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Welcome to Haroon’s Hangout! The internationally featured show on marketing – where we make digital marketing simple, straightforward and fun!

In this episode Haroon Rashid (Khemeia Consulting’s head of digital marketing) is joined by Tom Almas and Joanna Pease (from Hope Business Park, Bradford). Where they will be talking about how you can hire the right social media manager, the qualities of a good social media manger and how to integrate social media in your business.

Welcome to Haroon’s Hangout! The internationally-featured show on marketing Making digital marketing simple, straight forward and fun!

This is perfect for marketing managers, SEO managers and social media managers who want to grow their business through digital marketing.

This is for any business who wants to be different, challenge traditions and push boundaries. The name of the game is business growth through
Episode 46 – How To Hire The Right Social Media Manager
Feat. Khemeia Consulting’s Haroon Rashid (Head of Digital Marketing) and Tom Almas and Joanna Pease of Hope Park Business Centre

In today’s episode of Haroon’s Hangout, Haroon Rashid and Jon Stephenson talk about what is marketing Notes:
1. Hope Park Business Centre, Bradford
When picking someone to run their social media marketing, Tom says that he needed someone he could trust, who was personally social media savvy and active and that was good with people.

Tom’s style isn’t one of micro-managing but one of empowerment – trusting his staff to do their job well.

3. Humanising the Brand
Joanna’s approach was to embrace the fun aspect of working at Hope Park Business Centre, engaging with people and doing all this in a visual way. Joanna sees herself as a visual person so it was natural to use images heavily n their social media strategy.

The Khemeia Workout:
This is the part of the show where our tell you, the audience ONE thing to do straight away.

Tom – From a strategic or managerial level, embrace social media. Don’t disregard it. It’s not a waste of time.

Joanna – You’ve got to have fun. It’s called, “social” for a reason. Start with one tweet a day.

Haroon’s Hangout presented by the Khemeia Network and Khemeia Consulting – where we believe is the key to business growth.

hey sports fans Haroon Rashid and welcome to her wounds hang out the internationally featured still on marketing innovation as always we are presented by the Cameo network and cameo consulting yorkers innovation agency where we believe that innovation is the key to business growth today how to hire the right social media manager and this is for any business who is looking for the right social media person anybody to take over their social media marketing and today is a very very special episode because i’m doing my first ever double interview that’s right two people on her is hanging out being interviewed both from hope park business center like to introduce you all to my good friends Tom almus and Joanna peas how’s it going guys I understand you guys have got a mascot with you is that right yeah I forgot mine today I’ve just got my Superman bottle so I hope that’s ok so today we’re going to be talking about how to hire the right social media person so do you guys just want to introduce what you guys do at home park business center first of all sure we hope our business center was tlg the education charity about six years ago the idea is that we provide office lettings and business facilities such as meeting rooms conference facilities for the benefit of the charity so we let those facilities out and all the revenue we generate goes straight back into the charity but we’re very high end top quality space we’ve got about a 7 million pound building in which we house about 22 different tenants from banks to small electronics companies to we buy any car calm and I obviously the facility and Juwanna oversees our marketing their stay running excellent so do you want to give us a bit of a background Tom as to you know cuz you’re saying you all you were obviously in the facility there was an obvious need then so Julian tells a bit of the background about what the need was and how you went about to sort that need out what we can become affectionately nicknamed Bradford’s best kept secret which in one sense was good but it’s a bit of a backhanded compliment because on the flip side of that is really be a secret we’ve got great facilities were popular with people that users but actually one of our problems was that we not widely known so while we’ve well we’ve got a large uptake of tenants and people that use our facilities where were not very very well known as some of the other business centers are in bra the Dean really well for us was to just to create some awareness to generate awareness we traditionally done that through kind of the the traditional marketing routes but now we kind of wanted to get with the digital age and that’s why we were looking at really utilizing social media excellent so um you had been obvious need to try and I just ate get up today get with the digital age and all that star stuff how did you go about choosing Joanna well we used to have a receptionist that worked here and every time I walk past the computer she was just always on facebook and most people tend to kind of have a facebook or some sort of social media up and particularly sort of on reception where kind of you know it’s busy and there’s a bit of buzz and kind of you know is like I was walking past each kept clicking over saying she was working I figured well you know we use Facebook she doesn’t work for us anymore but you know if people gonna have facebook up and then why not use it for business so we really wanted somebody who enjoyed kind of being social engaging with people buddy who’s expressive somebody who is engaging and so when we interviewed one of the things that I was looking for was somebody who was very personable who who liked being on facebook and twitter and all that kind of stuff because it’s not doesn’t really come naturally to me but Joanna really loves that kind of thing oh when she said that that’s kind of things you most thing I thought if she’s gonna got it might as well this and Joanna we’ve known each other for many years and I know that we’re friends on Facebook personally and you are very active on there and you hey yeah meet my mom as well so that’s my get out clause it is like this invisible community so I love it and to see the chair visions if it’s even better so it’s a second thing really is a second well sure you brilliant so less this could be like a nice segue than into asking Joanna been so when you came on board with her park business center where did you start how did what web what yeah what how did you start where did you start and I did know how did thing is opening accounts if no one’s done that before how to register get baffled these things just barely now especially if you use them from an iphone it’s user friendly almost idiot proof but I had an account anywhere with twitter facebook Instagram so I just duplicated that and I love Instagram and I find that images are really good these people so Lions to kind of thinking about like Japan sit together so it doesn’t take along to do during the day and it’s great brilliant and so you’ve got your account sets open there’s so many ways that you can approach social media did you have a particular kind of plan any ideas or did you just think well let me just test out certain things and just see how they work out like what what happened with you cells well we sort of tallied up what’s up people and there’s a common thread of what sort of companies are coming what’s up people so when I get onto facebook and twitter I’ll find those particular companies so for example we have lots of pharmaceutical companies coming and they flip side of it we have lots of educational institutes so first things first go and find them on Twitter and follow them find on facebook and start liking their pages and the general etiquette these days is that you follow me and I’ll follow you and things start to grow and people see the threads and they then join so just multiply every day excellent and I think it’s a good thing there because you’re actually following people who are relevant to you you actually have a connection with who you know who you see on a day to day basis so I’m suppose that will help with your engagement levels so in terms of actual purse because I we follow you guys we see all of your posts and they’re going back to the whole Instagram and images thing we’ve noticed that you guys use a lot of images and you were pictures of yourselves at work or having a coffee or franker at the Catholic so uh has image has been a really big thing that’s worked for you guys well it is and just for me I’m a visual person and i believe the one element of marketing curiosity if you’ve got a funny picture thing people will click on it and it catches the attention quicker so yeah that’s my thoughts on it so basically what she’s saying is she likes taking selfie op’s a word you should see some of the recent ones with the coffee I liked on this morning actually I saw you with the cost of coffee mug in your like that but I think they get likes the don’t their comments and shares and all that sort of stuff oh if ain’t broke a time are we gonna see some selfies of you so at some point yeah well I think one of the things for me one of the barriers to social media was just dumbing down the corporate nasai think people are not kind of into the corporate thing and actually just the informality of it it’s a great way to physically engage with your customers as well you know they’re just walking path reduction you like oh hey can we take selfies you know those are kind of a different way to the gym general kind of business you know legalities and all the other things that we have to do and with it being on reset the reception function kind of having the responsibility marketing there at the home of everything that goes on people that come in people that go out all the things that happen that environment is where the buzz happens so that’s kind the other reason why we felt it having somebody based on reception to manage this media would be it would be but idea or too long a strategic move on your part because rather than having someone in the offices upstairs or whatever you wanted someone right in the thick of the action and all that right I sit in a bit of an ivory tower really I don’t really kind of see what everything that happens now I trust these guys to kind of make a good impression on people oh you know when then at the hub of everything going on here and that’s a good you know when you thinking somebody somebody who you can turn a customer facing lowlife it is many respects possible i will lose okay then we a bit of a break up there but we got you guys back here we go yeah we’ve got you back well that could be a really nice segue into the next part because you use the word trust Tom and I was going to ask you a little bit about now how you guys work together what your processes but is trust a big element in terms of social media for you and your respect Tom hello yeah i mean the building a brand is is you you oh I think we just lost you for a split second there have you guys got me back now can you hear me you okay oh right okay I think we’ve got you now can you hear me now we back on yeah we’re back on now sorry could you just repeat that last part funny time about the whole trusting go yes yeah so trust was a big part for you when well you know over the years we so we’ve worked very hard to build up the quality of our brand to for people to associate the things that we want them to associate with our name and that’s all about the quality and the kind of premium end of the market and so you know the trust element on because you know it’s all about kind of making sure that the brand stays intact you know the brand maintain integrity and so kind of you know I think it’s not just about you know getting on Twitter and stuff well I think somebody has to fundamentally understand what you’re about and understand the brand and the end goals of what you’re trying to achieve and then kind of be strategic around how they they use social media it’s not just a case of putting I hey everybody we’ve had are you having a nice day you know there’s always something related to developing the brand behind kind of everything that we posting out excellent and so tell me a little bit how about how you guys work together cuz you know some people could be micromanaging some people could be just like all right off you go I trust you you just go ahead and do it you just tell me a bit about how that relationship works between the two of you Ola Jordan yeah I think it is more of a case of off you go and do it and I think that’s part of the ethics here at hook parks they are and that’s more empowering they do trust you and leave you to it and so I mean in the beginning I was joking like is this all right it is that all right and then just being encouraged that that’s fine and it’s more empowering than being checked upon all the time so but yeah it’s great I mean Tom followers on Twitter we’re all sort of into links so we all get to chat with each other and share the same photos and comments so it does people on the outside can see the relationship and the banter that we’re having at the team and it’s quite infectious with humor one another we sent silly photos or you’ve sent some of make Franco famous for the day so if I’m tastic excellent and what I’ve been the key lessons that you have both learned so far from every other experiments that done and now that you’ve got yourselves going what been the key lessons for you guys individually and how to write too much information for me the big lesson is just short snappy especially if it’s Twitter we don’t want to read an essay we just want a one liner probably similar with Facebook pulling more visuals for facebook more videos but short and punchy is probably what I need to stick through not write any essays how about yourself Tom I think a kind of strategic level what we realized was is that we do live in in a world now where you defined by what you share and you know we have so many people that come in and out of this building who could be sharing you know their experiences of a park and we just weren’t live leveraging that at all and since we’ve kind of connected with those people we encourage them to share and we kind of a strategic level of a bill of a relationship with our tenants where we sort of add value to one another through sharing and kind of projects that people are working on so for example we’ve got printer or an architect there they post something we retweet it they retweet asked of and so we kind of mutually build a beneficial kind of relationship on the social media platforms that kind of promotes us both and then we you know we provide to each other’s followers and things like that so kind of them join us gray edge of engaging with people by a strategic level you know there’s a lot of thought on into you know how do we do this how do we gain kind of volume in terms of people at earth that were exposed to we had see total cently and we’ve got one of the major bank cooperations in our building they did a cycle the day before Tour de France but I caught on on the hashtags Tour de France and I remember that day just hashtagging Tour de France toward a Yorkshire we got loads of followers that day the bank people would look at a cycle so there’s lots of things in common it was great fun as well excellent leveraging technique that could you find out what’s popular if it’s a hashtag or trending topic or whatever and you do find that because the traffic is there people will come across your content and then they’ll the follow of you they’ll follow you if they like you that’s really great i look as well Tom what you’re saying about sharing experiences I think that’s a really really good way of putting it so awesome we’re going to move now into the kemia workout but before we do that haroon’s hangout is presented by the Cameo network and can we consult scene where we believe that innovation is the key to business growth so guys the kemia work out what is the one thing that you want our audience to do straight away after watching this hangout let’s start with Tom I would say if you are a strategic level like myself and just embrace social media I was very not afraid but I was very much stuck in my traditional roots of sales marketing but the more of engage with it the more I embraced it that the better I’ve seen the benefits of and there are a lot of people out there who are maybe more a strategic level who just think oh it’s a waste of time it’s not waste of time just just get engaged with it get started with it and embrace it Joanna you’ve got to have fun at the end of the day the word social is when people are relaxed and people coming out for nothing heavy have fun I think it shows and start with a daily tweet 13 today and you’ll probably be on there longer than you thought brilliant guys we’re running out of time but where can people find you guys online our website is Ho Park third at UK and our do you wanna let you tell the Twitter and Facebook Twitter got Tom at hpbose Joanna at HP business park Instagram hope luck business and I think that’s about this for now facebook hello from hot park and i’ll be more to follow really we’ll put all your links and the show knows we’ll put your website link and all your social media links there where people can follow you so guys do go check him out well thank you very very much for coming on the show we’ve loved having you on the show thank you excellent well thanks a lot for joining us today guys as always we’ll put all the show notes on the blog so go check out chemie consulting com this has been haroon’s hangout as I say we’ll be back next Wednesday 10 a.m. greenwich meridian time and i will be talking with one of the kemia members on something to do with social media innovation our SEO innovation we haven’t quite decided yet but do check us out as always from me the guys at Hope at business center take care sports fans. .