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hi there hands are here from namioka we’re calm and today I’m gonna show you a really cool application on Facebook that’s gonna help you find a lot of jobs completely free and and don’t worry it’s extremely easy to set up see you in a bit okay so one of the challenges that jobseekers come across when they look for jobs is that they feel you know most of the job adverts always come from job portals when most of you to the job adverts you apply to come from job photos you also know that you have biggest amount of competition okay so if I put you know account to jobs I will most likely find most of the time job portals so what I like about the tool that I’m going to show you is that it finds also a lot of jobs that are directly with employers so let me show you if you go on Facebook there you go and on Facebook you’re just gonna go to your facebook Messenger okay okay so you see here on the search messenger box you want to type in jail be space VOT okay job bot okay and right here it’s gonna offer you a few applications you want to choose the one that has a robot face so here we go I’m on job bot now so I’ve just clicked on job BOTS here so the first thing you want to do is simply tell him new search or search or anything and it then it’s gonna start chatting with you it’s gonna start saying how do you want to use this location to buy because I’m currently located in Dubai right so I can say no another one oh yes right I’m just gonna say yes right for for our example here okay and then it’s gonna ask me what are you looking for so it’s better to use more general keywords so I’m just gonna say accountant okay accountant and a press enter and now it’s searching the web and it’s not going to give you only job photos in fact you will see that very few adverts will come from job portals okay and as you can see here I have a lot of accounting jobs okay and you can see that the directly with employers so you have much less competition okay so you can actually scroll here by clicking on this little arrow okay and as you can see it’s directly with the employers it’s not with recruitment companies it’s not with job photos of course you would find jobs with job photos but this is not gonna be the main thing so you can expect to have much less competition on these jobs there you go so a lot of jobs in your city just using facebook Messenger very very easy give it a go and let me know what you think and there you go another career tip from name your career come let me know how it works with you does it work in your city did you try it before did you know about this please leave a comment below this video for more videos just make sure you go to WWE comm you will find much more videos with tips shortcuts and methods and tools completely free on my website wwlp.com or if you like my page or subscribe to my channel for now I will see you next week for another video bye for now. .