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In this video, I talk about how to make money online in 2018 using social media marketing.

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alright see ya all right Debbie so let me just make sure we’re good we’re talking about today talking about how to make money on social media in 2008 and 18 we’re talking twenty thousand dollars a month or more and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg so get some feedback hear me nuts guys getting feedback I gotta figure out what this come from I think it’s Facebook test test test okay all right so let me just do his quick sound check I had a whole whole thing set up oh my Wirecast can’t figure it out you guys to notice those have technical difficulties here so can you guys hear me is there any like reverb or any kind of issues with video playback I had this whole thing set up wait leave it to me to wait till the last minute to try to test everything out have a little bit of some reverb still come on alright how’s that how we doing so yeah we’re gonna roll with it I had my original plan was I had this huge thing planned out but I was all set up the Wirecast it’s not streaming correctly so there’s something I’m working off this old old school OBS platform so they were talking about how to make money online we’re talking all the stuff the cutting edge stuff that’s working in 2018 so just give you some ideas here the type of money you can make with this this is really just the tip of the iceberg this is only that fraction of what I’m making with the techniques that I’m showing you here today so let me just get the screen up a little little rusty here let see window capture is that it yes okay sure you should see where’s this coming from you know just play capture I don’t know what you guys are seeing right now this is a complete mess there should be I think somewhere around here I can’t tell if you can see on the screen because it’s kind of blocking everything there we go so this is last month of commission $23,000 off of one program that I promote so this is literally just a fraction of what I make in a line so I want to show you the type of money that I could make again just a small portion of what you can make using these tactics here alright so there am see alright so there’s a quick shout outs to get started here we got we got oh man over 180 people on this is crazy a bunch of people on Facebook live you know what let’s just get started let’s get to the good stuff here alright today what we’re gonna do is we’re talking in this is the cutting edge stuff that’s going to work in my opinion from here on out if you’re serious about making money online what am i teach here’s where you kind of have to go now some of this has to do with my debt my deadbeat super affiliate system some doesn’t this is kind of going to the next level here so hopefully this is not too advanced for you guys I’m talking about some more advanced tactics so hopefully guys don’t go nuts here so let’s see so what first thing off the bat here I do have live streams I’m starting pretty regularly here gonna be doing some pretty cool stuff on that so if you’re not on the screen there should be a URLs deadbeat University comm slash live so just open that new tab and subscribe to that I’ll send you a message every time I go live just give you some advanced as up alright so let’s get that out of the way got that if you’re not make sure you subscribe hit the notification Bell icon so you can get notified of any videos that I’ve released when I release them alright so we have a $500 cash competition I’m going to be asking questions throughout the stream here if you’re on facebook jump over to my channel just in case that’s where that’s where I’m gonna be answering asking the questions and looking for the answers to for the contest so with all I said we got some lag I got some issue here honey oh yes like I said guys I had this huge thing plan but the Wirecast software that I use totally just like bunked out on me alright so today we’re talking about social media now to me for a while to understand the true power behind social media back in the day I was like oh you get likes you get you know at Facebook Likes for example I didn’t really understand how powerful it is so basically Facebook Likes mate when they like your post on your Facebook page or basically the equivalent equivalent of them joining your email list so we’re gonna do is talk about the three social media platforms that you should focus on that can actually make you money as an affiliate marketer so we’re not talking just likes for the heck of getting likes and I’m getting you know social media engagement just to be cool and you know social with everybody we’re talking about how to make money with affiliate marketing leveraging social media so if you’re serious about making money online this is the future let’s get to the graphs and see what’s going on here by the way guys I have this simultaneously running on Facebook live and first time doing that let’s see what happens here we go alright so let’s pull the good old Adobe Photoshop get one of my my snazzy little graphs going on here alright see me a second it’s a little rough today a little rough today like I literally spent like a whole hour and a half like two three hours getting this all together why are cats pooped out on me alright so video capture so here we are right there alright see Facebook guys I think this is probably not going to work let me see how to share a screen on Facebook cuz I don’t know how to do that Facebook people you’re probably not we will see the the screen capture that I’m doing so what I recommend if you’re on Facebook right now just jump over onto my channel you might be able to see the screen the actual screen capture presentation a little bit better alright so social media what’s the deal can you make money with it here’s how you do it alright so make sure you pay attention let me ask you all kinds of questions and whatnot this is how you’re gonna get paid if you want to win some of the cash come be on Pay.Pal by the way so the cash part prizes will be deliver on hey pal all right so there wait wait you gotta look at this is kind of a move the stupid way there might be some heck I’m just getting my nerves alright so you got this is how like internet works right you have the up the upwards funnel this is gonna sound crazy at first you have the upwards funnel and the downwards funneled so the downward funnel is basically once you get everyone to here this is where you make your money so this could be some fun like people to your email list this could be products that you have to sell this just could be a simple follow up sequence you can do this as an affiliate man sorry guys this is just ugly as hell I have to resize pull it together Danny Photoshop is like completely Wiggin out with me of course there we go all right so let’s go back to the crazy funnel idea so the way this internet thing works is you have your top of the funnel that’s all the free traffic sources that you can think about there you can also work in paid traffic in there as well you can consider that the top of the funnel here so here’s the top of the funnel so this is everything from blogging that’s what I teach in my deadbeat super affiliate system Facebook so as me build off your Facebook page this can be your channel this going to your Instagram these Facebook me instagram kind of related instagram this is by the way this is all the new stuff you’ve been learning the last couple months so this is the top of the funnel now you have the bottom half of the funnel this is kind of where the money’s made so think of this as kind of like the bottleneck to your hose you have to fund on every one to this one point so this is usually going to be either a small low price product you know seven to twenty bucks usually it’s a good good start for a low low price product or a free offer so this could be a freebie a squeeze page giveaway anything of that nature you know like a free ebook free report whatever basically you’re you’re directing all this traffic to this concentrated point now behind the scenes here the what I call the back of the funnel this is your way to monetize all the traffic that comes in so this can be most simply done with an email follow up sequence just promoting affiliate offers so let’s say you’re doing a I don’t know like a bodybuilding thing you can have some free content up front and you can have a simple affiliate follow up sequence or just like three to five offers for any different things like supplements training products equipment all that stuff all can be done as an affiliate now obviously you’re going to want to make these your own products at some point so once you get testing once you get the money rolling in you’re going to want to make these your own products so what I teach in my deadbeat super affiliate system is basically how to get that free traffic up here using things like blogging a little bit of but I’ve learned a lot about this in the future someone talks about I mean I’ve learned a lot about this recently so I’m going to talk about how this is going to make you money in 2018 all right let me just jump back on screen here and make sure that we’re all good I think this is a little bit rough today I had that I had it all set up on a different platform this is what we’re rolling with so this is what we got alright everyone how we do is audio good we can cheat lists so people are saying examples of freebies you can do like a cheat sheet you can do a quick ebook video series 3 2 to 3 videos it is important this is where we’re good we’re good sorry guys this is like totally impromptu and my original presentation just like if you guys saw me testing it out totally like bombed out on me so here we go all right so here here’s the deal basically the way this works is what I’ve been discovering over the last I’d say really the last two to three months that is is that if you just focus on getting traffic from Google for example so that’s basically everything I teach in my dad beats my deadbeat super affiliate system so the W super fluid system is mostly just focused on getting Google traffic and there’s nothing wrong with that in the sense that you can make a ton of money just from Google SEO ranking things like articles some videos et cetera et cetera but that is only nowadays where people spend like 10% of their time so people are going on and the girl on the Google when they have a problem they might type in something like how to get ripped arms or how to get bigger how to build the you know one of your biceps or whatever so that’s when they’re looking for specific information but there are always times where people that are interested in this topic they’re spending times websites like Facebook Instagram all of those things where if you just focus on Google SEO you only have a small portion of the time to interact with them so that’s the benefit of social media is you get to interact with people outside of the way you normally would if you just focused on Google SEO so what I like to focus on this is liven spending a lot of time on recently or the three these three things number one email lists email is always very important this is yet another way to reach people on the and outside of their normal their normal google browsing patterns so emails number one I’ve been focusing that allowing that recent recently next thing is your Facebook fan page super super powerful I’ve really underestimated the power of the Facebook fan page it wasn’t really until the last like two months or so that I’ve been realizing how much money can be made from this source here and the third is of course love this is my opinion these two networks right here and Facebook this is where the future is going to be no matter what no matter what you do alright in 2018 this is what you’re gonna want to focus on now it’s part of Facebook they have Instagram kind of integrated in with that so you can kind of you can kind of crossbreed these two platforms in Instagram but I’m not just I’m going to tell you Instagram little rough here I’m gonna tell you guys I’m not an expert at this I do have an Instagram account this is not what I’m focusing on right now these two right here so here’s the deal Facebook fan pages here’s what you need to do so the first thing that you should do paid advertising is obviously going to be the better route to go with the Facebook fan page thing but it’s very simple because once once you get there’s two types of Facebook advertising I mean everyone here one you have like promoting your squeeze page burning offers that’s more complicated seems to go through all this compliance crap there’s a whole whole way to make money with that the second way is advertising straight to your Facebook fan page so you’re gonna get likes you’re gonna promote promote your Facebook fan page content to build likes whenever someone likes some of your content that’s the equivalent of them opting into your email list so you’re basically building a list on Facebook so when you do that then what you can do is you can put whenever you post new posts that could be images or video that’s kind of what I recommend image video so these could be live streams on Facebook live or video files so preferably live stream seems to do best so you got live stream or have you doing on Facebook guys if you can’t see what I’m doing here check out my facebook with my livestream that’s where I’m talking about stuff your video window where are we somewhere oh man okay all right so with Facebook when you get likes to your page that’s the equivalent of them becoming a subscriber now the key to this is that you do have to boost your content if you want to get maximum reach so that is where I think the future is going is building up Facebook fan page subscribers and building up your channel is yet another type of list so Facebook is Facebook and email lists are all just different kind of lists that you can promote offers to whatever you want so this is kind of where you should focus on in my opinion now in 2018 these three properties this should this should say email list email list so this was basically giving you the opportunity to reach people at any given time through the different things that they’re spending spend their time their time on so people got a during different times of the day people are on Facebook during different times of the day people check their email at different times of the day so the chances are to be able to reach them reach your subscribers every single time by just for just one platform is it’s going down the ability to do that because people are spreading their attention out to these other platforms now the good news is is that by focusing all three you’re actually going to make more money so if you’re thinking like oh god now I got to do all three just to make the same amount of money that’s not the way it works you basically make three times the amount of money because you can reach three times the amount of people at different times of the day so you’re gonna reach people that you normally wouldn’t be able to reach so with Facebook one thing that’s pretty hot right now is the Facebook Live Messenger chat BOTS there’s a couple programs out there so you can literally with the facebook Messenger chat live chat you can send out notifications to people’s cell phones and you can stay in contact with them at any point of the day so you should focus on building up your Facebook live list as well as your email list and your list so what I do is just to give you guys crappy little diagram here I know this is a bit rough guys this is like totally impromptu my original presentation kind of fell apart so what you want to do is you get people on your email list and once they join our email list this kind of where I focused my attention on off the bat email list and once they do that then you’re gonna recruit them to go to your fan page join your your channel this works in any niche by the way guys this is universal that’s why I’m focusing on these three Facebook and email list always Universal so this is like kind of the new stuff and of course in my deadbeat super affiliate system you have blogging which is still very very viable way to get traffic I do this in conjunction with the 2000 and stuff that I’m doing right now this is kind of like the cutting edge stuff the deadbeat super affiliate system is all foundational you like you can’t it’s not gonna hurt you to spend time doing what I teach in my deadbeat super affiliate system because this is a great way to build all three of these subscriber bases so you can use your traffic from your blog to build up your email list you can get people to your Facebook page you can get people to your I literally do this on pretty much all of my platform out all my websites so that’s where you should go in my opinion now the face line I talked about Facebook Live Messenger if you go to let me just pop this up right here will show you how I’m doing this you see on the screen here this deadbeat University com slash live so what happens is some if people if you go there right now and you click the connect button you’re gonna get a free guy for me but what what happens is that then I can message you every time I do something so this is a great way to blow up an audience and stay in contact with them because Facebook Live Messenger is connected into their cell phone your cell phone not not everyone but a good portion of them is right you can feed right to the person’s cell phone so you can literally interact with them at any moment and st. and the same with push notification services as well so you’ve got Facebook Live Messenger and we get that out of the way Who am I this is a complete mess all right so we’ve got Facebook live messengers one there’s also things called push notifications have you ever seen those things where if you go to like CNN for example it asks you to little thing this is allowed and whenever you click that every time there’s breaking news a little things oops into the side it’s like Boop and says hey breaking news you might want to consider building up your push notification list so these are great ways to get massive reach and get huge open rate with these type of topics all right so that’s that’s what you want to do let me go back to my cool little diagram here see and just to answer a few of your questions here this works in any niche you are going to have to kind of suck it up and start getting good at video whether it be getting the other people to do videos for you or jumping on camera I think that if you’re serious about making money online in 2018 you are going to have to eventually get over this fear of making videos reality is is it’s easy to do it’s much easier to do than then writing content in my opinion so yes there are different ways you can do it without showing up on camera and that’s something I’m talking about my new program coming up just to recap here’s what we talked about oh this is a little a little crazy today just bear with me guys so this is the top of the funnel so this is all your free traffic sources so this is free traffic you funnel them to one point so this could be a freebie opt in now back here this is kind of where the money making us is made here so a lot of core a lot of affiliate marketing like if you follow my deadbeat super affiliate system we don’t really spend too much time on this and it doesn’t mean that you can’t make plenty of money with just one offer back here but it helps to build up your email list and promote multiple things so if you really want to get past the $10,000 a month mark here’s what you got to focus on all right so free traffic sources blogging that’s one always that’s always a good foundational traffic source definitely recommend totally recommended these kind of are synergistic in a way but I’ve learned a lot over the last two months that’s where I’m focusing on now ‘s a new program coming about about that in about six days so December second all right so you got Facebook totally do not underestimate this this has been one of my biggest mistakes not messing around my Facebook page enough I truly understand how powerful it is nowadays like if you look at all the top guys like in the space like Grant Cardone they’ve millions and millions of Facebook fan page likes that’s how they get so many views on their Live Messenger on their live streams excuse me alright so with all that said hopefully this thing I lost my Facebook peeps Facebook people who you are okay so is there gonna be questions I know this is a little bit this is not what I planned it you know you have problems I’m just rolling with it I had I was used to set up this thing called Wirecast it’s pretty complicated I don’t really get it yet so working on that figure that out so here’s a few questions we’ll do the cash competition in just a second let’s see here so Cory Lynch says I have no problem making videos but I have lack of knowledge experience what do you recommend so this is a good question I am talking about this I’m covering this extensively in my new program I’m launching that December 3rd so basically why didn’t show you on the screen here is how you I’m gonna show you how to do all this that’s in the new program don’t want to talk about that too much right now let’s see so Brian stat Stratton says how do you get $20,000 per month with free traffic so the key to that is building up that back end funnel and building up your audience on the front and so the audience is worth more than money nowadays I’d rather have no money and a big audience than a bunch of money and no audience like that’s how an audience is more more valuable than money in this day and age so you should focus more on on building up your audience like in my deadbeat super affiliate system still a great way to make money guys like people are asking if this is like the old system it’s it’s still something that you can use in conjunction with talking about here today you can only benefit by having that knowledge but the the deadbeat super affiliate system is more focused on immediate sales which is great for beginners because beginners are more focused on just making some money so you can totally make ten thousand dollars a month that way without a big funnel in the back end or without building up in the audience but you can only benefit nowadays by having an audience that’s what gives you sustained power gino Zambelli says do you up can you do Facebook fan pages for your affiliate sites yes absolutely now obviously it’s the effectiveness of that’s going to depend on the topic you know like some some things like perfect example would be trying to think of Tom’s in my head there’s something really boring like you know an ingrown toenail it’s gonna be hard for people to get super passionate about that so that’s something more for laser targeted keyword marketing like making videos around it writing blog content that’s more that’s better for that type of stuff but if you have some anything any broad health niche like getting more muscles anything like that and improve your brain strength stuff like that where you can get people on your list for many many years God that you have a huge benefit of doing that let’s see here where’d you get the deadbeat super affiliate system just go to deadbeat super affiliate com there should be a link below so that’s still that’s a great way to make money that’s with blogging it’s better for laser phobia beginner that’s a great place to start if you want to get this looked like the ten thousand dollar month mark maybe a little more that can get you there that could potentially get you there let me just say legally I can’t guarantee or any specific results I can get you that mark but what I’m talking about it’s kinda like the cutting edge stuff so you definitely do like live streams learn how to get good at that live streams build up your Facebook Live Messenger list list get comfortable on camera and if you’re not comfortable camera master how to create videos without showing up on video so I have a lot of school that all my other channels I don’t really show up on so there are some special techniques for that which by the way I cover that all in my new program what’s there Brett garma la Garde Melissa’s Dan I love your lashings I need help editing my videos for scaling up I do have a few connections for that there’s people that you can pay full time to do that for you it’s only like $500 a month that can be worth it if you’re pumping out a couple videos a day Gina says what about Facebook groups Facebook groups also super profitable I’m starting to build those up now okay brian says I am a deadbeat super affiliate customer but I picked the niche I’m not passionate about should I scrap and start again with one that is more up my alley so well here’s the deal I’ve made tons of money off the stuff I could care less about now at some point you’re gonna get bored of it but if the money’s worth it it’s kind of it’s kind of up to you if the money is that you’re getting paid is worth it it might make sense to continue with that if you have a passion though that is extremely buyer oriented like natural health some people are really into that natural health topic a lot of buyers you can sell all kinds of different info products for that niche that would be something to consider building up an audience about that is super profitable all right let’s give out some cash let’s give out some cash so first question this will be it’s on Pay. Pal so by the way guys you have to have Pay. Pal for this to for me to pay you out here first question is going to be what is what is the what is the easiest way to get in the Facebook paid ads without having to worry about compliance and all that yeah worry about how your landing pages look what’s the easiest way I talked about it briefly let’s see what paying attention first person I answered get some money I’m going to talk more about Facebook paid ads by the way in a second in the future so the motivated sauce is build up your Facebook fan page alright motivated sloth wins $100 motivated sloth let me just take a screen that one set motivated sloth answered would you go motivated sloth what’s your Pay. Pal I’ll send it dammit where’d you go are they are motivated slaw so let me just I have to write this down motivates the motivated to its sloth wins a hundred bucks this is for the Facebook Fanpage question so motive late made its loft what’s your Pay. Pal post in here all I will Pay.

Pal you $100 that’s the first win so you know what just comment after the streams over just comment with your Pay.Pal your paypal email this will be the easier for me to do this so comment with your paypal email in in the replay so I can find your information make sure you do that as soon as replay pops up so that’s question number one let’s uh so good good job for you you want a hundred bucks we got for work giveaways to do so let’s in the meantime let’s answer some questions here let’s see so Muhammad she but ships us is how can I earn money so easiest way or the best way in 2018 well first of all the easiest way is definitely with SEO I think in my opinion SEO is the best way for beginner to get started for pretty much nothing I talk about that my deadbeat super affiliate system there is a particular formula you have to follow for that now that’s great the Stars beginner now there is a different level there’s a higher level all this and that is trapped tapping into the all the other traffic sources like the reality is is that Facebook has two billion active users two billion of them so why would you not tap into that so start thinking about how to tap in the Facebook building up your Facebook fan page again Facebook Live Messenger might want to create a keep a freebie to giveaway if he walked into that work them worth the effort channels totally profitable here’s the way I see it the way in the future people are lazy I’ve noticed that my video content makes more money than my blogging content or just by taking a normal blog and adding a video to that you can double your conversion rate so that’s the way it’s gonna happen it’s gonna be gotta get good at video all right next question teen life says what are the best one of the best companies to become an affiliate for Amazon is great but the reality is guys as there are thousands and thousands of thousands of different affiliate offers out there network so you can join there are some hidden gems out there so I encourage you to check out things like max bounty go to offers offer vault is another great thing that lists all kinds of different affiliate networks flex offers there’s various health ones that are good check those out there’s a lot of money earning potential out there for those let’s see here so richard says this video have to have a voice or can it just be cheesy background music you you can make the videos without a voice work but they it’s just crucial for selling you have to say words you might be able to use them to generate traffic but if you want to make money you definitely need to get or hire or voice over to do it for you if you find a good voice server that can do some some work for pretty cheap so especially newer guys that are trying to try to get the experience out so I would recommend for all your videos your at least have some kind of voice in there it’s just crucial for getting people to buy stuff that’s here Michael Jennings says can you use slide presentations absolutely there are to tell my head there are five different ways to create videos four of which involve you not showing up on video so slide slide slide power slide videos work really well I’m a huge advocate of those they actually convert really well so I talked a little bit about that in my deadbeat super affiliate system start with that it’s a good start my new program that I’m releasing it’s December 3rd that’s well that’s like a week away we’re really getting into it’s all about as we’re also talked about a lot of stuff to talk about here today so tapping the social media that’s where a lot of the money is nowadays in my opinion I just on my page here I said 20,000 a month with social media making way more than that by the way I just kind of kept it low just for so it’s not insane excuse me alright Brett says should I be doing at least three videos a week on in order to get significant growth I would say if you’re if you have a new channel you’re gonna want to do that initially to get the kind of get that snowball going to break through so do that for at least a month or two if you’re truly serious about about about breaking through on storyteller cat says your deadbeat theme makes your your system worth a million bucks you know Debbie themed rocks no definitely if you have if you guys have have been in affiliate marketing for a while and you know a lot of stuff my Debbie theme alone if you’re getting traffic and double the amount of money make potentially conversion rates on that thing is freaking ridiculous something I’ve tested over the years so you can get that add deadbeats super affiliate com by the way guys I got a bunch just real quick I’m not gonna hammer this too much on the Facebook page let me just pull this up real fast okay I’ve got a few new testimonials in people making off my dad beats super affiliate system it’s like the guy just emailed me saying he was making a thousand a month where is it it’s loading slow I have like mad streams going on here it’s got Facebook fan page how about we doing over there on Facebook everybody good good alright so real quick I got a bunch of testimonials here all this is my Facebook fan page deadbeat super affiliate so John Barry sent me a message or he added a post here he’s making 500 to a thousand a month he added a little screenshot there on there you can you can zoom in there this is every month so you know almost a thousand dollars a month here John’s killing it good job John if you’re on so we did that fall on my deadbeat super affiliate system got a lot of people making their first sales got a bunch of new testimonials about that so just check that out on my Facebook page at facebook. com slash deadbeat super affiliate just go through this post here you’ll see here where I’m teach you all my channel is proven it works time to time again of course illegally I can’t legally guarantee you any specific results I can just show you what people are earning putting it into action I wouldn’t say this represents the average user I mean you got people starting here for example there’s one guy on here that maybe it was like five hundred dollars in like the first week what was it somewhere around here check out some of these testimonials the guys made some guy in here made like $500 and his first for this guy right here so Chris T I city made 2200 dollars in the first three weeks that’s probably not average you know it’s not I’m going to say that’s not the average result this is somebody who really went headfirst with it so I can’t really give you average results I’m gonna show you what people are making here alright so where am i right here alright that’s those two some more questions I was hoping this would go a little bit smoother than wait turbo charges I mean this program best bang for the buck and join the unicorn Deb University thank you turbocharged I’m glad thank you Tim Fleming says do you ever meet 101 now look at some time in events you can people run into me but let’s see here Volvo Lynne says I’m very good at video games running insta giving others low coaching for 5 to 10 euros how can i scale this better around 1,000 followers maybe you might consider doing some tutorials so tips and tricks type stuff so that you don’t have to personally deliver the coaching do you have a twit a twitch account see here tumeric says do you offer service in which you review our business and advise you if you join my deputy university program I can do some things like that obviously it to an extent I mean it’s it’s a pretty cheap coaching program as far as price is concerned so there’s obviously an extent to it but I’ll do my best there Loic samhsa’s is better to make a website or hire someone so you wordpress is great you can figure it out to be quick I recommend you at least spend the time doing that you can also just go to Fiverr man like Fiverr is some pretty decent providers on there they can build you your at least the framework for your Word. Press site for like 10 bucks so think about it something says you need a business license for this I recommend you get at least get a sole proprietor you mean ah but you’re gonna have to pay taxes on everything just the way it works like I need to make it anyway you make money you have to pay taxes on so I had a friend never I don’t wanna talk about that let’s see here tear no sales can your program help new beginners with no experience make money yes yes it’s for it’s designed for beginners new program by the way guys that’s coming out on December 3rd it’s all about so is this is where if you want to make money as an affiliate is kind of where it’s at now I talked about this in my deadbeat super affiliate system a good bit but I’m real I’ve learned so much over the last few years about some focus on in the new program a complete system so everything you need we’re focusing more on building the email list and more some some more so some other social media so this will allow you to tap into different traffic sources that you normally wouldn’t be able to tap in following my deadbeat super affiliate system but keep in mind these all feed together so it’s not like the deadbeat super affiliate system is obsolete it’s just another aspect of marketing but it all connects together so it’s good to know both systems for sure I use both on a daily basis Brian last says do I use social bookmarking after each new post yes I do regardless if it’s a video or blog posts Issac Naggar Nia this is over on facebook says kindly sponsored me your deadbeat affiliate theme at 17 bucks dude just buy it do what you have to do like if you give up the cigarettes like what do you blow your money on just spend two days not blowing your money buy it dude you have to do this is kind of your first test if you can’t save up seventeen dollars if you can’t do whatever it takes to make 17 bucks excuse me you don’t really have it in you to be an entrepreneur now obviously you can get better and you can never come this stuff but do whatever you have to do and the bill says do I use pay traffic or free traffic primarily I’ve been focusing on free traffic over the many years I’ve been doing this but I am getting into Facebook paid ads finally I’ve been do I’ve been messing around with that the last week it’s super super powerful Brian less says $17 well worth it thank you thank you appreciate that the motivated sloth so like I literally couldn’t believe how much information you get for $17 i went overboard alright question number two this is for another hundred dollars so the question is going to be what are the three traffic sources that I talked about today first person answer gets a hundred bucks over Pay. Pal Facebook Instagram Tony vermelha Tony you win Tony was on the ball so Tony vermelho Tony romelo so hundred dollars man Tony just killed me guys he was you must be had like fast internet this is three traffic sources I talked today so Tony what you should do is after the stream is over just comment right underneath the video soon as it’s over and hit me up and leave your Pay. Pal address and I’ll get it for you three traffic to talk about ok see let’s do another question here you want me to save this so I don’t lose it alright question number two is it’s gonna be a random one what’s the release date of my new my new program first person the site either facebook on you to our gets it looks like ‘s a little bit faster so this is for another hundred bucks whoever replies with the December third Brett garm Ella wins Brett man like some people just kill it man they’re like way ahead of the curve here Brett Carmela Carmela Carmela hundred dollars this is the release date we have two more up two hundred dollars up the rap still release day of course question alright so Brett just comment after the video is over first on the on the replay and with your email ok I got you a Pay. Pal okay Brett found you there alright so let’s do a few more questions and then we’ll just get in the QA I mean we’ll do we’ll do some more Q&A and then give away some more money so what’s the difference between that beat super affiliate system a new program alright so deadbeat super affiliate we primarily focus on blogging and SEO still a very long term like nothing’s gonna happen in that traffic source it’s just another way to reach people but there are still a lot of there’s even more opportunity out there as far as social media marketing is concerned so I’m probably the new program primarily focuses on and using to propel the growth of other social media platforms I’ve really just blow yourself up as far as fully Commission’s are so we focus on using develop your email list you’ll funnel that into building up subscribers and subscribers on other platforms both are the both systems are complementary so that comes out December 3rd now it’s gonna blow you guys away I don’t want to talk and I got to talk too much about it here the brick the price the course is four hundred ninety seven dollars by the way thing you’re not fear no Diallo says is the deadbeat super affiliate up to date yes there are a couple videos on there that might not sync up because of the you know the graphical user interfaces might have changed but what’s in there is the foundation of what you need to make that style of internet marketing work so that’s all about SEO mostly that’s what we talk about new programs you know in a nutshell that’s what the Debian super affiliate is about how to get traffic from SEO new stuff is all about social media marketing tons of tons of money out there for affiliates the way I see it is I don’t want to be like doom and gloom here but if you don’t adapt to this video thing in social media you’re gonna be left behind now you don’t have to get on video if you don’t want to so let me just make that clear to you guys if you’re not comfortable being on video you don’t have to be on video for example there is a channel just this popped in my head there’s a competing channel to mine the guy never shows up on video and he has hundreds like 150 thousand subscribers so the dude does not show up on video once same exact topic is mine this particular market I have multiple channels cut by the way guys so it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to show up on video I have strategies for that for you and you can do it for free as far as if you don’t want to show up on video there are ways to do it for free instead of having to pay someone hundreds of dollars to make your video so there are in total five different ways to create videos four of which you don’t have to show up so the way I look at it is video marketing social media marketing is just is pretty much the same thing as doing what I teach in my deadbeat super affiliate system it’s just you kind of adapt it and tweak it a little bit so you’re doing the same amount of workload but you’re just porting it over to other platforms so it’s the same idea it’s just we’re tweaking things and we we do a little bit differently pick three world says I’m ugly so I don’t want to be on video don’t worry you don’t have to show up if you don’t want to I have strategies for that I have multiple channels by the way guys I have multiple channels where I don’t even show up on they make plenty of money so it doesn’t matter snag success of social media of marketing or social bookmarking work anymore of course yes it’s a great way to start off the traffic flow into your site I use I use social bookmarking every every tomogram new piece of content Jake Olson says what are some of your other channels I show one in my deadbeat super affiliate system I’m going to talk about the other ones in the new program Alex T John says help my sight vanished from Google it was on page two this this happens just give it some time it’ll work its way out work its way work its way back let’s see how we doing on Facebook over here Jackie says he’s in the middle of Costco see there we go that’s the importance of Live Messenger and Facebook there Jackie that Devlin literally is in the middle of a store Costco right now and I’m reaching her imagine if I just had a blog or all I had was an email list I wouldn’t be able to reach Jackie so she would have missed my message today so it’s not doing three times the amount of work just to get the same results you’re doing a little extra work for three times the results it’s really not that much extra work social media marketing Tim Fleming says at six days yes the third well the December third whatever day that is our attainments December third whatever that is let’s see here a little sidetrack their team life says I’m a teenager and I’m learning all this for a future channel to start today I can’t tell you how many people that I’ve ran into a vid summit they’re like oh yeah I’m gonna start my channel in January guarantee you they’re not starting to know January Bret cruther says how long will you be offering it for 97 or their upsells no upsells for 97 is gonna be the launch price it’s going to raise after that okay Alec says Debbie theme isn’t it better to have the product panel fix on the side yeah I mean to add that feature in that gives a little bit of a boost and click through let’s see fourth question Mike Michael Michael factor says do I buy my robes in bulk yeah by his amazed I can they’re hard to find actually I don’t know what it is but it’s really hard to find these robes I guess people must be going for my channel and buying them out on the gamma zone or something sir sandwich yum says how long does it take to get great results man any water I have stopped during a coffee in the morning afternoon so I can’t legally I can’t I can’t promise you like specific numbers like that all I can do show you what I got and what other members have gotten and I can’t say but this is the average result by any meet but I have some people that like I should the one testimonial on my Facebook page check that out if you haven’t facebook.

com slash deadbeat super affiliate there’s one dude on there he made like I think was three thousand dollars in his first month he’s he posted two thousand two hundred and three weeks but he messaged me here on on saying he hit three three K in his first month that’s really impressive because it took me like three weeks to make fifty three cents when I started gasps Johnson says six years full time online earning 2k a month think I need to start the stuff yes absolutely that will help you get to the next level so people ask you what are the difference between deadbeats super affiliate in my new program so Deb eats super affiliate oh yeah that’s my that’s my chair creaking Debbie superflee it’s all about SEO pretty much we talk about a little bit but that’s the primary way we get traffic stir SEO new program is all doing social media marketing specifically focusing on I’m going to show you how to segue that into like Facebook building the email list etc so the primary angle the primary methods the new program is all through now like I said you don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to someone was saying you know I’m ugly I don’t want to show up on camera don’t worry about it there’s there’s five ways to make videos that I’ve used I found that work four of them you don’t have to show up on of the four two of them of the of the four two of them you can either use your voice or have someone else voice over other to you know hire people to do it yourself the whole thing storyteller cast is best $17.00 ever spent thank you I’m glad I’m glad you guys are enjoying it by the way I spent so much effort into that system like what you see you know like with the method it’s like a it’s a two prong approach here because I have to make the course and on the gap I have to figure out how to actually make money with this with the method so I took years just to figure out how to crack that to make it make money as far as like what I teach in it so it’s like you not only do I have to figure out the method but not to get people to see the actual course so it’s good to know it finally people are there and viewing it and it’s working that makes me feel good can’t tell me how many times I was just like why did I why did I undertake this mike says when can I purchase the course you can get my debt beat super affiliate system now there’s a link underneath the video for that at 17 bucks new programs coming out on the 3rd I’m really excited to talk about this or share this with you guys it’s basically how I’m making crazy amount of money on I just talked about twenty thousand this video that’s just a fraction of what I’m making so you’ll you’ll see more I’ll have another livestream when we release it or gonna go live for the program so just keep an eye out for that I also give a lot of good tips on there Roxanne mayor says Amazon kicks you out after 180 days if you don’t make a sale what can I do about this just build out the site get started in your audience together man second I need to drink more water make sure I everything just like too much coffee so Roxanne says what you want to do is focus on building the audience first build up your assets build your channel get that all together you should no problem making sales all right two questions one more question let’s see let’s start with one question here look at some more cue a storyteller Katz’s have you ever gotten sued for copyright infringement like a photo no just grab your get your photos from sites like pixabay. com excuse me or Peck souls calm or pay for them from i. Stockphoto or shutterstock I use both those Charter stocks kind of want to use the most or you can take your own photos yeah some people are recommending unsplash I’ve never heard of that also check that out unsplash and soon that’s about beautiful free images that’s cool oh yeah these are nice yeah unsplash comms pretty good I would avoid doot I would avoid using any images to Google search so just so you guys know avoid any images from Google search now there are ways you can filter that to make them to make to show ones that you can get rights to but I would just avoid it avoid it should Shahid says does your course teach how to make 20k a month no I make a lot more than that now I just showed one small account I’ll talk about I’ve released the course how much I’m making but in reality doesn’t it doesn’t matter how much you’re making I mean you’re just like if you’re focusing on me but I make a ton of money from it but it’s not really what’s important what’s important is the stuff I show you obviously like you want to know how much I think because you want to know that you know what I’m teaching is good but yeah it’s way more twenty thousand a month is what I make from from what I’m teaching in the new program which is all december therms when that comes out all right so a third question Amy our fourth question I think yeah first question is this is for a hundred bucks through Pay. Pal named me for this is a trick question for royalty free stock photo sites so this is where you can get your images without without having to worry back in the sued or anything like that for free for free so named for first source of the name before gets $100 man see old people are slowing this and stuff has to all be able online don’t give me one at a time hat for free for free this is the trick question x1 splash I stock photos paid Shutterstock a nice talker paid sit here who’s got it who’s got it it was tough livestock I don’t know what that is okay Brian we’ll see you let’s see I think Brian might have here wait wait wait hold on hold on this is fun giving up money all right uh a Corey I think Corey might happen hon it’s gotta I gotta make sure a man is coming in to quit I can’t catch it I’m gonna have to pick someone I’m splash now I’m just gonna pick someone I gotta keep this moving there I think it was Cory Cory Lynch I think was the first one photo doing let me just confirm here photo dude what’s that about royalty free stock photos for two dollars those aren’t technically free you have to pay for those I’m telling that ones where you have rights to use them commercially for free all right all right see unsplash pics back and stock what’s that about can stock dot was a dog net never heard of that can stock calm see and have you got to pay for that oh man someone someone’s gotta get it here alright I’ll give it a Rohit rut was Jonny I think he’s got it Rohit rosani are you okay so Rohit just let me know your I’m just moving on I missed you guys I apologize I’m just gonna tip too long Rohit Rajani slow me to your for free photo shops Rovers Horizonte this was paid out by Pay. Pal hundred bucks so Rohit just one for a royalty if I miss I apologize guys I just had to he look like he was the first one a lot of people are talking about paid ones that wasn’t it was the question was free stock photo sites all right so yep broke it Rohit won that one so there’s some in your Pay. Pal or comment the easiest way to do is this comment below soon as the stream is over just let me know your Pay.

Pal address alright next question we’re going to answer a few more questions I got your Pay.Pal there it is so it’s 100 bucks we’ll send it to you after we go off the stream alright so shit this is rough today like this is completely impromptu I had a whole thing planned out dang the stupid Wirecast software was like 600 bucks I couldn’t figure it out in time storyteller cat says can you copy and pay the copy and paste can you copy paste from a website you’re selling from I would check with the vendor some are ok with it like some of my products I don’t really care as long as they’re an affiliate but I would take a you could take a photo of the site you can probably do that and get away with that don’t take don’t take that legal legal advice though just just you know keep that in mind surf sandwich um says does posting more get you better results yeah in general but make sure you’re posting good stuff just don’t post a bunch of crap a lot of people get mistake posting more for just like unloading a bunch of crap on the web if it’s good stuff then you’re good okay Kent says I’m a rookie huh yeah I’m out right good the livestreams Alex taejeong’s says what happens if you use photos from Google you have a potential get sued if the if the person that you took the image from has a copyright so make sure by the way guys make sure you go through all your sites and make sure you’re not using any bad images it happens rarely but it’s good to make sure that you’re not in the crossfire the price just go through it to get your images from either pixabay pixels buying from Shutterstock it’s like ten bucks an image the euro says it’s digital is digital is digital or physical better it just depends you know like really in Indiana all we’re doing is selling stuff so you know like one product is just selling a different product you can make money whatever makes you money sire sire Johnson says do you recommend taking a copywriting course it never hurts to learn more I mean it’s always good to invest in yourself all right fifth question I need I need to why I need up some water this is killing me here so fifth fifth question went off the stream here a little rough today this is totally like impromptu do not go how I wanted to go the presentation I had set up on Wirecast did not work so this is what we got we’re working with what we got here who scene says is that okay to have five different channels and five different niche markets yes you can prop the only issue is that only lets you confirm two accounts per phone number per year so you if you have multiple phone number to be all right but you know just be wary of that I place this why do I wear the same shirt every day because I’m lazy david says in my opinion I think it’s okay just understand that your time will be diluted some top you some top you some top rs have multiple channels yeah just be wary of that but a lot of it can be set and forget when you do the right there’s a certain formula that if you follow it a lot of this can be set and forget I’ll talk about that my new program alright fifth question let’s see here this is just a random which I think about top my head how man rah Raz man says I can’t find your deadbeat affiliate theme on Word. Press the only place to get it is through my deadbeat super affiliate system it’s not a free theme it comes free it’s part of a bonus as a bonus when you get my deadbeat super affiliate system it’s not free so you have to get it through my program link to that stead beat super affiliate calm shame that says do I do one on one coaching I do why don’t want one on one coaching over group private chats so I’m gonna have a Go. To. Webinar I have review sites and stuff so you get one on one access to me but I don’t do like 101 as in like I’m not gonna sit there I don’t call you up and we work over Skype and I help you build everything like just you and me I don’t offer that currently as a service maybe in the future but that’s something that’ll be like only way that’d be worth it is its new I can’t do that for $67 a month which is what I charge for my deadbeat University Luke says it’s rocks it’s seventeen dollars and seventeen dollars is nothing thank you rust or rust or far Ian says is that seventeen and available in the UK yes it works in the UK works anywhere link below that’s deadbeat super affiliate com let’s see so fifth question this is random how long ago did I start my channel first person to reply on how long ago what date shit I don’t even know I don’t even know what’s the first day that I started my first video that’s the best question $100 first person to answer that the first video that I started what date was that exact date yeah I gotta look it up I don’t remember somehow the probably beat me to it I don’t even know I have a rough idea of what it was but let’s see here the exact date first person to get it let’s sit here okay alright I see it extreme tech Oh double oh seven one the shrink Tech wins February 1st 2016 is the first video so extreme tech first video question what’s your paypal extreme tech double oh seven extreme tech double oh seven which is let me know your Pay. Pal settings my hundred bucks so that’s it for the question the cash competition that’s all five people so that’s extreme tactics Evan just comment after a replay compiled and supposed to just let me know your Pay. Pal address and I will send you the money okay so Luke Henson says it’s a little rude to ask how much you’ve made online probably like this tough question now don’t quote me don’t quote me on this I’m just like rough ballpark parking on this so like you know let’s take you for what it is I think I’m probably getting close to two million now something right that somewhere around there over the years there’s totally people out there it makes that make more money than me faster so I don’t even want to pretend like I’m the best but as far I think I’m the best as far as the amount of time that I’ve spent actual work work wise and how much money I’ve made I bet you I make more per hour than like any one stellar story teller cats is I have a hundred likes of my articles about for a week that’s pretty good is it real likes hekia Daniel Scott says man this guy’s such a bad effing liar peace out oh no we lost Daniel Scott what am I gonna do kill myself now I place this how do you get how do I get more views I mean Daniel dude just look at my channel man like do you think I how many people how many subscribers do you have like dumb isn’t a clearer that I know at least a little something he left he left he’s gonna go back into his mommy’s basement probably what made you shave I like to just clean it up a little bit the best video editor I personally like Camtasia just cuz that’s how I’m used to I’ve made so many videos on it it’s not the best as far as like it’s not gonna look the best but it gets it gets it gets the job done like I’ve literally made product 5 the 600 videos through that pervert over the years I started like Camtasia 1 back in the day let’s see it’s been a little rough today I had literally spent like I woke up I was planning this big Wirecast presentation I need it’s complicated software and you can’t configure it out let’s see here alright any more questions any more questions hopefully the next one would be better I took I took too long off got a little rusty go to sleep I’m totally going to sleep after this planet Jean boxes am I looking for a graphic designer maybe maybe if you’re good at thumbnails semi like a private message when’s the next one next one’s gonna be when I release the new program probably somewhere around December December 3rd will be the next live stream I’m gonna do I’m gonna do some videos in between so keep an eye out for that I think you guys are gonna enjoy the new program for those of you that are serious about making a lot of money online that’s this is what you want to do like if you’re a beginner if you’re looking like a easy place to start if you’re not if you don’t have the money to invest start with my deadbeat super affiliate system that’s a great place to start but for those of you that want to really tap into the social media stuff Facebook fan pages building the email list that is how you can reach a majority of the people so that’s what I talk about in the new program I as I said on my page here in this video says 20 thousand dollars per month that make a lot more than that I showed you in the earlier stream my one of my affiliate accounts that’s just the tip of the iceberg so I’m gonna talk more about that in the future the next stream how you can do that alright so JP says hey Dan I bought your system it’s awesome I’m interested in learning SEO more depth I’m actually I actually have an advanced SEO course that I’m releasing in the in the game January I have a friend that we’re partnering up in this program but just me and him here but together he makes it he at last month we made $250,000 from free SEO so it just goes to show like it doesn’t even matter you know SEO is a great way to make money if you know what you’re doing so that’s the new program that’s my second new program outcomes beginning january Grunk Mc.

Crum i love that name grandma grub what is the reasonable amount of money to spend on equipment you can literally start with your phone you got like an i.Phone 6 or better or it was a cyber phone 6 I think I phone seven sixes all right i. Phone 7 this $20 lapel mic you can see that that goes a long way this long way Hussein oddly says to make 10 to 20,000 a month should I have assistants working with me now you don’t really need that it might help to have a couple of people eventually not at that point though the good thing about working online like you don’t need to have a whole huge team to make twenty thousand dollars a month you just don’t you can it’s I would say technically it’s possible to get to a hundred thousand a month by yourself but of course you know at some point you’ll be working yourself to the bone for that you but if you give you some out some of the work her to a couple part time people you can get we can get rid of most of the work that you have to do man that’s a rough day today that’s why that’s what I get for taking some time off micros is gonna outsource content from the beginning I always recommend you at least try to do it yourself first regardless if you’re going with my deadbeat super affiliate system or my new program coming out it just helps to have the experience so you have to know what’s good what’s not what works excuse me and that’s some port you can outsource it takes a little bit of experience because you don’t learn it’s another skillet to learn how to work with people you have to know what works what doesn’t work vines a nation says can we make thirty thousand dollars a month online it is possible now legally I can’t promise you specific results like that’s how that advertisement works here all I can say is what I’ve made what I’ve seen other people make what people have made putting my systems in action thirty thousand dollars a month is not like a pipe dream if that’s what you think it’s not a pipe dream jessalyn says you’re so funny do you always say you have a rough day I know it’s got my sleeping how’s the echo by the way is there an echo always have echo all right Debbie eats that’s gonna be it for the day I think I just need to do a couple more of these a warm up these live streams are uh these live streams just it’s like a diminishing skill for sure just goes away so quick all right so that’s gonna be it for the day if you’re so what are we to talk about so let’s do a recap here definitely start focusing on social media now social media has this kind of like Oh interact with people and build connections it’s it’s it’s easy to do it’s easier I’ll tell you what it’s easier than writing a bunch of articles it’s more fun like doing stuff like this is a lot more fulfilling than just writing articles from machines but you don’t really have to sit there and it’s not what you think and the money that you can make as an affiliate is insane when you do the right stuff so learn how to get into social media that’s where everything’s going in 2018 it’s gonna be video and social media marketing all this can be done with affiliate marketing is just another way to reach another segment of the market and reach those people that are already a member of already a part of your audience reach them during different times a day which basically means you can make more money so social media is the way to go for me personally I’m gonna be focusing on Facebook fan pages that’s all you need to make a bunch of money that an email list so those three look at is a different type of mailing list look at your Facebook pages a different type of email lists look at your email list as an email list all these are ways to reach customers reach your target market at given times during the day it really just expand your reach that’s how you make more money that’s how you scale up whoo so that’s gonna be it you tell my voice is gone I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did do what do I usually say subscribe hit that Bell icon my deadbeat super affiliate system link below get that new program coming out December 3rd assuming nothing else goes nothing else jumps in a way December 3rd you guys are gonna love it so it’s to stay tuned for I have all I’ll do like a live stream for that I’ll give away a bunch of cool tips and stuff that’s primarily primarily focusing on using to build up a massive audience all right tongue email that’s social media all through the power of you guys are gonna like that so check keep an eye out for that you know if you have any questions comment below after the live stream is over we’re happy to help my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate I’ll see you deadbeats later. .