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hi guys i am Ranga today my video how to apply a job on Facebook ok if you are interface designer graphic designer and the web designer or if you are the engineer or if you have the skill with math though Facebook require from the candidate you can apply job on the Facebook okay if you are the locust you will get the job the company like the Facebook Google ok the Facebook it attract the talent from all over the world but it hire geographically if the vacancy are required on the asia pacific it hire from the asia pacific if from the Middle East and it hired from Middle East if it required from the Europe it higher from the Europe European country so the Facebook a low is higher the talent from the the continent were they required okay today I teach you how to apply job on Facebook okay first of all you have to log in your Facebook account and type here www.facebook. com/sheilanmusicband in which country you want to work okay just click here on the region and from the drop down menu okay now I select the Asia and South Pacific okay okay here are the ASEAN country and you can see here the position means 98 vacancy are available on the Singapore Sydney Australia at vacancy Taipei Taiwan is six vacancy Tokyo Japan is 13 vacancy and so on your are Hong Kong 18 vacancy or Hyderabad in the 8th position just for example and now I go to apply a job ok from Hyderabad or for hold the bus ok click on Hyderabad ok you can see here the available job 1 business integrity training specialist and another is IT Help Desk specialist ok ok here are the other vacancies market manager community of racism and market especially India or do community operation ok in which your escolar mess most and apply for that job ok suppose I want to apply for market manager see here and here you will find the obligor to supply the facebook will automatically take your data and your location from your facebook account ok now my account is already come here my name address and my location from here write down the skill what do we have and your education history from here and additional information if you have any additional information you can add from here then indicate our gender okay if you are male male female female and please check one of the box below ok from here yes I am disability if you are the disability just click on disability because the facebook also give a chance the disability people okay if you not disability just click here and but you don’t forget to upload the resume from here okay let’s click and a finer do you read me and open it okay now it is the final step submit your application once your application is submitted then Facebook will sort listed the candidate who have applied for that particular position and they can call for the interview thank you guys for watching my video I hope best a block and don’t forget to subscribe my channel and how you feel about my video please comment below. .