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How To Find Clients On Social Media For // Carolin Soldo

In this live stream video, Carolin will share the very steps that you can use to find clients online! Yes, you can get clients fast and for by leveraging the strategies and tactics shared by Carolin!

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Alright, it looks like we’re live.Hi, everybody. Thank you for joining me and welcome to our

official launch party of our brand new channel, where we help you go from Passion

to Profits in your coaching business. My name’s Carolin Soldo. I’m super excited about our content here today. Come on in. Come on in.

We want to talk about the best ways to get

clients on social media.And my promise to you is to give you four

tangible, actionable strategies you can useright now to go on social media, whatever

platform that is, and apply those strategiesand get clients, with paying for ads or not

paying for ads, so with or without spendingany money. There is a chat. This is really cool, and I’m actually live

with you here right now, live in flesh andblood, for this launch party, so hop in the

chat. Let me know where you’re from. I see Sarah from Oxfordshire, UK. Deborah West, Antoinette, Sandra Lesley, Donna

Weiser, we have people here from Kentucky,in North Carolina, Cape May, North Dakota,

North Carolina again, New York.

Hey, hey.I’m actually from New York as well, in Buffalo

to be specific, and it’s pretty chilly heretoday. But why are we doing this?Well, first of all, I’d like to party with

you guys. I like to give value. My business is all about integrity, transparency,

and helping you, you passion based entrepreneurs,and specifically coaches, really go out there

and use your passion and follow your purposeand make a difference, and build a lifestyle

that really serves you, build the laptop lifestyle,just like I have, and just like our clients

are doing it every single day. So we went out there, and we said, what do

you want to know more about, is it mindset,is it sales, is it a business model, is it

marketing, or is it something else?And you guys said it’s marketing. You want to know how to use social media to

get more clients, because it feels like we’reposting and we’re working and we’re hustling

and we’re doing all these things, but nothingreally seems to be sticking.

It’s so noisy.People are marketing and selling and promoting

everywhere, and we just don’t know how tostand out. We don’t know how to get in front of the right

clients, and then actually have them cometo us and say hey, I want to work with you,

hey I want to buy this health coaching package,or hey I want to work with you and fix my

relationship or build my business or whateverthat is. And that’s my mission. So come on in here, keep saying hi in the

comments, in the chat. We can chat with each other if you want. If you’re catching the replay right now, thanks

for watching.

Again, if you stick until the end, I’m gonna

give you four strategies you can use rightnow in your business, to use social media

to get clients.And all four strategies are proven and tested

to work, because either I, myself, have usedthem, or our clients have used them, to get

more clients, to make more money, to makea bigger impact. So our agenda for today is as follows. I want to talk to you about the four big newbie

mistakes. Before we learn what works, we want to learn

what doesn’t work anymore, so that you cansave time and money and frustration. I also want to show you what doesn’t work

anymore. So there are certain things that especially

newbies tend to do, and it’s not your fault,I’ve done it myself, that just don’t work


I also want to show you why you might not

be selling right now, why are the reasons,why are you unable to sell your programs,

why is that.And then I’m gonna show you the four specific

ways where you can create value, that convertsalmost immediately, and also how to use social

media to promote your value. And if you stay until the end, I promise I’m

gonna give you even more. I’m not gonna sell anything. I’m not gonna pitch anything. It’s all value based. I’m giving you some of my time here completely

free, but I’m gonna give you additional resourcesthat you can capture and take and participate

in for free, again, nothing’s for sale, totake you even further, so even to go beyond

even the strategies I’m gonna share with youhere today.

Hey guys.We have Jess. We have Petra, my beauty from Germany. Hello. Hi, Eric. Hi, Pat, Dr. Linda, Dale, lots of people here


Amazing.Alright, so let’s get started with our mistakes. So first thing I want to talk about is the

biggest newbie mistakes, that you may or maynot be making right now, but we want to avoid

those. And what are those mistakes?Well, the first thing is that many new coaches,

even experienced coaches, are just tryingto close too early, way too soon. I’m not trying to say you have to build a

relationship for six months, and you don’thave to be building huge nurture sequences

or anything like that. But on social media, because there are so

many people, because we are bombarded withads and webinars and people selling at us,

we need to really stand out as a resourcefulvalue provider and expert, first and foremost. You can’t go on a first date and go to bed

on your first date.

It’s like dating.Think about what it’s like to be dating. And keep in mind, that people out there are

not stupid. The consumer out there is very smart. They look at you. They evaluate you. They know what you’re doing and they can read

between the lines.

They can see what you’re trying to do.They know whether you’re trying to sell them

right away, or whether you are actually outthere trying to provide value and being that

resource. So don’t try to close too early. The second thing is that many of you are not

persistent enough. And, by the way, if you’re guilty, put a one

in the comments, and I’m gonna put tons ofones, because I did all of this myself. So if you’re guilty of any of these, put a

one in the comments or in the chat, and let’ssee what’s actually going on out there. Number two is not being persistent enough.

So this big complaint that we’re hearing all

the time.. . Alicia, 13, does that mean there’sso many ones that you can’t count?Number two is not being persistent enough. So what’s happening?You have a new Facebook group, or you’re in

a Facebook group with someone else, that someoneelse is hosting, or you’re on Instagram or

Twitter or Facebook or you’re trying to beeverywhere at once, and you’re not gaining

traction and people aren’t liking and commentingand they’re not showing up for your live streams,

perhaps, and you feel very deflated. You feel very defeated. You feel like it’s not working, but you might

be just at the threshold, where if you pusha little bit more, you could actually be exploding,

because it takes persistence.

The persistent ones, who are out there every

day, every other day, with value, value, value,are the ones that stand out, are the ones

that are respected and taken seriously.Trust me, it’s true. Number three is you’re spreading yourself

too thin. I’m gonna show you, today, how to use the

most important social media platforms theright way, because just posting everywhere

will not get you anywhere. Why is that?Because you want to be posting and reaching

your ideal client. You don’t want to just post and your friends

are seeing it, or your neighbors are seeingit. You want to make sure when you put something

out there, that the right people are seeingthis value, and there are specific strategies

in all the different social media platforms,to make that happen.

I’m gonna show you what the differences are

today.And then lastly, number four is you’re being

too generic. I see this mistake over and over, all the

time, where you’re advertising weight lossfor women, and the women are 25 to 65, and

there’s no differentiation, there’s no specificmarket, meaning you’re not being niched enough. So if you’re not getting traction, if people

aren’t asking for your service, chances areit’s too generic and they don’t really know

if it’s for them or not. So those are some of there mistakes. Now, what does not work anymore?Let’s talk about that too, because that is

really important. We need to know what doesn’t work anymore,

so we can do what works.

So, one is posting and hoping someone will

see your post, and I actually talked aboutthis just before, where we put these posts

out there and we do it every single day, butit’s not really reaching the people we want

to work with.Number two is not creating value that converts. So, just social media posts aren’t doing it

anymore, you have to really go above any beyondnowadays, to get people interested, to get

their attention. And I’m gonna show you these four ways that

you can really make a splash out there andreally stand out. Also, creating value without a traffic strategy,

doesn’t work. So the best example I can give you is a blog

post. You can blog and blog and blog and blog, or


I can make videos on and live streaming

all day long.If I don’t have a way to get you to watch

me right now, and if you’re not the righttarget audience for me, it doesn’t work. I’m wasting my time. I’m wasting my efforts. So we have to create value, but we have to

couple that with a traffic strategy that bringsthe right people to your value. Two more things, and oh, they make me so angry. If this makes you angry, put some fire in

the chat or some fists or something rightnow, because I see these things happening

every single day, and they’re so bad.

Please, please don’t do that.First one is direct messaging people. I don’t know where my phone is right now,

but I, just this week, got these three messages,group chats, inviting me to some sort of product

launch, some sort of event, and somethingelse. And the person who’s doing that has 30 people

in the message. It’s like a blast. It’s complete spam. And what I do is I’m just like, oh my god,

I want to leave this group so fast, becausemy phone keeps dinging and dinging and dinging.

Has anybody experienced that before?It’s total spam, absolutely, it’s so spammy,

makes you look so bad.The other thing is, posting in other people’s

Facebook groups. Now, if you have no money for ads and if you’re

on Facebook, that’s fine. I have a Facebook group, people are posting

it, however, what do I think of people whoare posting in other people’s Facebook groups?People from the outside are looking at you. The first thing they’re thinking is, hmm,

this person doesn’t have their own audience. They’re probably not an expert. They’re probably a newbie.

They probably don’t know what they’re doing,

so they have to be fishing in someone else’spond.Makes you look really bad. Makes you look spammy. And the moderator of the group probably doesn’t

like it very much. So posting in other people’s groups is sort

of like, hmm, if you really have to, do it,but I think people nowadays are smart enough

to see what you’re really trying to do, andit does not make you look very good. The last thing that doesn’t work anymore is

being part of someone else’s summit. Who here has been part of a summit, one of

those big virtual summits, where you have20 different speakers, and everybody’s given

a freebie and a lead magnet or something,and who has been part of that and it hasn’t

done anything for you, it hasn’t done anythingfor you?In the beginning I did them, and I was so


I’m like, oh my god, I’m on this summit.Look at me. I’m with all these big experts. And it does give your confidence a boost,

but the only person that benefits from thosesummits is the person that’s hosting the summit. All of those speakers hardly get anything. They hardly get anything, because the participants

are driving traffic to this one host, andyou’re not getting anything out of it. So that also is something that really doesn’t

work anymore.

So, again, if you’ve done them, no big deal,

not your fault.I’ve done them too. You gotta do what you gotta do, and in the

beginning, you’re experimenting, but we arehere to talk about what does work. One last thing I want to address with you

today, before I’m gonna go into your strategies,and that is why you’re not selling anything

at the moment, and how to fix that. So, the number one reason why most people

aren’t selling anything, is because they thinkit’s all about the customer, but they’re thinking

all about themselves. And it’s like a kitchen sink approach. And I love you guys so much, and I really

say that with love, but I see it so often,where you come to me and you say, well, I

have all of these tools, and I can do thisand I can do this and I can do this, and they’re

all different ways to coach people.

It’s expertise in nutrition, it’s expertise

in mindset, it’s expertise in business, andyou’re trying to throw everything in your

kitchen sink, and you’re so focused on yourself,then you think should this be a six month

program, should this be a three month program,what result am I creating.And it’s all about you, you, you, and you. And you forget the customer, because the way

you want to build your programs, and the wayyou want to communicate, is in a way that

they’re thinking and they’re feeling, andbased on what they want to hear. Does that make any sense?Do you know anyone that you really love out

there?Think about why you’re following them. It’s probably because you feel like they really

get you, and they’re doing things for you. They talk in a way that you feel like, man,

this person is in my head right now. They know my pain points.

They know my struggles.They also know my goals and where I want to

go. They’re not all about themselves. So you have to really put forth massive empathy,

and almost reverse engineer the person you’retalking to, so that you’re not talking in

your terms and what you want to do, you’retalking in their language and what they’re

thinking about. So don’t just try to sell them, try to really,

first, understand what they want, and thenyou can sell them. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s

really, really important. I actually recently saw this example here

with a bodybuilder.

So there is this bodybuilder out there, and

I talked to this person, and he’s like, Iam ripped and I am muscular.And he is a great good looking guy. And when you go to his Instagram channel,

you’ll see he has a good, decent number offollowers, and he has pictures out there of

him being half naked and he’s working outand he’s lifting heavy weights. And he says my ideal client is women who want

to lose weight, but when you look at this. Instagram feed, what do I see?I see him, big muscle guy, lifting weights,

and he’s maybe good looking to me, but reallywhat I’m thinking is, hey, he should be in

a fitness magazine somewhere. He should be working with guys. He should be working with people who want

to be competing on stage.

When women come to his channel, they might

like him, they might find him attractive,but chances are, they will not see and find

what will make them want to work with him.So what you want to think about is what your

customer actually really wants. Do they want family time?Do they want love?Do they want money?Do they want to see a healthy body, a sexy

body, a skinny body, whatever?What do your customers actually really want,

and that’s what you want to put forth on yoursocial media. Does that make sense?Give me some examples. Who knows what their customers are really

looking for, and who’s doing a really goodjob at putting that out there?If the stream is breaking up for you guys,

log in and log out. So just restart it, and it’s gonna just keep

going for you. But who has some examples?What do your customers really want?Think about that and think about whether you’re

actually giving that to them.

When they come to your social media channels,

will they see what they want, or will theysee something completely different?Really good questions.Awesome, awesome, yes. So, with that, let’s talk about those strategies,

because I know you guys are here to find outwhat you can do on social media to get more

clients. And this is for you, whether you’re brand

new, or whether you’ve had some paying clients,maybe you have a few one to one clients, or

maybe you have some courses. It really doesn’t matter. This ranges from complete newbies, all the

way to people who are making multiple, sevenfigures, multi million dollar coaching businesses. Yes, yes.

So, the first value strategy I want to give

you, and by the way, you can do all of them.If you really want to go above and beyond,

do all of them. Is to host a weekly, 30 minute Q and A on

your personal Facebook page, on your businesspage, on a podcast, on your blog. It doesn’t matter what it is, but it’s a 30

minute live Q and A. Somebody please put thatin the chat. It’s a 30 minute live Q and A, and I had a

health coach. This was a while ago, but one of my health

coaching clients, a while ago, she did that,and it was Friday mornings at 9:00 AM.

She would go on Facebook.She would do a video or a live stream. And back then I think it was Periscope still,

so it was a little while ago, but she woulddo a 30 minute Q and A. And in the beginning,

it was just her, and she was answering a question. But she was so persistent and consistent with

this strategy, that more and more people wouldcome. They knew, oh, there she is again, it’s Friday

morning, 9:00 AM Easter time, she’s answeringa question about my health and my fitness. So she was looking around in her client base,

in groups on Facebook, in forums, lookingat what people are asking.

Can you do that right now?Can you go on a Facebook group?Can you go on a forum?Can you look on blogs, to find out the top

10 hottest questions that your target marketwants to know about?Yes, you can.Of course. And that’s 10 pieces of value right there,

and then you pick a time, every Thursday at1:00, on your Facebook business page, on. Right now, I do a live stream. Pick one. Don’t go all over the place. Just pick one and literally go live for 30

minutes and do Q and A, and you will be seenquickly, very quickly, as a resource, a value

resource in your industry.

That’s super easy.You don’t even really have to research anything. No slides. No real research, because guess what, you

already have the information right in here. I can talk to you about coaching businesses

all day long. I don’t really have to prepare for that stuff,

because I live it. I breathe that stuff.

I have a coaching business clearly.So just pull from your expertise, pull from

your coaching programs, pull from past clients,pull from you when you were still your own

ideal client. And for most people that’s the truth anyways. At one point, you were your ideal client,

so you know exactly what that’s like, andyou talk about that. The next thing we want to do, and by the way,

what are some questions your ideals clientsask often?What do they ask, Jen?What are some questions they’re asking, Asher,

Eric, Linda?What do you think, Margelow, Eden, Lisa, Brennan?You can probably sit down right now, and come

up with at least five or 10. Come on guys, you can do this. And yes, Batina, you can actually re watch


Once the live stream is over, the video is

gonna save to my channel, and youcan go there and re watch this.Ideal clients ask for help in feeling connected

to their life and career again. So next Friday, 9:00 AM, I’m gonna do a Q

and A, and I’m gonna talk about how to feelconnected to your life and your career again. And when you go live, you’ll say hey, it’s

Trish Burrows here right now, whatever, careercoach for high achieving women, and today

I want to talk to you about one of the hottestquestions I get asked all the time. This is one of my Q and A’s. I’m doing them every single week. I’m doing this for you, because I know what

you want, and I’m here to make an impact inyour life, and today I want to talk about

how to feel connected.

Blah ba blah ba blah ba blah ba blah.Blah. Super simple. No stress, low key, but super impactful. Plus, you can even throw in a little pitch. At the end of this Q and A, you might say,

if you want to know more, if you want to takethis to the next step, I want to invite you

to a conversation with me. I have five sessions available next week on

my calendar, and this is for you if, and thisis not for you if, so you qualify them a little


And you say, if you want one of these sessions,

they’re gonna book up extremely fast.I would love for you to have one of those

calls. Go here to book and I’ll talk to you next

week. You could literally pick up sales conversations

every singe week, and you’re not even spendinga dime. Okay, so that’s just one. That’s one. Number two is to host a weekly live training

on a different day.

So I don’t want you to do a Q and A, I want

you to do an actual training, which mightbe 30 minutes, might be 50, might be 20 minutes.The purpose of this is for them to, again,

see you, be in front of them, with additionalvalue, again, to be that resourceful value

person, that expert for them. I have a client, her name is. She may or may not be here right now, but

she’s a spiritual coach. She is into the love attraction and into abundance,

mindset, lifestyle, all of these things. And Edamaris is one of those people that wanted

to do things her own way, and I gave her theopportunity, and I say hey, if you don’t want

to do this right now, the way we’re teachingit, do it a little bit differently. But what she did, which actually blew me away

too, she went out there on Facebook, on herpersonal page, because she didn’t have a following

on her business page, and she did a trainingonce a week, then two times a week.

Right now, I think she’s out there three times

a week, and she’s live streaming.And she built a six figure business, believe

it or not, with these live streams. Some of them she pitched a call. Some of them she didn’t pitch a call. People were coming to her. Why?Because she went above and beyond, because

she spoke in terms of her ideal client andwhat they wanted to hear, because she was

consistent and she was out there. And, again, it didn’t cost her anything.

She already kind of knew the things she was

talking about, because that’s her expertiseas a coach, and she made great money and she’s

still doing it.And now, the sky’s the limit with all the

other things that she can do with advertisingand spending money on ads. But that’s how she got her business off the

ground, and you can do this too. So your strategy might be, every Friday morning,

my Q and A for 30 minutes, and then every. Wednesday afternoon, I’m doing a 45 minutes,

half hour, 20 minute. . .

forget about thetime.I really don’t care about the time. I care about value, quality, resources, content. Content is king, always. You don’t even have to be perfect. The background can be whatever. Just make it professional, really, and be


Every Wednesday at 3:00, you do a training.You block your calender. Again, you sit down and you figure out, okay,

what are four things I can train on this month. You only need four topics, that’s for four

weeks in month, and you do it, and that’sanother opportunity for you to be seen as

an expert. And every day, people are coming on their

social media, they’re seeing you, and thereis your face is again, and there is your face

again, and there you are, then you’re talking. And the next thing you know, they’re gonna

feel like you’re their friend, and they knowyou really well, and they want to buy from

you because of that. Number three is a really special thing, and

it’s really special because this is how gotmy very first business coaching client.

And this was a while ago, but this is exactly

what I did to get my very first business coachingclient, and this works for any niche, health

coaches, career coaches.We have so many different niches in here. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. And this is maybe a supplement to number one

and number two, that I’ve given you. So what I did, back then, is I offered topic

specific coaching calls. Put that in the chat for me someone, number

three is offer topic specific coaching calls. And you’re probably thinking, oh no, I’m not.

I am not coaching for free.Yes you are, if you want those clients that

are paying your premium prices. And Eric, for financial coaches, definitely

this applies too. So, in this scenario, number three, I offered

my prospects a photo shoot prep session, photoshoot prep session. And I said, you know what, I’ve been doing

photo shoots for a long time, and I know howto get ready. I know how to pick the location, pick my outfits,

really get me make sure the look and feelis right, it’s on brand, how to prep my photography. And by the way, I also have a photo shoot


And I offered them, and I think I did five

or six, and I literally jumped on a call withthese people, and I gave them value like there

was no tomorrow.And I literally, I prepped them for the entire

photo shoot, and they were blown away. And I didn’t sell a thing. Zip it up. There was five hours, but I made four grand. I made four grand in five hours. It’s not a big deal.

It’s not a bad trade off.So I did those five sessions, or five or six

or whatever, it wasn’t that many, and then. I followed up. So you’re doing these sessions without selling

anything, and then I followed up, and therewas Linda, my first business coaching client. And I sent her a Facebook message. And I said, Linda, our session was amazing,

and I know I can help you more. Do you want to talk again?And she said yes.

And we talked again, and that was not a coaching

call, that was a sales conversation.And I signed her up, paid in full, on that

call. And that’s not a bad close rate. I did five or six free coaching sessions for

50 minutes, and I closed one, and that wasa $4,000 sale. Can you do five coaching calls a week for

free, to give some massive value?And oh, by the way, you can ask these people

for referrals. Hey, Linda, I think you love your session. Do you know someone who also wants to do a

photo shoot?Do you know someone who’s trying to build

a coaching business?Would you mind referring someone to me?I would really love that.

I bet you can get referrals.And people will start to talk about you. They’re in other Facebook groups. They’re talking to their friends, and they’re

like man, who was the financial expert outthere?Guess what, it’s Eric. He rocks. He had a session with me. He’s for real.

He has integrity.He has value. He wants to make a real difference. He’s not just there to rip me off, he actually

wants to help me. You should go right to him. That’s what happens, yes. So you can easily do that, and you might be

saying, oh man, it’s free coaching and I don’twant to do free coaching, but if you don’t

want to spend money on advertising, this isa superb strategy.

And think about this.It could be a nutrition assessment. So somebody could be doing a food journal,

and they could be submitting it to you, andyou could do a 50 minute session, literally

critiquing their diet, and giving them tips. And they’re walking away with a customized

nutrition plan. How amazing would that be?It could be a brand assessment. So I did brand assessments. I did website audits.

I did all kinds of I did a marketing makeover

sessions.Give them a cute name. It doesn’t matter. If you’re a relationship coach, it could be

a relationship fixer upper session. It could be an ADHD rescue session, if you’re

an ADHD coach for kids, for parents. Do five or six of them, really put yourself

in, and you will get either a client, or youwill get massive referrals and massive good

will in the industry. And word spreads super, super fast.

And by the way, these are going to be the

people who are watching your live stream.They’re gonna be watching your Facebook Live. They’re gonna say, this person is worth watching. They’re worth watching. They’re worth my time. Right?Cool. So, again, everything I’m giving you here

is proven.

It’s worked for people.It’s how people are making extra money. And we’re not even talking about ads yet,

and I’ll get there in a minute. Number four is exactly how I’m making money

in my business. So this is a strategy that I’m using personally

to book between 10, 15, 20, sometimes 25 discoverysales calls every single day. And no, I am not hosting them myself. My sales team is doing that.

We have five people on our sales team, and

they’re doing those conversations and havingthose calls for me, but I run webinars.And they’re not live, they’re recorded. So you can do webinars live. I’m sure you’ve been on many webinars by now. You can also have them recorded, and you can

set the webinar up to play once an hour, every15 minutes, and you put them out in different

ways. So we’ll talk about the traffic in a minute,

but that’s the fourth way for you to createvalue that converts. On this webinar, it’s a 60 minute talk, I

discuss your, my ideal client’s, biggest problems.

And I give you five specific steps that you

need to take to go from nothing to six figuresin less than 12 months.And, again, it’s based on my own experience,

my clients’ experience, and you can watchthat. If you want to check it out, it’s at carolinsoldo. com/passion. Jesse, if you’re there, put the link in the

chat here for me. And I’m not, again, not selling anything there. I am not telling you a thing about my programs

on the webinar.

All I do is I invite you to a call.And if you watch the webinar, you’re gonna

get even more value, because what I’m tellingyou is exactly how I run my business, and

then you can book a call with my team. And, out of 10 people, that are coming to

your webinar, and watching your stuff, andapplying for the call, you can close 30%,

40%, maybe even 50%. And once they come on those calls, the good

thing is that, guess what, they already knowyou. They feel like you have value to give. They see you as an expert. They have a little bit of a relationship with


They already have a vision for what might

be possible for them.You know you understand them. You didn’t sell them anything. It felt really good. It wasn’t pushy and yucky and sleazy. And you don’t have to close them all. If you have a high end program, if you have

something that sells for two, three, five,10, 15 thousand or more, it doesn’t matter.

This is going to be profitable for you, and

it’s worth your time.So you’re doing the webinar. You have the recording out there. It’s running every single day. People can watch it. It’s booking you discovery calls. You host them.

You close them.And that’s it. Yes, the not selling on the webinar is amazing. And people are surprised, because what we’re

used to nowadays, is just being sold to. We go on webinars, we get a bunch of fluff,

and then we have to buy something if we reallywant the value. So nobody really gives value anymore for free,

and it’s really sad. But that’s how we do it.

It’s how we generate a lot of sales conversations.We’re enrolling between 40, 50 new clients

in our core program, Brand Your Passions,every single month, and it works. It’s a beautiful, beautiful system. Now, let’s do. . . what else?We want to talk about how to actually promote

your value.

I gave you all these ways to create the value,

and you know what you can do, but you’re stillasking yourself, well Carolin, who’s gonna

watch that stuff?How are they actually going to see this?How am I actually going to put that out there?So let’s talk about the social media platforms

that you need to be looking at.And again, choose wisely. Don’t be everywhere. Don’t spread yourself self too thin. I want you to pick the social media platforms

based on where you already have some traction,which one you like the most, which one is

the most fun, and which one you know the most. So, who here loves hashtags and Instagram?Any big Instagrammers out there?I am not an Instagrammer. I just know a little bit about it.

If you love Instagram, give us some hearts

or some Insta love or something in the chat,so we know you’re big on Instagram.If you want to promote yourself, hey, put

your Instagram in the chat. That’s cool too. You can follow each other. Linda likes Instagram. Awesome. But the way Instagram works, is that it really

is a search engine.

So you can post on Instagram, but most people

are using it, nowadays, as a search engine.Not Facebook, Facebook is not a search engine. Facebook is an entertainment tool. But, on Instagram, there’s a search at the

top. And, in order for you to really be seen on

Instagram, you want to be very smart withyour hashtags. And, on Instagram, your content is categorized

in two ways. You can use branded hashtags, so #Nike, or

you can use community hashtags.

So it’s #racecar, #puppy, #coachingbusiness,

whatever.And that’s the success right there. If you know which hashtags will result in

your content coming up in the search whensomebody searches for stuff on Instagram,

then you’re golden, because then you can postsomething, you hashtag it, and people will

find it. And the trick is to pick hashtags who are

searched for, so not something that is likewhatever, doesn’t even mean anything. You want to put a hashtag out there that has

a relatively good number of searches, butisn’t too competitive. So if I’m searching for #car, I can never

rank for that, because there is probably millions,if not billions, of things coming up. But if I’m hashtagging dark blue four wheeler

or something, that is a little bit more specific,and I’m actually selling dark blue four wheelers,

I can rank on Instagram.

And then if my images are hot, and I’m showing

all these cool images of dark blue four wheelers,chances are people will find me.They will find my Friday Q and A on dark blue

four wheelers. They will find my training videos on four

wheelers. They will find all kinds of stuff. And I’m not paying anything. But if you are just putting your content on

Instagram, and you don’t know all these hashtags,and there’s no strategy behind that, and you’re

not running any ads, no one’s every reallygonna see it. Waste of time.

Make sense?Just ate a sandwich.Jill, that is an interesting hashtag, for

sure, “just ate a sandwich”. It may or may not work for you. I don’t know. But this is an example, my hashtagging. Number two, the other platform that is really

big on hashtagging is Twitter. So all those little tweets that are going

out there, is they’re meant to be sendingpeople off of Twitter.

So Twitter is really interesting.Twitter only allows for a certain number of

characters, and they’re really limited. There’s really no way for us to give value. Twitter is for you to search, for you to update,

to give quick updates to people, and it’sfor you to drive traffic somewhere else. So a really good strategy for you, is to actually

announce your training, and say hey, Fridaymorning I’m gonna do a training, or Friday

morning I’m gonna do my Q and A, and thenwhen I talk to you about the three ways to

increase your sales by 500% in just two weeks. What you wanna do, click here, go now, #increasesales. So if somebody’s searching for “increase sales”,

or “increase sales by 500%”, your stuff comesup, and there is a link, and it links them

out to your Q and A that you have been doingand maybe the Q and A now is on your blog,

so that people can go through old episodesas well.

And that’s how you want to use Twitter, to

drive people to your value, again, with hashtags,hashtags that are not too competitive, so

not #puppy, #darkbluefourwheeler, or whatever.So figure out your hashtags. This is a really good strategy if you’re on

Twitter and Instagram. You have to get that stuff figured out. Next one I want to talk to you about is Linked. In. I used to use Linked.

In a lot when I was still

in the corporate world, not so much anymorenow, but I still recommend Linked.In if you’re

in a business to business type scenario. So if you’re selling to small businesses,

if you’re selling to people with specificjob titles, most importantly, so you want

to look for chief financial officers, CEOs,marketing managers, human resource managers. You may be able to come up with all these

different job titles, and what’s still acceptableon Linked. In, is one to one outreach. So if I’m getting outreach, as in messages

on Linked. In, I actually look at them.

I do, because I expect that from Linked.In. I know that’s what it’s for. It’s for linking people up. It’s for reaching out. It’s for connecting. It’s for networking.

Linked.In is a networking platform. So yes, you can push content out there, and

yes, you can run ads, but I would use Linked. Infor the most part, in order for me to find

the decision makers in those companies that. I want to work with. And I would send them an individualized pitch. It may take too much of your time, but if

you send 10 individualized pitches, pleasedon’t copy and paste, they see that.

If you send me something copy and paste, I’ll

see it right away.Consumers aren’t dumb. They want to know that you take the time,

and that you know them, so personalize thething. Send them an outreach, and if out of 10, two

respond, and you get them on a call, and youmight be able to sell them your marketing

package, or your social media package, orwhatever it is you’re selling, it could be

a couple of thousand dollars right there. Next up, I want to talk about and

Facebook, so two more biggies you want totalk about. , obviously, is where we are right

now. And you might be asking yourself, why is Carolin

going to ?What’s going on?And to be completely honest with you guys,

we have done really well on Facebook.

A majority of my business comes from Facebook,

but at the same time, I’m at this space now,at this level, where I want to diversify.So my desire to be on comes from a

desire to diversify my business, and to reducerisk, because Facebook can change, marketing

can change, Facebook ads can change everysingle day, and I do not want to have all

of my eggs in one basket. Plus I love being on video, and I figured

video is another great way to give value toyou guys, so I love it. That’s why we’re here. But , what you wanna do, and I learned

this just recently, so honesty, I’m stillpretty new to , but again, don’t just

throw videos at the wall. No one’s gonna find them. No one’s ever gonna watch them.

It doesn’t work.What you wanna do is keyword research. So we’re in the process right now of looking

at keywords that people are searching. Thanks, Eric. Yeah, it helps if you look fine, but it doesn’t

even really matter. I think it’s all about content. Honestly, quality is king.

I’d rather not say anything if I have nothing

to say.I just really focus on the quality. But, to go back to the keyword research. So you want to research the keywords that

people are searching for. So, for me, it might be “how to build a coaching

business”, “business coach for health coaches”,”getting coaching clients”, “building coaching

packages”. And when you go on Google Analytics, you can

do keyword research. So you want to find a keyword that has a decent

number of searches, so I would say between500 and 1,000 searches a month or more.

And then you want to go back on , and

search for these terms, and see how many videosare already ranking.And if you can find a combination, where there’s

a decent number of searches, but not too manyvideos, so if there’s 5,000,000 videos, it

probably isn’t the best thing for you rightnow. But if you have a keyword that has 1,000 searches

on Google every month, and there is maybe10,000 videos, maybe 5,000 videos, there are

some good chances that people will actuallycome across yours, and yours will rank. And you have a chance of actually being found

and getting organic, unpaid traffic to yourvideos on. Same thing, your videos could be trainings,

could be Q and A’s, could be live streaming,what I’m doing right now, and you may or may

not pitch something in the end. They could be just value, or they could be

like a standard little pitch that you’re givingthem for a webinar, for any of those value

pieces that I have given you just before. Make sense?So the video can have a pitch on its

own, or you can send them to the value, oneof those value strategies that we talked about.

The last one, Facebook, and you’re probably

gonna be a little disappointed with me and.Facebook. If you’re hoping for a strategy that’s magic,

to get in front of the ideal clients, theremay not be one. There’s Facebook groups, yes, but I don’t

believe in them anymore. There is searches on Facebook as well, but

for the most part, people just go there tobe entertained. They go through the news feed. They want to see what their friends are doing.

They want to see the latest gossip.They want to follow politics. They want to waste time essentially. It’s not a search engine. Facebook is not being used as a search engine,

like Instagram or Twitter. It’s different. So, unfortunately, Facebook has made it so

that we can hardly do anything from a businessperspective, without paying for it.

That’s the truth, you guys.If you post something on your business page,

if nobody knows about that business page,it will never be found. It will not. So if you’re not running ads to the business

page, and ads that are targeted to your market,it will remain unseen. On your personal page, you may have clients

and prospects in your friends list, but ifyou don’t have them there, again, you can

market and promote to your friends all daylong, they’re gonna be annoyed and upset. They’re not gonna buy anything, so the only

real way on Facebook to use Facebook as atraffic strategy to this value that you’re

creating, is to run ads, for the most part,if you’re new, if you’re building an audience

there. So, on Facebook, I recommend that you run

some ads.

You can boost your posts.That’s fine too, but your 30 minute Q and

A, your webinar, your training, even yourcoaching calls, so specific coaching calls

you might be offering, all four strategies. I suggest you put a little bit of a budget

behind it if you want to promote them on Facebook,so that the people who are seeing this stuff,

are more than likely ideal clients for you. Make sense?Yes. So that’s the spiel on Facebook, unfortunately. Facebook wants to make money. We all want to make money.

And that’s how they’re doing it.So let’s do a little recap. What did we learn today?The first thing I told you is that you have

to be customer centric. Don’t focus on yourself. Focus on them. What do they want to know?What do they want to hear?Re engineer. Reverse engineer this customer.

Know their pains.Know their goals. Talk in their language. Know what they’re thinking about and give

them what they want. If you want clients right away, pick one of

those four strategies. Give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, you can come back to me

and say, Carolin, what you taught me isn’tworking, and then we can have a discussion

and figure out why it’s not working.

But seriously, one of those four ways is possible

for you no matter what, no matter how newyou are, no matter what niche you’re in.You can do this right away, and I bet it’s

gonna help you stand out from the rest ofthe people who are just posting stuff all

over the place. Be specific in your platform of choice and

know how it’s working. If you’re on Instagram, know your hashtags. If you’re on Twitter, know your hashtags and

sent them to a piece of value. If you’re on Facebook, learn Facebook ads. If you’re on , do those videos.

Do your keyword research.Do your video research and know which

keywords to make videos for. You’re not just making random videos, you’re

making them for those keywords. And on , find those job titles. Find those people that you know will be making

a buying decision about your programs andservices. And then really, honestly, choose one platform. If you love Facebook, you want to hammer Facebook,

and really maximize your results just there.

Don’t go all over the place, because they’re

all different.They take time to really master. So just be on Facebook, and that’s it. It’s okay. You can have profiles everywhere else, but

really just focus on traffic from one platform,and really maximize it there. Make sense?So, that’s all I have, so I promised you,

what did I promise?Did I live up to my promise?Yes or no?Give me a yes or a no in the comments, in

the chat. I promised to give you those four strategies.

I promised to show you some of the biggest

mistakes that we see.I promised to be open and honest. I promised not to sell you anything, and I

won’t. And I’m just excited about our channel. If you haven’t already subscribed, please

subscribe. Put the word “subscribe” in the chat, so that

you get notifications when we go live, orwe post new videos. Our plan is to have new videos for you every

Wednesday, starting in December, so every.

Wednesday.Beginning in the first week of December, we

will have new videos, new content, on marketing,on sales, on mindset, on the business model,

for coaches. So if you’re a coach, and if you’re passion based,

I believe that you need to go for your goals. I have that belief, that your passions are

your purpose. And you need to go out there and really go

for your dreams, and make it happen, so thatyou can not only have a beautiful, full life,

but you can also make a difference and dothe work you really love. And don’t forget, if you want to know more,

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It’s really unlimited.The ability to scale this is just beautiful

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Get those customers.And one more thing, if you’re using, which

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and I’ll catch you next time. Take care. Bye. .