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the book from jobs that we like can be a tricky business, can’t it? If you’re a student or graduate, someone who can’t find a job, or a careers advisor of any kind, this short will help you make the most of your social media to find a job. I’ve written the book to be a practical and action-based guide, with lots of employer case studies, headhunter insights and tips to get going.

It doesn’t matter what stage in your career you’re at, although the book is aimed primarily at students about to enter the job market. Whether you’re looking for UK graduate jobs, or a change of employment over-seas, having professional, up-to-date social media accounts makes you look like someone worth hiring.

This book also contains a warning! Think about it – what are your privacy settings on What pictures of you are out there for future employers to see? More and more British companies are checking up on applicants on like this, so if you’re hoping to find a job in the UK, beware! Change your privacy settings, and change your profile picture – it doesn’t have to be boring, but it’s best if it’s not scandalous, either! For more on this, see my other video about how can lose you your dream job: luck, and let me know how you get on with the job hunting!

You can also “Social Media for Job Hunting” from Amazon, here:.

From Student to Salary ebook

How to get a job using Social Media.This e. Book is for anyone who is looking for

a job, students and graduates in particular,but it could be anybody and also people who

might be advising them, careers advisers andanyone who is trying to help. It is Social Media for job hunting. Did you know that a third of employers are

already recruiting online?So they’re not putting jobs through recruitment

agencies and in newspapers, but they are puttingmessages on Twitter and Linked. In “does anyone

know. . .

.whomever. . ?”They’re putting ads out on Linked. In, so

are you there to be found?This e. Book is going to show you how to target

and build relationships with employers. It’s going to show you how to do that on

Twitter and through Linked. In, also how todemonstrate your expertise through blogs.

It’s also got a warning in there, just this

morning I saw a student’s profile on Facebookfor the whole world to see, no privacy settings

and he said “got three interviews, justshows you what bull shitting can do to an

employer.”How stupid is that?If you were an employer doing a search for

this person to see what they are like, whichemployers do, this e. Book talks about exactly

that. If you’re looking at this you’re going

to think well do I actually want him in myteam if that’s how arrogant he is or you

might think, you know what, I’m going togive him a really hard time at interview,

go on you tell me just what have you beensaying to me that is such bull shit or whatever. So go on, give yourself the best chance of

being found and when people find you theylike what they see and think “I want you

on my team. ”Then make sure that you build relationships

so that you target employers you really wantto work with. Good luck. Get the book from Kindle, through Apple on

the Ipad, or from our Facebook northernlightspr.

com.I hope you get a job. . .