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Speaker: Sean Lee, CS Alumni at University of British Columbia Google and Microsoft – sometimes called the Big 4 – are companies well known for their pay, perks and prestige. Sean Lee, a student at UBC who has interned as a Software Engineer at two of the Big 4, discusses why you should aim to land your next internship at these companies and how you can get them.

The talk covers:
– Why you should aim to get jobs at these companies
– Clearing myths and doubts
– 2 simple steps to getting a job at the Big 4
– Students’ interview experiences
– Useful Slides: Talk hosted by UBC ECE Student Society (UBC ECESS) Filmed and by Joseph Hsu

** ** The speaker and the organization ECESS are not with the Big 4 in anyway. Presenter is currently a student of UBC and does not represent any of the companies he has worked for, will work for, or is talking about in the presentation..

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