Social Media Manager

Social Media management requires more than just posting to social It requires a good knowledge of analytics, business acumen, and many other skills. If you are a budding social media manager, watch this video for tips on how to save time in order to yield results your clients will love.

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hey everyone this is Blanca with social draft and this video was actually inspired by post I saw in a Facebook group for social media managers and somebody was asking about rates and they were talking about how they were charging between 300 to $500 a month to manage Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and all I kept thinking about was that they were doing at the service to themselves to their clients and pretty much to the social media community because social media is a lot of work I mean you have to do research to come up with a plan to come up with a calendar create content do more research then you have to do the sign and you have to do reporting and it’s just one of those things that when you look at the amount of time that all this stuff takes the dollar amount just did not make any sense I think one of the errors that social media managers are doing is that they’re really wasting a lot of time on you know finding this content and scheduling this content and they’re not really focusing on interactions which is really where you know I mean it’s called social media for a reason so you know if you start concentrating on interactions this is where you’re really going to get the value and once you can show your client the value and the conversations and ultimately conversions that’s when you’re going to be able to charge much higher rates that are really what you’re worth so I’m actually just going to go and show you a little bit of what we do internally so that we free up time so that we can create those interactions um and you know if you have any questions my emails right here it’s Blancas at social draft calm you can also tweet me actually 311 so let me go get started I’ll show you my calendar and hopefully you’ll get some really important tips from here so the first thing you have to do is you have to create some sort of calendar to help you with your content it’s going to be different for all of your clients it’s going to be different for all of you depending on what you do so right now you’re looking at my March 2015 calendar and you see that it’s jam packed now I actually did this myself so just to give you an idea this is all of March and I’m going to show you going forward to April I’ve already got content scheduled this is because I have a plan in mind obviously my first goal is to sell social draft memberships so what I do is I schedule all of my selling posts and what I do with social draft is I duplicate them and I duplicate them to go out throughout the entire year so all of a sudden instead of me sitting there and creating content over and over and over again that’s going to be very similar all I do is duplicate it let me show you how I do that okay so this is one of my promotional posts you can actually tag post this promotion or social media info or if your bar as you know my promotions or my events this one was tagged as promotional for me so if you want to duplicate a post just click the post click on duplicate and you’re going to have a duplicate post come up on your calendar okay so now you see that I’ve got a duplicate post and all you have to do is click drag it and drop it to a new day so I’m going to click and put this right here because I have a nice span of time so before I do anything on the first of the month I go on and I schedule all of my promotional posts for the month that is number one once I’ve scheduled all of my promotional posts which may be like if I’ve been having a discount or all the benefits of using our website or the how tos what I’ll go on to is all of my content marketing and this is all the stuff that we have in our blog so if you look all through here a lot of these articles that are coming out are articles on how to use social draft articles on techniques for social media etc etc then the last thing that I do in order to really prepare myself is I create interactions so what I do is I prep these on CSV through Twitter the atom showing you Twitter today and I pick people that I think are important to my business and I interact with them don’t just do retweets to actual interactions share their content interact with them so let me go ahead and show you how I schedule these and how great these start to do okay so like I told you guys what I do is I prep these on CSV so I basically just go here click on import and just upload my file there’s my interactions for this week these are actually for the coming week I click Submit okay now my my CSV file has uploaded and I’m going to make my life as easy as possible i prep these this week which is more second but I want all these to come out next week because my calendar is already pretty booked so the first thing I do is I click select all because I want all my posts to come out this way and now I didn’t set a time for this social draft has a system where it figures out the best time for interactions for you so once I click select all I’m going to select my dates which are going to be March 8th to March 14th and I’m going to click true time now true time will automatically select everything for you and I’m just going to look them over really quick to make sure that everything’s right so I’m going to pause this while I scroll down and make sure that I’ve made no mistakes okay so you just scroll down I’ve already done this and looked everything over to make sure it’s right and then once I’m done and I’m happy with everything I just click schedule once everything has gone through its going to reload back onto your calendar and as you see all the sudden all’s post are all sitting right here nice and ready for you if something new happens and I need to just reschedule something all I really have to do is just click drag it and drop it so it’s super simple and super easy it’s going to save your time now that I’ve scheduled out all of my promotional posts all of my content marketing and all of my interactions with influentials what I’m going to do is head over to the feed and I’m going to sit there and I’m going to interact my little heart out because what matters to me is making sales and how do I make them by interacting with potential clients so let’s head over to the feed okay so now I’m in the feed and I’ve actually just selected to work on the social draft feed and basically this is great because I don’t even have to go to Twitter I can just basically stay here scroll down and find people that I want to interact with and just create my interactions right here so let’s try one out okay so I found that interaction that I wanted to take care of I typed in my status and then I just click reply and that’s how it’s taken care of it’s super easy it’s super simple and I can literally sit here and just talk to people for hours so again just keep in mind that our tool and other tools like it are there to help you save time so that you can interact with people afterwards so I hope that you use this to your best of your ability definitely charge what you need to because social media is not an easy thing social media takes a lot of time and you’re worth it so go and make yourself profitable.