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There has been a lot of talk in the online money making industry as of late about making money as a social media marketing manager. Becoming a social media marketing agent is being looked at as being one of the best home based business opportunities out there right now and in the future. In this video I am going to discuss my experience with doing social media marketing for people/companies. I am sharing my opinions and giving advice on this popular topic.

So can anyone make money as a social media marketing manager? The answer is yes but just like anything else you have to be willing to learn how to do it correctly and be willing to put some effort in. If after watching this video you feel that becoming a social media marketing manager is something that interest you checkout the course that I put I the top of this description. . The course has great reviews and can have you on your way to starting your own social media marketing agency.

Learning how to make money online is one of the easiest things to do if you put your mind to it.
There are 1000’s of ways to make money online and in this video you are going to learn more information that will help you to start earning real money from the internet. It doesn’t matter if you
are looking to start your very own online business or just looking to earn some extra cash these videos will help you

I was welcome to real internet cash TV Earl in this video I want to talk about some that I she’s having a real real something becoming popular lately and that’s that whole social media thing I see a lot of the big time Google people you know with with the pre video ads they’re talking about basically you know how to make a lot of money doing social media marketing for businesses for like local businesses I mean I’m the seeing them a lot lately actually last few years there’s been you know out there but not like Ruby getting popular for those who are trying to make money online right so my little two cents on it is legit on the level of because there are companies out there who are our paying people to do their social media marketing I don’t get too too too deep in it but I mean I’m actually doing a little bit myself like I’m not that deep in and how I got into it and how you can start is using their website which I’ve talked about before call up work okay up work is a website that allows freelance people to bid or basically offer their services to different people that are looking for social media marketers and stuff now keeping it real so I glare then I got a glare in changes yeah yeah yeah better mm hmm but um um that website is not just for you know social media marketing okay but that is a place where you can go to coming dive in a little bit now I will say this with up work you know you kind of get paid I don’t say a little bit but I mean hourly type scenarios like twenty twelve dollars an hour to twenty dollars an hour depending on your skill set and that’s where I think the gurus are talking about doing it in a way where you’re the boss where you go out and get clients all right and that’s what you can charge the big big money usually people that go to up work to hire people with their time they have somewhat of a budget and they’re not trying to spend a lot of money but a lot of people use of work to get started and then once they get a couple clients on the neck meet their belt and everything then they can actually try to take those clients off of upward and can talk take them off of work into their own little business or once they got a couple climbs over hub work take that experience and everything and then create their own business their own social media agency and then charge the big bucks right because keeping a real it is money in that you know but at the same time you got to learn how to do it just courses out there actually I put a link in the description to a social media marketing course on udemy I don’t know if you familiar with you Demi but they got some courses over there you can check out the one output in the link you can check it out for yourself or you can just watch some more videos on social media marketing for businesses but um yeah that’s what it is like it you really can become a social media marketing agent if you want to all right but you got to put that at that time is learn it you got to learn it all right so i’ll put a link in the description to some courses at over at udemy be sure to check out my blog real internet task that info for more money making opportunities right and be sure to subscribe to the next time be.