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In this video, How To Get A Modeling Job For Beginners, Daniel Maritz from DLM Model Lifestyle shows you how to get a modeling job. If you want to know how to get modeling jobs for men, modeling jobs for a woman or modeling jobs for kids, this video explains the basic way of getting modeling jobs for beginners.The video shows behind the scenes footage of modeling jobs. This video is a must watch to get modeling tips for beginners so that you will know how to do modeling jobs with no experience. The video also shows you modeling castings, by showing you model casting auditions. Now you know how to work as a male model. Check out the video and to see more upcoming videos

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hi today I’m gonna show you how to get a

modeling job I am Daniel Maritz and thisis the DLM model lifestyleokay so how do you get a modeling job?

well first you need to get a modelingagency if you want to know how to get a

model agency then check out my video onhow to get a modeling you

will also need a model portfolio whichis a book of your best model photos in

them check out my video on how to get amodel portfolio but let’s say you have a

model agency and a model portfolio thereare two ways to get modeling jobs you

get the jobs through going to castingsthe other way is through direct bookingsso what is a casting well the casting islike a job interviewyour agency will

send you to meet with a client when youget there

you will show them your model portfolioand they will go through your pictures

if they like you and your modelportfolio then they might ask you to

change into their clothes and also takesome pictures they do this for two

reasons first they need to see how theirclothes fit on you and second they need

to see how you would pose so that theyknow how you would perform on the day of the photo shootin this market we haveto go to castings with Booker’s in a van

we cannot go to the castings byourselves

because we cannot speak their languageyou also need to prepare yourself for

the competition that you will encounterthere are a lot of models going for a

casting and they are all competing forthe same job let’s say your agency has

five models that go to the casting butthere are 10 agencies in the whole

market that means your competition isaround 50 models and they all want the

same jobnow when the clients have seenall the models they will choose the

model that they like the most if theylike your personality your modeling

portfolio how the clothes fit on you andyour poses then you might book the jobthe clients will then contact your model

agency and set up a date for themodeling job and that is it you are

bookednow the second way to get bookedfor a modeling job is through direct

bookings now how do direct bookings work?well the client books you for the job

just from seeing your photos online orthey have worked with you before and want

to use you againyou do not need to do acasting for direct bookings they just

booked you directly from the agencybecause they like younow direct bookings

can also be international for exampleyou might live in South Africa like I do

and then the client contacts your modelagency to book you for a job in Thailand

the client will normally pay for yourflight your accommodation and all the

other expenses in your time thereso what kinds of modeling jobs are there

well let me explain some of the basicjobs there are photoshoots TV

commercialscampaignsfashion shows showrooms and events now

some people have asked can I get amodeling job without an agency? well the

short answer is yes but it is extremelydifficult if you are a new modelsome models have been modeling for years withdifferent model agencies so they know

the clients already but I would suggestnot to try this at all because you do

not know who you can trustthis is especially dangerous for girls

there are a lot of weird and dangerouspeople out there so be very careful get a

good modeling agency that you can trustto send you the castings and direct

bookings that is the best way to getgood quality modeling jobs now now if

you want to know more about modelingcheck out my ebook down in the

descriptionalright so now you know howto get a modeling jobif you liked the

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