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Did you know, the secret to landing a top job using social media is simply using the right techniques? In tough times it’s even more important to use all approaches in your job Here the Interview Founder talks you through 9 “insider secrets” you can use to accelerate your job starting today. For more information on getting the job you want visit.

hi my name’s Sam waterfall and this is a quick recap of a lecture that I gave recently as a guest lecturer at Newcastle University Business School it’s all about marketing yourself for a social media and in this talk I’m going to reveal seven job search secrets that you should know now I was actually a student myself but in Newcastle University just a few years back and so it was great and a real pleasure to be invited to reserve by the Career Service to speak to the students of the current business school and it’s good to see that the weather hasn’t changed much when I was there as a student myself it was a real pleasure for me and for my business to be represented amongst many other great companies that were talking during your career development week now I’m a market here and I started my career working for some of the world’s best known marketing companies learning exactly what it takes to create market and self products but since 2003 when i founded interview dr.i’ve been applying my hard won marketing knowledge to the marketing of the most exciting product of all people people like you and people like me and during this time i’ve had the privilege of personally guiding the careers of hundreds of my clients and through my talks like ebooks my videos I’ve influenced many more see I have created CVS and guided the careers of people from fortune 500 companies CEOs footsie 104 directors hedge fund managers senior consultants Tesco directors PR directors creatives marketed and people from around the world and of course I’ve worked with students and graduates as well so this talk is now me returning to the business school and what I wanted to do in just a few minutes here is give you a two part summary so there will be two videos coming up here the first one I’m going to look at seven job search secrets that you should really know about and in the next part just click on the next video what I’m going to reveal is actually at I kind of like a mini master class for using Linked. In for your personal marketing so let’s get on with that you see in recent years this has happened this is actually a picture of the world’s Facebook connections and while it’s very beautiful it’s also very important because the world is becoming very connected socially when we’re using social media what we need to think about is that we are actually engaging in personal brand management what we need to think about it who are we targeting with this message what should we say to those people and indeed how do we go about expressing it you see social media is just a tool it’s one of many tools that you can use and what you need to do is use it as a tool which can do a job for you to help you executing your personal brand see what happens these days when we send a CV or application very often your name gets put straight into Google and of course the question is what will this reveal will it tell your story will it reveal your nightmare or will it show nothing at all see now there are the big for the space book of course Twitter Linkedin and more recently Google Plus I think these are the four you need to be represented on certainly at the moment these are the hot social media networks that it’s important to understand and be part of so social medias secret number one is that nothing works until you decide that is important for you to win in your job search it’s very competitive out there right now and so important when you decide then you’re going to be a winner secret number two is the formula for being above average now this was taught to me once while I was working in America and a great man named Dan Moore told me about this what you told me was the foreman of the thing above average we were we can kind of work that out from the formula for being average if we want to be average all we have to do is look around us and copy what everybody else is too already told me was this if you observe what everybody else is doing and do the opposite then you can end up above average now a big an important message for that is the lesson that we learned obvious atoms and this really is probably the best marketing book that you’ve never read go too obvious Adams org and you can pick up a copy of this free of charge or you can even download the audiobook as well secret number three is that everything counts the good the bad the ugly seemingly inconsequential see when it comes to social media perception is reality what people actually find online about you is the message they will get that so think before you tweet and think before you text there’s like a law here if you actually can’t see the text that you’re writing being suitable to be published in the front of a big newspaper and maybe you shouldn’t send me to the first ones and of course think before you share there’s a few interesting pictures that are already out there on facebook so think very carefully about the message that you’re sending and my big message on facebook is probably up the privacy settings and make sure you’re not sharing more than thought you were secret number four is about telling a consistent story decide to tell one story till one compelling story about your cv and across your social media platforms and when your interview as well by telling one consistent story you’ll get it absolutely straight and it will be the message you want to have secret number five is the strength of weak ties I really commend to your reading the paper by Brown a better the strength of weak ties this is all about increasing your number of acquaintances by growing your network what you’ll find is that you will engage with people who are involved in different circles of influence we know different people and they can introduce you to new jobs new people your friends and of course new partners as well secret number six service your network and this is so important once you’ve built your network you need to look after your network you have to share to give to them to connect with them help them to remember who you are social media secret number seven social etiquette now it’s very much like meeting people offline when you meet people online of course you should be polite should be authentic and nervous family on this I’ve got a little question for you know which actor has the most likes on Facebook let’s perhaps not who you think it’s actually Vin Diesel now then diesel is perhaps not the person you’d expect how the most likes on Facebook but his facebook profile is very authentic and found seemed to really like that as he shares more clothes thoughts for his family and things we’ve just bring them across being real person and that goes down very well to the social media now you’ve got a bonus secret secret number 8 it’s a land grab out there you have to own it now now what do I mean by this it’s so important that you get out there quickly and you own your social media real estate so that means make sure that you own the right Twitter account for your name make sure that you’ve wrapped your vanity URL now vanity URLs are where you can actually put your name at the end of facebook com twitter com go to + min for words like your name the Google+ or indeed for Linked. In as well if you miss out let somebody else we shares your name getting their foot you can never have this and you end up being John Jones 76 or Jon Jones 304 and that’s not as good for your personal branding so make sure you own your real estate look at those big 4 and go and do that now because otherwise you’re going to miss out and another bonus for you this is secret number 9 build your network before you need it don’t wait until it’s too late don’t wait until you don’t have a job when you really need one if we start to build your network start building your network today so it’s there for you when you need it now that’s the end of part one if you now click on video number two you can see the second part of this talk like I said that bit coming up now is a mini master class on how to use Linked. In if you need more details of course on any of this information please go to interview dr. calm my name’s Sam water pool is been a pleasure of sharing those secrets about job search success with you how you can use social media to promote your personal brand I’ll see you in part. .