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Specific step-by-step instructions to privatize your profile so that employers can’t find it during a job Great info for anyone looking for a job who has account. Your information not be as private as you think, and employers often their candidates online! Created by FlexJobs the leading source for telecommuting and flexible job listings..

welcome to Q&A with Flex jobs today you asked how should I privatize my facebook profile during a job search first of all why would you want to make your Facebook account private when you’re job searching the simple reason is that employers search for job candidates online it’s today’s reality in a job search that if an employer gets your resume or cover letter they have your name and they’re going to do a Google search of you just to see what comes up facebook accounts that aren’t private can be seen by those employers who are doing the searching and most people wouldn’t want employers to see their Facebook activity facebook is considered more of a personal or private thing so how do you make your account private first you’re going to want to go to account and then privacy settings the account button is found in the upper right hand corner of your Facebook and then privacy settings is the fourth option down first you can choose your default privacy they give you three main options public friends and custom you can choose friends to allow only or approved Facebook friends to see your information or you can choose the custom setting and then customize settings after that to get even more detailed next you’re going to want to disable the public search option if you go to the apps and websites area and choose edit settings and then go to public search and choose edit settings you can make sure that the box enabled public search is unchecked that’s this box right down here this makes sure that anybody who’s searching for your name isn’t going to find anything about you from facebook in a general website search next you’re going to want to control tagging by friends friends can tag you in photos and other content that they post if you go to how tags work and choose edit settings there’s a variety of options to choose from and you’re going to want to make sure that you review each of these and select the appropriate privacy setting there’s your profile view tag review profile visibility tag suggestions and friends can check you in two places using the mobile places app if you want to turn these things off you’re more than welcome and if you want to make sure that things that you are tagged in are visible only to your friends the profile visibility one is the one to pay attention to control who can find you on facebook go to how you connect and choose edit settings and this list of options is going to come up you can check who can look up your profile by name or contact info who can send you friend requests who can send you facebook messages who can post to your wall and who can see wall posts by others on your profile these are all important things to look at just in case an employer is able to see any of these if you choose friends for each of these then only the friends that you’ve made on facebook that have been approved friends will be able to see this information should you allow parts of your facebook profile to be public for employers you can edit your profile to include some public information but not all you could go to view your profile so that you’re actually looking at your profile from the perspective of someone else and then choose edit profile and that can be found under that upper right hand corner with the edit profile option here this is going to bring up a list of different options to choose from it depends on the information that you’re already showing based on the settings that we’ve already gone over but you might be able to show them information about you as a professional such as your education and work history your activities and interests and maybe even your contact information depending on if you want employers to be able to contact you and again all of this makes sense if you have edited your information so that it’s appropriate for employers to see if Facebook is a truly personal thing for you and it’s not something that you want in your professional life you can either completely private eyes your settings like we’ve shown you how to do or some people are creating to Facebook accounts one that’s a private account and one that’s a public account and the public one would be much more appropriate for employers and list things like education and work history and that sort of thing so really it’s ultimately up to you but we would highly recommend privatizing your facebook information if it is a personal thing to you after you’ve done all this work you want to make sure that your settings have actually done the trick and made your profile private so sign out of facebook google your name as it appears in facebook doing just a regular Google search or a web search then check the web and image search results and if you see anything from facebook that’s not a good sign because if you set up your privacy settings in the way that we’ve instructed you shouldn’t be able to see anything about you from facebook in a general web search you can learn more at WWF lex jobs com.