Facebook Jobs

How To Correct or Change Your Job Listing. In many cases you have created a profile before you created your business When you added your company information it did not to the correct because it had not been created yet. This how to, will show you how to quickly change it to the correct to the business you or someone else has created. Contact me if you have any further questions. The is an example from a that is not on timeline yet. I will include a timeline job change how to soon..

good day everyone might gray from social network assist today I wanted to cover how to correct your job or business listing you can see here on Bill’s profile there is a hyperlink to where he will says he works we’re going to click that and you can see that this is an incorrect page Facebook creates those when you build your business profile and if it doesn’t link to an existing page it’ll create a page like this and I’ll show you how to fix that we’re going to go back and we’re going to go into one of these edit profiles they’re both the same and we’re going to choose education and work and we’re going to begin to type the name of the business and you can see it populated the correct page that’s bills business page and we’re going to put just a basic business description in right now referral tree CEO I won’t populate the rest of that information make sure that this box is ticked if this is the one that you want on your top of your profile and I’m going to hit add job and then I’m going to go in here momentarily and untick this box so that the referral tree that we just made shows up and we’ll go back to view profile and you’ll see now that this link that we just added that is linked to his correct page is the one that he would want and that’s how you change to your correct job or company that you work for.