Facebook Jobs

Then, you essentially ask them for a reference.

this day loans creator of job hunters academy and in this video we’re going to be talking about how to get a job using facebook so facebook like any other social media is a tool that you have in your job search tool kit to go out and you know get a job the best way that i can tell you in order to find a job is actually using the search toolbar so what i would suggest to you is to whatever companies so first of all go on to monster.com or careerbuilder com or whether you’re finding these different job postings they like to apply for find those jobs and what what companies are hiring or what or even what company you would like to work for maybe they’re not even hiring maybe you just want to work for a certain company so look up that so write down those different companies and then go into facebook using the search tool and look up people who work at such and such company so look that up then what you do is it will give you a list of people who work at that company and then contact them directly hopefully you’re in a group with some of those people but that way it doesn’t go into their other other mailbox through other you know Facebook mailbox if you’re in a group with them you can actually messaged them it will go into their original mailbox so that’s it that’s a key right there make sure that you’re in a group of them and then reach out to them directly and then asks say hey you know I saw that you work to this company i’m thinking about applying to this company what are your thoughts is a good company to work for kind of put them on the interview they’ll say they’ll come back to say hey you know it’s a really good great place to work for in work at you know these are some positives these are some negatives so on and so forth then come back and say hey I’m gonna go and talk to them is it okay if you know if I mention your name in the cover letter or just say that I talked with you and you said great things about the company so basically that’s kind of an in into the company itself and you can even call up the company and just say hey I just spoke with such and such you know whoever’s hiring for that position I just spoke with such and such who works at the company they say great things I would like to apply to this company whoa like isn’t this a different way of thinking as opposed to just sending your resume out there and just hoping the best so again that’s how you go out and search for a job really and that’s how you search for job using facebook we would like to learn how to get five interviews and two job offers by the end of this month click on the link below and I’ll show you out. .