month so we’re gonna do a little bit more math here I know nobody likes math but here we go if you charge 300 dollars per month and you have ten clients you’d only be making $3,000 per month okay so you would need like 30 clients to get to 10,000 right if you charge 500 bucks per month all right again here you need like 20 clients right at 10 you’re only getting five down there if you charge $1,000 per month all right and you have ten clients you’re making $10,000 a month but you have ten and clients which is a lot a lot of clients to handle I personally don’t have ten clients know what I want in clients all right so what’s great about this business model is that your average lifetime value per client per sale initially twenty five hundred dollars set up right to set up the sales funnel then a thousand dollars a month for 12 months i I do contracts right so it’s an agreement for twelve months so we’re talk about twelve thousand dollars there right plus ten percent of I’m gonna guess inmate in the year you’ll generate them a hundred thousand dollars in sales right because you’re doing all their online marketing right again I’ve had months where I made over a hundred thousand dollars for one client alone right so we’re just I’m just drawing on a number here you making about a hundred thousand dollars in a year and you know this is an established business you’re selling an established product right right so that equals twenty six thousand five hundred dollars per year that you’ll make per client which means that you really only need right like for clients right maybe you get five clients and that’s all you really need you don’t have the garden find ten clients right right now I’m just working with three clients and I’m happy right I might maybe after I finish these projects maybe I’ll get the third eye cert maybe I’ll get the fourth right but you don’t need a high volume of clients and more clients you know it becomes more work it becomes more stress and and you could do it I mean if you want to work ten hours a day and you you want to get five six seven eight clients and doing this you can definitely build a great business on this model all right and by the way you can also charge more than ten percent of the sales I’ve had up to fifty percent on the cells and you could charge more than a thousand dollars per month I’ve charged up to thirty five hundred dollars per month to manage social media and to manage facebook advertising campaigns all right and Olivia just asked a question about how many clients can you take on and I think I just answered your question so I’m just looking for like three or four clients with this business model all right all right so if you want to learn about the fast track to this business model I’m about to tell you about the social media director certification program that starts in May 5th so I stick around we’re gonna get right into this so what this includes is five weeks of online training twice a week so what happens on Thursday nights from 6:00 until 9:00 p. m.

and on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 we do a Q&A session with all the students in the class you come in you ask me any questions you want you get to learn from other students as well and you also get to you know show me your campaign show me the marketing that you’re doing and and get feedback on it live in the class okay but the primary training is on Thursday nights from 6:00 until 9:00 p.m. all right and in week one all right we qua a I see a few questions coming in I will answer everybody’s questions in about five or ten minutes I’m just gonna tell you about the program I think that’s gonna answer a lot of questions I’m actually getting right now and then after that I’ll answer whatever questions you want right so in week one we’ll talk about how you get clients so no matter how social media savvy you are you’ll never be successful if you don’t have a system for getting and keeping paid clients I’ll show you how to find new clients how to put together proposals using my 10k project outline template I’m going to show you what that looks like right here so this is a project outline template that I created I’ve been using this for years I don’t undress of dollars with this project outline template I’ve had about 50% of the people who I’ve shown this to who I’ve done this product outline template I’ve gone through the sales process with and what 50% will take on the project and again these are all projects that I called the 10k project outline where really they could be a hell of a lot more I just showed you a twenty six thousand dollar project you know when you reported the whole thing really together right but at minimum you could be doing ten thousand dollar deals with this right so basically I give you is a set of questions you’re gonna ask your your client or your prospect on the initial call for 30 minutes you’re gonna ask them some questions then you’re gonna take those answers you’re gonna be the fill in this product outline template then you get them on the phone again for a 30 minute call you send them the outline and then you read it to them over the phone you handle any other objections and then you get a yes or no all right so there’s a whole process that goes along with using a project online template and by the way this is like a proposal I don’t call it a proposal because it is an actual project outline that’s saying here’s what we’re going to do here’s how we’re gonna accomplish your goals right and that’s why this works so well right in week 2 our we’re not making sales so what separates web friendly certified social media directors from other so called experts in the field is a relentless focus on getting real measurable results for our clients that’s because we teach you a step by step process for going beyond engagement and directing your audience to sales pages and email sequence that directly lead to sales so I’m actually gonna teach you how to set up a sales funnel and by the way you could create an entire business around building sales from all alone like this one training you can create a freelance freelance and lifestyle business on just this alone I became a click funnel Certified Partner last year that program is now eight thousand dollars just to learn what I’m gonna teach you in this one program in this one class all right and then week three we’re gonna turn about we’re gonna have what Facebook advertising so I’ll show you the three campaign types I use and how to set them up step by step plus my personal review before you launch you could to actually send me your campaign before you actually hit go and start spending money on it okay you will become a facebook advertising expert before this class is over as long as you just follow along and let’s do the three campaigns that I show you get my review you’re gonna you’re gonna become an expert at this and that’s what one of the highest paying things that you could do as a marketer right now is master of Facebook advertising most of the businesses by the way that come to me come to me because they want help with the Facebook ads right they don’t even know what a sales funnel is yet they come to me I want to Facebook advertising help and then I said you need a sales funnel here unit this right and then we’ll do some Facebook advertising right week four we’re gonna learn about Twitter and Instagram so here you’ll discover all the free ways of marketing and networking on Twitter as well as how to use Twitter advertising well dive into Instagram content creation and community building so you can grow your brand the fastest growing social media platform on week five you’re gonna learn about Linked. In and so you will not only learn how to optimize your Linked. In profile and grow your connections but you’re also gonna use my Linked. In referral email which has generated me over $20,000 so basically what I do is I email my contacts on Linked.

In and I ask them for referrals okay yeah I know it’s kind of sounds kind of silly but it works really really well the least amount I made by doing this was five thousand dollars the first time I sent this out I had about four or five hundred connections the first time I tried this and I made over twenty thousand dollars and referrals on you’ll learn how to optimize your videos for and Google search results and this again is a business itself I’ve had a few students I think there’s three students so far who had built a business on just just where I showed them on alone they have an entire business just optimizing videos and producing videos for clients for businesses all right so each of the strategies that I’m showing you you could build an entire business around just one of those strategies just one of those weeks can be an entire business in itself but I’m going to show you how to wrap it all together and kind of wrap it up and then and make the most of an a profit by being able to do all the stuff for your clients you’re going to get access to the private SMD Facebook group SMD stands for social media director so you might hear me referring to the program as the SMD and this is where you get peer to peer support so this way you get help from other people have been in the program you could get feedback on your campaigns you can ask questions in there it’s a very active group to learning they’re all time asking questions right you’re gonna get my SMD 10 k project outlines this is a $5,000 value you’re gonna learn the entire sales process what you see on the first throw team in the call how to write the project outline and then what to say on the second 30 minute call to close that sale all right you’re also gonna get the application process questionnaire and phone sales scripts so this is what I use in order to capture new leads for my business I talk to everybody one on one make sure the right fit we basically go through some goals you figure out what they want to achieve see if it’s the right fit right so you’re gonna learn about the psychology around an application form what kind of questions to ask us different types of businesses are gonna be different kind of what kind of questions you’d ask and then you’re gonna learn about what you’re gonna talk about on the phone this is not gonna be a sales call right and I kind of I put in their phone sales scripts but it’s really not a sales call it’s really are we the right there to work together if we are you know here’s how we can move forward right and then that’s where you’re gonna get to the sale right so I kind of don’t like the word sales in this kind of kind of area because it’s really creating a win win situation with it right I’ve also made a free ebook sales funnel so here I’ve actually built the funnel for you I’ve written an e book that you can have it’s called the business owners guide to hiring a social media director so you’re gonna get this ebook put your own name on it you can do whatever you want with it you could change it whatever it’s your book it’s your funnel it’s gonna be a funnel built inside a click funnel so I can give you one link and then boom it’s in your account and you can go and make all your changes there’s also some email autoresponders that come out after somebody gets your ebook which will then prompt them to get on a phone with you so that way you can go through the sales process of creating the product to outline for them so you’re gonna get the entire funnel already built for you and you know if you were to hire me to build your funnel funnel like this for you I would charge at least $5,000 if not more because this is the entire process like I’ve written all the content for you everything it’s all automated all you have to do is send traffic to it buy some ads for it and and then optimize your ads and you’re gonna see on average it might cost you between 100 to 200 dollars to make a sale but that sale is gonna be worth you know twenty six thousand dollars to you right that’s been my averages anyways right there’s also going to be a live in person two day social media director summit you’re gonna get a ticket to that and you’re gonna be competing for a five thousand dollar cash prize so how do you win the prize the person with the best case study is we’re gonna win that prize so what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna come into the program and you’re gonna learn about how to actually measure your results you’re gonna create a presentation about what you were able to accomplish from the program and the person who achieves the greatest not the greatest financial result but just a greatest transformation result so wherever you started from whoever takes the biggest leap is a person who’s going to win $5,000 cash at the live event now the other really cool thing about this is that we’re gonna be filming the entire event so when you present and you present your case study will film the whole thing for you and then you’ll get a video which you can then put on and then you could actually use that to capture more sales because nothing sells better than a case study when you could show other business owners that you were able to get results through social media and you show them through this case study you’re gonna be able to close sales so much easier the other big bonus of this is that Dan lock is going to be coaching you on structuring your presentation and Lucas mattelli Oh a good friend of mine who’s a public speaking coach will be there to coach you on your public speaking skills right before the event to make sure you you can really nail and do a really great job at this presentation the really big thing for me at this two day event is for me to also get case studies for this program as well obviously I want to build some really good case studies in this next program in order to become a certified social media director you need to be able to get five clients or make twenty five hundred dollars within five weeks after the last date on the last day of the program so the last day the program is actually on June 2nd which then you have five more weeks to accomplish this goal which makes the deadline July 7th all right so you actually have to get these sales through social media okay through what I show you if you go to a networking event and you get a client and they hire you to do the social media that is awesome you could use it for your case study like whatever you do for that client you can use that for your case study but that doesn’t count towards your certification okay so this certification is about proving that you can get leads and sales through social media okay that’s what the certification is for and it’s not just you come to the class and you’re certified okay so this is a real legitimate certification alright and you’re also gonna get an annual membership to this program which means that you can drop in to any of the classes or events that we do for the next year okay I used to do four classes per year I’m not only doing two this year because I’ve gotten so much more client work I’m making a lot more money with the clients am i working with so I’m gonna be coming back on this I’m planning to actually double the price of this program we do it again September I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you guys about the price in just a moment but I will be W the price well hoping the double of the price based on the results I’ll be get from all the students so I’m not sure if I’ll double it or triple it but I definitely need to raise a price because this class is limited to only 16 students and you know based on the way the whole thing works right now I definitely need to be able to raise the price for this all right so you’re gonna get an annual membership so you will be able to attend the next updated session as well okay and anyone who’s already in the program you know if you if you you know it’s been the last year you’re all sitting at this program as well it’s all included anything to do with the social media director will also be included so here’s what you’re getting yeah you’re getting five weeks of live weekly ons online sessions on Thursdays and Tuesdays now if you can’t make it to the live class that’s okay because we record all the sessions and then you can access them inside of the membership area as well okay and you have an access to all those videos for an entire year as well okay you also get the SMD private Facebook group for a peer to peer support you get the SMD 10k project outline template you get the application process questionnaire and phone sales scripts you get the free ebook sales funnel you either live in person two days social media director summit that that that workshop will be in August all right and the total is twenty five hundred dollars plus tax or you can do monthly payments six payments five hundred dollars all right so that is a price I hope you guys can see the value in that but I also want to tell you about the second option okay so this is a new option called the accelerate program so this program is five thousand dollars and I’m gonna explain to you why you’re also going to get what’s called the business matchmaker program and that’s where you and I will work together one on one with a client so I’m actually gonna match you with a client and where I actually had over you guys some of you may have seen this I had over 90 people or just sorry I think was 88 people that apply to work with students from the social media director and what happens is you get to work at the business who will supply with all the resources whether it be graphic design Facebook advertising budget whatever the resources are you need to do execute your strategy but they’re not gonna pay you to actually do it okay so they’re just going to give you all the resources and pay for all the resources you need and then we are gonna work together on the campaign to help you create a great case study and increase your chances of winning the $5,000 prize at the live event so the way this will work is that all the processes that I show you we’re actually to go through it together okay one on one so for example the phone sale script what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get on the phone together with a client for 30 minutes I’ll do the first call you hear me go through the call then you will go and write their project outline template I’ll record the call for you too so you can keep it and you know you can you listen to it then on the second call you’ll do the call and all us and in that way I can give you feedback then the client will say yes or no and then we’ll move forward the project or not right so you also have the option of bringing your own client that’s actually is paying you and we can work on that one together as well but if you want me to find the client for you you tell me the industry or the niche I’ll find you the business we’ll work on it together all right so that’s called a business matchmaker program you’re also gonna get ten weeks a priority email support so with party you’ll support with screen about that is that if you have a challenge or you have a question I actually create custom videos for you so I use a screen recording software and I should record a video to explain to you the answer I’ve had times where I write little scripts for people and I really put a lot of effort into support through the priority you know support and once in a while we might even jump on a quick 20 minute call it’s sort of you anything just to make sure I think case you have any challenges of anything okay so you can access me through email alright and you’re also going to get our instant sales systems program and so this is a workshop that we did live in person here in Vancouver we had a small group in there we went through our entire sales process and I taught there Dan Locke did a presentation there and Shane Gibson who is a performance sales trainer he also did about half of the training in this program as well so you’re also gonna get access to the videos of this entire program which is it gonna again enhance your sales skills okay you’re also going to get access to my facebook for brands program okay so this shows you all the new degree features of books you can optimize your profiles and pages for maximum reach you’ll also get a Content calendar guide and a viral social media contest guide and a 30,000 foot view of Facebook marketing and this is my favorite bonus I’ve actually teamed up with Dan Locke in this program because as I mentioned before Dan’s one who actually taught me the whole idea around getting percentage on the sales and I learned that from his program called the equity income formula so he originally sold this for $4,000 he’s going to be doing a live training it’s gonna actually be on July 9th it’s gonna be a three hour training what he’s actually gonna teach you exactly the stuff that I learned from him that helped me structure the deals and get these kind of projects and are paying me you know 10 or 20 thousand dollars plus per month okay so you’re gonna get a bonus training with multi millionaire Dan Locke he’s my mentor it is gonna be your mentor as well in this program and you’re also gonna get a bonus ticket to bring a friend with you or a client to the social media director summit in August alright so here’s what you’re getting okay with you’re getting everything I already mentioned in the SMD program but you’re also getting the business matchmaker program you’re getting the priority email support you’re getting instant sale systems you’re getting the face for brands program you’re getting the equity income formula and you’re also gonna take it to the live with it okay so normally that’s five thousand dollars or 12 payments of $500 but there’s a catch to all of this okay I don’t just let anybody into this program you’re not going to get a link to buy right now you have to apply in order to get to this program as I mentioned before I don’t let just anybody in this program and the present time I only have five spots left we only take 16 students okay and we already have 11 students in the program so if you want to get in you have to go to web something dot see a slash apply and make sure to give good answers to your application otherwise it will just be declined okay so I get a lot of people applying who just don’t put a lot of effort into the application and I’m not going to schedule call because what’s gonna happen is after you apply if you’re accepted you’re gonna get a link to schedule call with me and we’re gonna be on the phone together for about an hour we were talking about your goals we’re gonna be talking some strategies we’re gonna make sure this pro is the actual right fit for you because if it’s not I don’t want you in the program this program here is about building case studies right and I want to help you make not just twenty five hundred bucks I want to help me make $20,000 $25,000 if I can help you get one project that’s going to make it 26 thousand dollars that that’s the kind of stuff that gets me really excited so I want real people who are gonna put in a real effort if you don’t have any like social mean your knowledge right now if you consider yourself like a Luddite you don’t know how to use a computer don’t bother applying because it’s it’s not gonna work for you I need people who already are somewhat business savvy or have the motivation to really want to do this okay you know you might have already be familiar with kind of like how Facebook works right like you have to have a basic underneath you okay I’m gonna teach you a lot of the entrepreneurship skills business skills and of course these specific strategies that you’re gonna be doing but you need to have a basic understanding or to be successful with this program so for the next five people who get into this program I’m gonna give you what’s what I call my take action now scholarship and that’s where you’re gonna get the accelerate program for free okay so basically you’re only gonna pay for the SME program for twenty five hundred bucks but you’re gonna get the accelerate program so what you’re gonna get is five weeks of online training twice a week thursdays in tuesdays you’re gonna get access to all the recordings as well you’re gonna get the SMD private Facebook group you’re gonna get a 10k project outline template you’re gonna get the application process and sale scripts you’re gonna get the free ebook sales funnel you’re gonna do the live in person two days social media director summit you’re gonna get the business matchmaker program you’re gonna get prior to you know support for ten weeks you’re gonna get the instant sale systems you’re gonna get the Facebook for brands program you’re gonna get dan Locke’s equity income formula and you’re gonna get an extra ticket to the live in person event in August and normally the value of this would be over twenty thousand dollars and you’re gonna get it for just twenty five hundred dollars or six monthly payments of five hundred bucks okay so that’s a price so I’m being totally upfront that’s how much the program is gonna be in that that is it we also have a web friendly better than risk free money back triple guarantee so you’re the one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee so you have a full 30 days to and everything use what you what you wish and if for any reason or no reason at all you want to for be fun just email web friendly support and you’ll get all your money back immediately no questions asked you don’t need to have a dog ate my homework story no one will ask you any questions at all no hassle no fine for it you can have your money back any time within 30 days from the day that you register okay there’s also a 100 cent results guarantee so in order to become a certified social media director with web friendly you need to implement what you learn and get five new clients or make twenty five hundred dollars minimum through social media if after five weeks from the last class which is on June 2nd you’re able to show me proof that you’ve used at least half of what I showed you in the program and you will look me in the eye on paper and tell me you did not put at least twenty thousand dollars in your bank account that you would not have otherwise send me a note describing your use in failure with a program I will still refund every penny you’ve paid so all you have to do is implement at least half of what I show you and I’m guaranteeing that you’re gonna make at least twenty five dollars you’re gonna make your money back at least okay by half of what I show you and by the way I’ve had students make over twenty thousand dollars by implementing one strategy that I showed them we also have that 100% profit guarantee so if after ten weeks you’re still unable to get five clients or make twenty five hundred dollars all still right along with you for another 11 months to help you become a certified social media director I want a 100% success rate with every student your success is my priority okay so you really have nothing to lose with getting to this program besides just you know you basically are if this is something that you really want to do okay and you’re really serious about doing it what this is getting you to do is basically self sabotage yourself right because you’re gonna be putting the money in and you’re gonna have to become successful right so I mean after 30 days sure you can quit you could say Matt I don’t like you whatever fine but after that you have to become successful right you know otherwise you’re gonna lose that money right you have to implement and when I’m guaranteeing you that if you implement at least half of what I show you you will be able to make all this money plus a hell of a lot more so if you want to apply it again and just go to wet from the dossier / apply and thank you for everyone who’s been on the webinar I’ll take any questions if you’d like to email me your questions as well you can email me at learn our way of family dossier but now I’ll take any of your questions about the program about the content we talked about or anything at all really..