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what is going on guys today I want to show you guys uh the best way I know on how to make money online it’s really cool you’re gonna be making a really good amount of money so it’s actually my cousin that show me this recently and I’m just gonna share with and share it with you guys so first thing you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to go on any browser on your Android or i.OS device and you’re gonna want to go on app testers dock you’re putting a link in the description for you guys it’s okay and let’s just let it load okay so basically all you need to do is you’re testing games and apps and you get points and you’re you use those points to redeem rewards and scroll down to go to the dollars you see $15 paypal $15 amazon and 100 points is $15 so let’s say you do lures mobile those mobile all you need to do is install it open it and duck completing to castle level 5 and you get 210 points and it’s already like 30 something dollars for one up so I was really cool it’s like the yeah and there’s mourners Final Fantasy jackpot and others so yeah it’s really cool like the video this helped you comment any questions down below peace. .