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Today I am sharing with you how I got a job after college working in social media! I know a lot of you have questions about my major and my career so I hope this helps. Feel to leave me any more questions you have in the


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here’s the because it’s OCS today I’m going to be talking about my job in social media and how you can get involved in social media as well I’ve made a video before about my major in college it was media culture and communication and a lot of people on that video asked me kind of what jobs that major can lead to and what career paths and a lot of people asked me about working in social media because I’ve had people media internships before so I thought I would just go through kind of the whole process of how I started working with social media especially because it’s such a new like job field you know that didn’t exist like ten years ago I think people are pretty curious about it so I thought I would kind of talk through the whole process of how I got into this industry and yeah let’s just get started so first of all in terms of internships you should be looking for if you want to eventually go down a career path in social media whenever I would research internships I would only put in social media internships I would also look for digital marketing digital media visual communications it could be called a lot of places since it is a new industry don’t use the same language when talking about social media some web companies that are not as social media savvy might even call it PR or just marketing or something like that so it’s kind of important when you’re looking for internships to get started in this industry that you kind of use a broad range of search terms because a lot of companies don’t really use the same terminology in the same language when talking about what may be the same type of job so a lot of positions may be referring actually to social media but they may be listed as kind of a PR internship because companies just don’t really use the same language in such a new industry a lot of older companies might not know like that the correct you know terminology for it so um it’s important to look at a wide range and not say you know if you see a PR internship don’t immediately you know look away from it because it might actually be what you want so in terms of internships that I had and positions that I had leading up to my job I was the internship this is actually a school I was the social media editor at NYU student newspaper which is called the Washington news and I was that for two years I think I was a lender for one and that really helped me to learn about social media for news to build a community at school also which is great and to get kind of real hands on News experience but in a kind of comfortable school environment where you don’t feel as much pressure as you might feel in an internship so I highly recommend if your school newspaper doesn’t have a social media editor you should totally start that up and you can be the first one you can you know introduce the Facebook at Twitter and Instagram whatever to the newspaper at your school and I think it’s a really great way to get started because it’s kind of a little bit more comfortable it can be a little bit more experimental and either comes as much pressure as there might be if you work you know an actual internship and you have a lot of creative freedom and stuff like that and you also get to work with your peers the Goodman School of U so I highly highly highly recommend doing that at college and then I also I have a PR internship when I was a freshman that was in social media was more like straight up PR like sort of digital marketing esque and then my first like real social media internship I guess my only one was when I worked at CNN I worked at CNN for two semesters as their social publishing intern and if you’re interested in CNN I might do a separate video on that but they have three different social media departments all under the big like a larger social media department they have social discovery social TV and social publishing and social publishing is in charge of powered the main like flagship account and that was what I was working under versus if you’re interested like social TV is working with all of the different TV show accounts so like Anderson Cooper mcore free Zakaria or something like that all have their own handle on social media so social TV kind of deals of that versus social publishing deals with black shit so I was a social media intern at CNN we’re all here and I think that was the most incredible learning experience if you are interested in working in and been working in Luzerne or working for annuity or magazine broadcast station anything like that I think interning is the most valuable experience you possibly have I learned so much along there they let me be really hands on I was writing a lot of articles I was boosting a lot on different social media platforms I learn about new platforms video editing cutting for social all of that stuff writing copy and you know when you’re actually there in the newsroom and seeing different breaking news scenarios it’s really really really great learning experience that you can never get in a classroom so I just highly recommend looking for social media internships especially in newsrooms because I feel like you learn so much when you’re anna news the next day I would say if you’re interested in jobs in social media is to learn a different tool that people who work in social media use and I learned all of these tools really while I was working at CNN so it’s possible that you might learn these tools at an internship but maybe if you can’t get an internship if you’re out of school that’s not the city or something like that you might want to just familiar left familiarize yourself with some of these tools I don’t think any of them are free because new hands pay to use them but just to even kind of research how people use them what they are and how they work could give you a leg up in terms of in an interview process or just even when you first start your job just kind of already being familiar with the type of tools are you so some of the tool that I use personally like we use something called crab tangle this is something that I use at CNN and I also use it my current job at Mashable and it’s basically like a tool that you can compile a list of other competitors so like if you are and using agency like you’re working at CNN you might put NBC on your list or ABC or you know whatever compile list of competitors and you can see what articles are over performing for your competitors underperforming three competitors it’s also helpful in terms of finding stories you can put like reddit lists in there and you can find stories that way and it’s just kind of helpful in looking at analytics and also for finding content and that’s kind of what most we will use it for I would say something else that I use is social flow at CNN they use something called sprinkler I actually think they’re transition into social flow but kind of both of those are just tools like publishing tools that you don’t have to publish directly on the platforms like instead of publishing instead of sending a tweet directly on Twitter we use social flow to schedule out and optimize tweets and so there are different platforms that different companies use in terms of scheduling things I think CNN also use sprinkler for Facebook we just use like Facebook for business but those kinds of tools are also helpful to familiarize yourself with and then like something else is Google Analytics which I hadn’t had experience with really I used it for my channel but I didn’t use they didn’t use it at CNN they used males for analytics but we use it at Nashville for analytics and you know so different things like that to familiarize ourselves with publishing platforms with analytics platform you know content gathering platform things like data miner things like that are important to kind of at least have a base understanding of what they are and also you know things like Photoshop you might have to use so a lot of different programs and tools I think are important to at least know about if you’re interested in working in social media you know even if you don’t have access to them and you can’t use them even to just know what they are know how they work and know why people use them I think is important the next thing I recommend is taking a practice edit test most jobs in social media I would say will require you to take an edit test at some part of the interview process and every job that I got past the initial stage of or the initial couple stages they have me taken edit test and it worked different for different careers like if you’re a writer you might have to take something like a writing test where you kind of like write sample articles or something like that and if you are and you know what the copy editor you might have to copy edit articles as part of your edit test but for social media editor your edit test will usually involve a couple of different steps of being given articles and then you kind of have to show how you would package it for social media also showing your past work in social media it’s kind of like a there usually will be like five or six questions that have five or six parts each that you have to fill out as part of the interview process and you can just Google like social media editor so probably be able to find some sort of sample of one and I recommend just kind of looking through those and making sure you kind of know what they are understand what people are looking for in terms of an edit text because you’re definitely gonna have to take one if you want to work in that field when you’re actually looking for jobs just like I said you have to diversify when you’re looking for internships you gotta talk there’s a lot of different things like search terms you can put in when you’re looking on Linked.In or zip recruiter or Glassdoor or anything like that when you’re searching for jobs you don’t want to say just social media editor you might want to put it like my current job title social media producer which is pretty much the same as being social media editor but you know this this company called it something else so you might not there might be things that you’re missing out on if you don’t look for the certain for certain thing so just like I said for internships same for jobs but if you know you want to do social media I recommend social media editor social media producer and digital marketer I think are the three that you really need to be looking for for jobs for internships it can be a little more broad like if you’re talking PR you’re talking marketing but you know for a job that you want to do social media I recommend sitting to those three social media producers social media editor and digital marketer are kinds of three that I found gave me exactly what I was looking for in terms of a social media job these are kind of all of my tips in terms working in social media the only thing else I could say is to have a strong social media presence personally a lot of companies really value that if their social media you know if the person you’re interviewing for social media job has a platform that they’re really strong on like my channel is something that I’ve been able to leverage in interviews and some people might have a really large Instagram following or really large twitter following and just having a strong following even on one platform really shows in the person who’s interviewing you that you are qualified and scale for that job because you’ve been able to grow a social media channel for yourself and so that’s definitely important and you know making sure your social media is really strong across all platforms and you have a presence I think really can help you out in the job search and it’s just another talking point in terms of your experience you know like even if you don’t consider like you haven’t the large in ceremony as part of your experience it definitely is if you’re looking for social media job serve all of my tips and truths I hope you guys found this video helpful if you have any more questions about working in social media or getting a social media job feel free to leave them down in the comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them thank you so so much for watching and I’ll see you next one bye. .