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Local Conversations interviews web designer Rob Goodlatte about his new design job at and talks about how the Triangle area is a great place for startups..

welcome local conversations today I may refresh the triangle and Rob good lot just spoke about Dean about design robber how you doing I’m doing great thanks just finish this contra this this talk I’m all nervous but although it’s great so tell us how about how you first cast all the weight design well I kind of fell into design by accident I have I have no formal training in design and really the way I got started with design is just you know in high school you know playing around with with with the web and playing around programming and then you know I I just kind of got involved with a lot of different communities and kind of grew into design and grew into an appreciation design and I really kind of started getting interested in it and started reading a lot of books of my own and I learned a lot through you know a few internships that I’ve done which has really kind of just made me really really really passionate about the subject of design okay and so do you remember your first design project or was it a print or web and if it’s web it’s a site still up or do you get archive of it it’s definitely web and no I don’t I’m glad I don’t okay I mean this is the kind of stuff that you know like I said I feel like in middle school and I’m in my first like web site and man that stuff was awful so it’s buried long gone Paul can’t even find in the Internet Archive I hope not but um no definitely definitely definitely long gone and so people may not know why I’m actually interviewing you or about your famous design designer who you are but you recently got a job at Facebook and I know a lot of people wouldn’t mind having that job so can you tell us how you got the job at Facebook did they find you or did you apply or how did that process work sure well yeah I’ll be coming I’ll become a product designer at Facebook in June and the process actually I mean they they stumble across my blog on the internet and you know they are they were you know pleased enough of my portfolio to send me a Facebook message and so you know that’s where the process started and I I you know I interview a few other companies and really Facebook kind of really really felt right because Facebook is a lot of freedom to their designers and their developers and the position at Facebook as a product designer isn’t really isn’t just graphic design it’s really about you know programming and integrating graphic design and programming in a way or you can build a really used good user experiences so the designers at Facebook actually have to be able to program as well okay and it could that you not just a designer but you’re a smart young man as well do you see having your own design firm or startup in the future starting my own company something I really really want to do because small business is something I I’m really excites me I’ve worked for a lot of small companies in the past as an intern and it’s definitely something I want to do in the future I don’t know if I want to start my own design agency or not but I think starting a web application or a web startup would be something that’s definitely at my all is something I’ve tried to do in the past and failed but that’s one of the great things about college is that you have an opportunity to you know throw things at the wall and if it fails you know cares so with the job at Facebook we yet should be leaving the area yeah so I’ll be moving out to Palo Alto in May and you know it’s kind of unfortunate i I really appreciate you know the Refresh events and I really you know there’s there’s a kind of growing love community in in the Triangle and I’m feeling kind of sad to leave but yeah that brings me to my next question because I’ve told a few CEOs that couple local startups and they feel that a lot of students such as yourself now at Duke and Carolina in the state they’re they come out and instead of staying local and start a business or work with a local startup they leave so what are your thoughts on about how what the Triangle community can do here to keep some of these graduates graduates graduation graduate students staying in the area and working with the local businesses and help go to a startup community here in the Triangle yeah I think a lot of responsibility lies with schools like Duke and UNC I think that if Duke had a more aggressive kind of incubator program or if they really encourage entrepreneurship or if you get students trying to start businesses writing in college they’re gonna find it’s a lot more affordable to start a business in Durham then is to move out to the bay area and there if you give them some researchers even some office space you give them maybe a little bit of money some legal advice that encourage students to kind of start their own companies they’re gonna find a lot of incentive to stay around in the triangle because they’re gonna you know they’re gonna have these if you do pump this if you’d you know Duke students right now starting to come called shoebox for you know they’re all just a bunch of Duke students starting to come and I really really respect I think is a really cool idea any advice waiting out coming designers you know I think I think it’s like the best advice I can I can give is you know first to network because I think I think one of the most important things for any professional any industry to do is to just interact with the people in the industry and one of the things I found really remarkable especially in design community is how friendly everybody is like you can go to you go to South by Southwest and you talk to someone and you know there may be some kind of design Idol of yours you go with that John Hicks and you start talking them and you find these people are very approachable and these people are willing to talk to you and you know building Network and then and then just creating things and I think it’s important for designers to have side projects and to just create out of the love of creating and just just just you know just make things not necessarily to make a million bucks on it but just to say you know I want to do a little design project on the side and it’s those type of things that you know where you’re going to learn the most and you’re gonna grow the most visitors designer ok Rob thanks for your time and congratulations to get on your Facebook job and don’t forget about is those little people that are here in the Triangle thank you very much take it.