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so we’re going to take an example today from fastnet recruit in ardent recruitment agency in quark who recently tweeted one of their positions they’re looking to hire for which was a delta v automation engineer in the pharmaceutical sector so guys hope this helps you with your roles and thanks for the suggestion we we we don’t know what this job means to be quite frank I’ve looked at this and I’ve no idea what Delta V is I don’t really totally understand what automation engineer is or at least I didn’t starting off but and you know if you recruit engineers it makes more sense to you perhaps but anybody can I guess apply the same tools and techniques we’re going to apply now you will be better if you know your your niche if you know the area you recruit well you’ll be able to build better boolean strings so taking this example what we apply is the universal search method that we teach in our blue belt course and that universal search method begins our our process of searching for a candidate and it starts as it always does with opening our notepad so you open your notepad our text edit if you’ve got a mac like we have here but no part is you know file applications file programs applications on your on your Windows machine and you basically have this blank slate for you to start building your ears your synonyms and your booty and string so you think of the components of your search so what are you looking for the individual skill requirements job titles locations etc you’re looking to try and hire for and you write them down in a list one after the other line by line one under each other as such I’m quite simply from your jobs back and then we’re going to do is we’re going to use our own kind of cop on to think of different synonyms but then when we run out of ideas which we will and you will we’re going to look at two primary sources and they are at Linked.In skills and Wikipedia and then we’re going to filter out the results that aren’t quite accurate to get our perfect search in everywhere we look so we’ll have a look at those tools very quickly for this example to give you the inspiration to do it yourself and test it for the roles you have as well so to take an example I’m if we’re looking for a design manager well we write down design on one line pad we skip a line and we write the word manager and that gap we’re creating between each word are each requirement and that is an and so by putting a full line in between those we’re creating the + operator when we run our search and then what we’re going to do is go across the screen we’re going to think of different ways to say design on different ways to say manager and there are synonyms so we’re thinking of our so design are something else as we go across the screen but as we go down on the screen we’re adding new requirements so simple methodology to use as you write down your notepad you’re adding new requirements which will narrow your search as you write words across the screen you’re thinking of different ways of saying that same thing which broadens your search by narrowing we focus on great people by broadening it we think of all the ways those great people could have described their job titles or skills simple process that we run so in an example we’re looking for design manager we write our synonyms across the screen like you see right now and as we add new requirements then we put and offshore at which we think of all the synonyms for offshore we write them out and masters so all the things that might mean someone has a master’s degree in our boolean synonyms and we write and high voltage as a requirement so we think of all the things that could mean high voltage across the screen and we go down and we think of subsea in this requirement so all the things that might be subsea and last but not least someone who has subsidy cables experience so all the ways you can write cables so such as wire wires wiring line lines etc etc so and by their excuse me I’m looking at the wrong side of the screen for the rest of this webinar and it’s just a glitch of when you reverse a camera and try and film it so bear with me if it’s distracting so this is an example of an engineering role that we were given recently and we try to build the boolean string which you see on the screen now and give you a taste of how we approach this methodology so the first thing I want to do is this we build our search string we’re going to think of the components for that job that fastnet had mentioned which is an automation engineer so that’s one thing then looking for Delta V that’s our next main requirement they want someone from the pharmaceutical sector and they want some batch experience so what we’re going to do is we’re going to open a notepad I want to start off with some basic synonyms and find different ways of saying each of those so let’s take our notepad and what we first start doing is we literally write down each of these words so for automation engineer it’s really good to break it into two different lines automation on one line engineer on the other because we’re going to have to think of all the different synonyms of automation and then separately all the different synonyms of engineer to really find the perfect person for this job then we look at that’s a Delta V and we look at farmer and we add batch to the bottom so basically idea is to think of all the different ways of describing that one word so for example an automation engineer well I’m going to be happy with somebody who’s a process engineer will work for me as well okay or someone who’s a validation engineer an engineer instead of engineer I’m going to think of n just fine and engineering is fine or if I look up and find engineer for example our engine to NZ or and let me just show you how that mistake can get made on linkedin if I’m doing an advanced search here on linkedin and if I’m looking let’s say in the United Kingdom for people who called engineer so a misspelling of engineer is a current job title in the UK for example will find that we have let’s say 399 people who are engineers as opposed to engineers at likewise when I accidentally typed in which was engineer or engineer with to NZ or at their 628 of those people so spelling mistakes are a thing that are often overlooked and to be honest if someone has all the skills you’re looking for you will overlook one or two spelling mistakes it’s easy to happen everybody does it get over it if the person has all the skills you’re looking for you’ll be fine with it so we’ll do all that kind of stuff and maybe we will expand and think about people who have a bng or else they have an MN so masters in engineering Bachelor of engineering so Delta V what I’m going to do is I’m going to think of all the way someone could have written Delta V so tell the V is a very particular tool that I want someone to understand so there aren’t too many alternatives so but somebody could have written it as Delta space V like that or maybe they’ve written it as Delta hyphen V now databases assume a hyphen is our is a space so the first one would have found it but not every database and then we’ve got things like Pharma so our pharmaceutical or health care or what I didn’t think of until I started researching this webinar pharmaceuticals and Linked. In if you’re in the pharmaceutical industry they actually tied to give you is the plural of that pharmaceuticals so easily miss the plural of that word okay and but then you might also go look for medical or you know might look for a bio medicine or biomedical so tons of different ways to say pharmaceutical and then we might look at batch so let’s say batching or batches okay so that’s about as much as I can think of off the top of my head by just doing my quick searches so how come these are online resources so what we might do is first of all go to google and instead of geo psych typing in our keyword we’re looking to research let’s try and utilize wikipedia because we could pedia structured articles on this so Wikipedia automation engineer okay maybe there’s an article on that so it’s got automation and test automation okay so let’s have a look at estimate automation so let’s solve for testing so maybe not exactly what we’re looking for so let’s jump back in and see if there’s anything else look at automation so automation use the machines control systems information technology so control while controls when I might maybe didn’t think of so maybe I’m okay with somebody who is a control engineer and similarly they could be a controls engineer so again you read that article about the topic and because it’s a structured article it’s usually really good for recruitment purposes similarly we might do the same again for at Wikipedia and Delta V so what is Delta V try and understand it so Delta V look up this article here so astrodynamics Delta V a Delta or Delta V literally change in velocity whatever that is it’s by speed okay I’m learning new things every day here are we have a look at this Delta V disambiguation so physics distributed control system so here’s one here it is Delta V a distributed control system used in in industrial process control Emerson Process Management so Emerson that’s that that’s the organization that cannot come up with this idea so if someone has Emerson I’m going to be okay with those guys being on my on my list as well but what are they misspelled Emerson had to em let’s try that as well similarly pharmaceutical we can do with pharmaceutical weirdest retype wiki Pharma ok what is pharmaceutical industry great that’s open this article read it we can read it things like drugs medications medicines farm a farmer Kia and then look I’m not seeing I’m seeing something that it’s a company name here so Wow one of my come up a company names because maybe somebody doesn’t have the pharmaceutical industry listing but they list that list on their Linked. In profile or CV or resume that they work for glaxosmithkline are they work for Johnson & Johnson so some of the big pharmaceutical companies because that would work fine if I’m an automation engineer with johnson Johnson well that works for me for pharmaceutical so why don’t we look at those companies where would I find them well look again you type in wicked wiki at list of pharma companies okay list of any companies here we go here’s the list of pharmaceutical companies and it can be alphabetical in order of their size their revenues look at this fantastic list of all these companies and I can start putting those company names in as alternatives for the industry so I start putting in Pfizer or Roche etc etc okay I put them in the wrong place we really important you don’t do that I’d almost say I did that on purpose to show you how to do it right but I didn’t so put them in down here I’m gonna go back again we look the same thing we do our research so that’s what wikipedia can give you more than Google can give you but Linked. In can be very useful as well for understanding keywords and the way we’re going to do that is if we go into Linked. In skills which you’ll find my going two more and then skills & expertise are type in linkedin com forward slash skills and if we type in things like I say process edge so process engineering we get basically a little article or page about process engineering and what this gives us an insight particularly in the relation skills here into the keywords or phrases that people who have process engineering on their profile on linkedin what words they all so tend to have so this is pattern matching algorithm within Linked. In that says these are related skills if you have process engineering is a high chance you have some of these words so we research these words and try and understand do some of these mean the same thing as process engineering and we can do the same with any of our different keywords so let’s say we look up Delta V so there’s Delta V and we see Emerson Delta V as an alternative so we’ve got Emerson right there so Delta V people have rs3 pro Vox Emerson Delta V Bailey loop tuning you f DF so we again have to understand what that means in the contrite context but some of those words might do as an alternative to Delta V and again we’ve got Emerson in there so we’ll jump up and look at people with Emerson Delta V what keywords they tend to have to make sure we fully understand that and we can do this for any type of keyword any skill and we get great results from Linked.

In skills once you add your own intelligence of the two to the mix to say well that does or doesn’t work so when we research this fully what we come out with is for example for automation we have all these different words so i’m happy with an automation engineer control engineer controls automate process processing configuration a pas engineer dcs controller engineer commission engineer commissioning engineer qualification engineer all of these work for me in the context of them also having the other skills so that’s our synonym for all the things they could begin with and then engineer i’ll take all of these words to mean engineering so a process engineer process and process programmer process specialist process professional process technician as long as they have Delta V and pharmaceutical and batch that works for me as well don’t forget they all still require the other words as well that’s what the and is in the list again Delta V shorter list put different ways of writing Delta V we’ve got Emerson but then there’s Emerson dcs which is an abbreviation which also as EPM dcs which I’m happy with as well which still covers people to understand Delta V and again farm at much longer list because I’m thinking of all the words like medical science life size and life science pharmaceutical but then the list of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies in the world which I’ve listed there again if somebody’s worked for them I’ll take them and then batch I’ll take batch batches batching but I also realize within processing engineering the batch process that I’m looking for has an acronym in its is a 88 often as s88 and different ways of writing it and it’s also written as a NS I /s 88 or sometimes read the forward slash and people often say recipe or recipes within this context as well so when you do your research and you know your industry well you can come up with great synonyms like this that find infinitely more people so before I show you what we can find online on the differences let me just kind of talk about where you where you go next when you’ve done your research you’ve built your synonym strings which is what you do at the start if you lots of places you can look you might be tempted to go straight into Linked.In or look on Google so with all the different choices where do we start because that’s important in terms of the value of our time getting the right candidates in the right place first so first of all we should look at our 80s first place we should start is our own internal 80s there might not be many candidates on our internal database but those that are there are worth talking to first because if they match our criteria they have a filly with our organization we probably have contact details on them and we have interview notes perhaps from the past next up we’ll look at the paid job boards and free job board databases like monster and the rest at different nation ish ones in different markets as well because they have full resumes and CVS and contact details which is more than you get a linkedin profile or on a web profile as well so think about those things them it was a quality of data third up we’ll look at linkedin linkedin is a great to 200 million people as of april 2013 but they have shorter profiles for the most part and they don’t have contact details readily available so you got to think about that and then fourth the last place we look are the kind of the open searches on the web like twitter and facebook and google+ at why because one data quality is important thing do i get information that is written from the point of view somebody trying to tell you what they do as a professional and is it bit you know the ease of use and is it easy to find people on this platform it’s harder to find people on facebook than it is to find them on linkedin so it should come after and but also fit for purpose my 80s is built for recording people see these resumes skills and searching them so is monster so is Linked. In but hey twitter facebook google+ in the open web they’re not so much and the last thing where are the best contact details you might find someone on linkedin we find them their first you’ll use up an In. Mail are trying add them as a connection and risk getting blocked whereas if they’re on your database you could have found them their first with their mobile phone number and said this is much easier way to contact them so again you’d like to find those people first on your database and paid job board so you think about wearing where to start but for the purpose of this webinar because I don’t know what 80s you use let me just jump in and show you what we find on linkedin for starters so if i’m going to linkedin and kind of look up again we’re looking for Delta V pharma and batch as an automation engineer if I do is search let me just do an advanced search I’m going to go back to our original requirement was an Irish search so go back into my Linked. In account I’ll look of Ireland but again you pick your country and I look up automation engineer as a current job and I’ve i put in Delta V Pharma batch oh not in company I’m going to dump them into keywords okay so those words have to appear somewhere in the profile whereas the one automation engineer to appear in the job title in Ireland and I run a search you’ll see that I get six results and everybody in the world gets six results in our and plugging the same keywords in regardless your Linked. In account so let’s see what happens when we open it up to our broader synonyms that we’ve already researched here so if I look up and see what I’ve tried to find for for example automation engineer all those different keywords and I copy and paste those synonyms into the job title how many do I go to I go from six up to nine so I get an extra three people not brilliant but the real thing that’s holding me back is are these keywords here Delta V farm and batch because there’s so many of the ways of saying all of those but if I take and copy those words all at once so copy the whole lot and dump them into keywords to replace just those three words on their own so now I’ve got three groups of synonyms I go to a much more impressive search of 64 people so I don’t forget our first search was six now we’ve 64 by doing our research and that’s why the research is so important and why we teach the universal search method and we take more time obviously doing this on bluebell course within our training because it’s so important i’ve done that research the basic understanding of how and or not boolean operators work is actually easy to get a grasper end it’s how you do the researching in the synonyms and don’t forget once I’ve done this research once I can reuse this synonym list these boolean strings this for all the engineers I ever hire these for all the people in the pharmaceutical sector I ever hire or my colleagues ever higher so they’re reusable once you store them and share them with your colleagues as well so you know when we try and look outside the box we find tons more people so next we’re going to have a look at what we find when we do a monster search but i’m going to show you example for monster but your job boards with in the engineering sector could be rigzone engineer jobs oil careers coms name three the most popular or niche engineering and within different sector rules but let’s have a look at monster and try and run the same searches and see what the differences are on it on a paid job or database so in monster what I’m going to do is I’m going to search em from today up until a week ago okay what I’m going to do is I’m going to search within selected locations I’m gonna on tick jobseekers willing to work so to try and narrow it down I want to search for people who have a current job title our most recent job title of automation engineer so again doing a basic search which is what we think most people end up doing on job boards searches anyway so we plug that criteria into the UK database of monster just UK example this time we get 70 people if I was just type in a list of the synonyms for monster so we see on screen here is the same list we researched a minute ago but I can vary the actual language because monster supports a wild card operator the star that stands for missing letter letters to the right of a word so I don’t have to write control controlling process processing I can just put the star here and monster does have a character limit in those fields so I need to try and make it a little bit tidier but if i type in those same synonyms and leave all the other criteria the same in monster in the last week i’ll go from the 70 people in this search and when i update it here you’re going to see i’m wet over a thousand monsters and tell me when I go or a thousand how many it is there’s just more so you’ll see that by taking a well research search string on going even into what you might consider a traditional job board database you find people you’ve never seen before they are there but they’ve described themselves in different ways well worth taking your boot in string and running it in the job board databases you have access to and you may be very pleasantly surprised about what you find so what other types of engineer can we find so other types of engineering roles before we go further and show you where else you can search and you could be looking for for example more of a hardware engineer so that’s the engineering recruitment you do so this is an example from some of the recruiters in Intel where we’re looking for a hardware engineer with graphics background understood logic I a 32 the Intel Architecture 32 bit and debugging experience so that’s a base search we built booty and string like this so you can see the complexity that comes into when you do some good research and I built this myself having never recruited a hardware engineer before and it had it validated by the guys who are recruiting it Intel for this and it worked out really well for them so a really nice way of expanding our search in every place we look at paid job boards are linked in on our web searches maybe looking within the oil and gas industry for for example a cat’s inspects engineer and what the heck this was my first sort so it’s actually categories and specifications engineer often abbreviated to cats and specs and they want them in the oil and gas engineer with knowledge of PDMS I can’t remember what PDMS is here is what we built for them we said that cats and specs so we could be categories in specifications and I could have an ampersand instead of an a and D different ways of writing the exact same thing and an engineer again different synonyms oil or gas petrol competitor chemical upstream Natural Resources natural resource loads of different words including competitors in the area and then PDMS we said we take somebody with CAD or computer aided design autocad microstation and some of the top ones doing the same research and we found a heck of a lot more people and similarly we can do is we can take those examples and we’re not finished by just looking at our database and looking at the job boards and linkedin we can find people on google for example but google’s a bit of a mess if you plug just your basic keywords and you won’t get very far so what we try and do is combine our search with what we call a natural language search which we showed you on the IT webinar if any of you do multiple different areas you would have seen this but what we search for our phrases on someone’s bio a profile that would indicate that this is a description of what they do as a professional so we’re looking for words like I Miami I worked i graduated i attended i joined i left i was promoted so kind of career type phrases and we combine them with some of the keywords we’re looking for in terms of skills and location so let’s jump back into google i’ll show you exactly what i mean there i’m going to copy my requirement here and so my cats and specs may see my google example here if i take these keywords and i’m going to search on top of those for cng or I end your ends tech which are three of the top qualifications and engineering in the UK and then just the word Manchester so I’m looking for some of those one of those specific qualifications in Manchester but an open profile so I add the language the natural language element to it I plug that into Google and basically I get websites that mentioned people who have you see here if you see as you see here when you scroll down who say I am i joined etc etc you get some linkedin profiles in there as well if you’ve already researched linkedin you can site colon linkedin com and then you’ll be just left with the web page is excluding the Linked. In results and you’ll see that people have you know web pages they have about sections of their web pages they have BIOS written on PDFs on their company pages loads of different things you’ll find here by doing that natural language search which is just combining those keywords by the way those phrases if you want to look back at them again you can jump on and watch this on later on.

com forward slash social talent pause it at this point and make a note of those are view use our online training will supply you with all of those synonyms as some documents you can copy off as well using the online training you can also reverse engineer as search if you want to find somebody at some reverse engineering and searches when you find an image of somebody you can basically upload it to images google com and figure out who they are so for example if i was to find somebody who is let’s say i find someone who’s on twitter all right let’s say we look up my bio okay so you find me and you want to find more pages for me for example look of my bio you see my photograph there you go I wonder where else this guy is you can actually use a tool that you can download a plug in to make this work and it’s a Chrome extension so you have two reason the Chrome browser which we’ve said many times these webinars the one you should be using and what you do is you type in bit ly forward slash search images that’s a capital s a capital high and will tweet at that link now so bit ly forward slash search images and what you get is this plug in that we’re going to install once and once it’s installed will never need to add it again it’s in our system we added to chrome we can use it so I’m going to add this to Chrome check add once that goes green we’re done once you’re in there we go back and we have a look at our Twitter example for example where we here if i go to my twitter account again so 4 / social talent so if you find an image of somebody say well I recognize that looks familiar I wonder where else I can find stuff about this person now with this Chrome extension you just right click it and what you do is you scroll down until you find the link to search Google with this image I want to do is to go find similar images so it’s find me on different Twitter accounts mentioned elsewhere and then suggest other place that I might be so we find an image search and cross references somebody on the web essentially find them in different places so if our example I used to do this am I my facebook account so right click this and do a search on Google for that image it will probably bring up more results because that image is matched to lots of other places and so it finds different places that I am so my websites recruiting blogs paces up places I’ve contributed to and you can cross reference things about me or lots of different pages so my Pinterest account lot this website never heard of which has a Q&A with me so loads of different things you can find that way so that’s a really good tool to cross reference somebody once you find them somewhere to see what else you might find on them google+ great resource / who half a billion profiles on google+ we would maybe do a search more simple search because we’re limited 32 terms at we might look at all the different ways to write automation then write the word Manchester and again it’s just taking that booty and string slightly modifying it but once we’ve done the hard work were there and we jump back in and I pull up my Google+ example here I’m able to take all these things that mean automation copy this I’m going to jump into Google+ here paste it on the top here so paste is just here and then I’m going to add the word engineer on the word Manchester I’m press search here when you get your search results here you change everything to people and pages scroll down and there your process engineer at cooley process engineer vopak process engineer conocophillips so example we opened up Andrew here go to as a bite page we see that it works as a process engineer and in phillips at we can see where he works so he went to the University of Manchester that’s why Manchester popped up we can basically Adam to a circular start connecting with them so really simple tools to try and find people and places like Google Plus and you can find people on Twitter but in Twitter we recommend you use a second tool called followerwonk free to follow want calm and follow wrong supports building but it supports at the bar or pipe instead of the 0 or for your synonyms so what we do is we actually go in file edit replacing or boolean string replace all the oars for this pipe again if you don’t know what the pipe is at bare with me it’s something we do teach on our blue belt course and you can research it online lots of free blogs again we look for engineer different ways of saying engineer and different ways of saying automation and we again just look up online where that is so if i take my twitter search and scroll down here I’ve written it in advance I can take this here for follower one because it has all the pipes in it I go into my follower welker Kent which is back here and there’s a search twitter bios button up the top here click that I got an area here i can paste into i can press more options and i can put in location manchester for example i’m pressed and do it and that basically goes off and searches for people who have a combination of those words in manchester and when you scroll down what you’ll find our people who match that are process engineers who have a location Manchester some loads of people on Twitter then we can reach out to as well lots of places to find process engineers one of my facebook I wonder can we find people on Facebook previously a bit difficult next week’s webinar will show you this in more detail but we can use open graph Facebook’s new tool which allows you to type cert certain keywords in and find a lot more results so open graph is how we’re going to basically leverage this on Facebook so we jump into facebook again on my facebook account excuse what you might see in my home screen type 2 site type to search for people we just type up here and we look for so friends of my friends who are engineers so really simple I think gives your suggestion is that what you want yeah it’s cool o friends of mine and my friends who are engineers well that works well friends of mine and my friends who are engineers nobody there that’s all right we look for friends of mine friends of mine that my friends were engineers and live in dublin who work at true lots of different suggestions here so let’s go with our original friends of friends of mine who are engineers that’s what i originally wanted sets just try that instead and we run that through facebook we get all these engineers they’re not my contacts they’re connected to me from somebody else we can see the mutual friends and we see all the engineers here and that’s global but we can narrow it down with these filters here to refine it by people who have a certain gender who are in a certain city i have a certain hometown have gone to a certain school lots of different stuff where their employer is located again that’s next week’s web and i will talk in more detail about what facebook can find it but there’s lots of different results we can actually go for i’m going to just blogs things like that people have blogs so for example if i do a search for site colon blogger com for / profile and throw my keywords in a find people on blogger with their profile also blog spots blogger is where the profile will reside wordpress through the big blogging platform site colon wordpress com /a bite there’s add some keywords with a title our location you find loads of people on their blogs and you can connect with them endless if you want to learn more. .