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prepare a valley along the attitude him on a buildup chest quali examle ela prepare to our Valley and it went to be shalt Alicia and commando part owner of faculty Santos Caruana Manju sugar hello and welcome to our studio first of all Manju Samira how to prepare for an interview generally people do confuse and no people do not know way to prepare how the preparation should be and wait to start actually for any period interview the preparation must be from the attire yes the dressing is the main thing one has to take care of because there is a saying Dress for Success so dressing what to carry with you and how to face an interview for facing and interview the first and best thing is research research is what you have to do in order to face an interview with confidence so either meet Japanese Santhosh guru interest rate on car loans and English so general original owner banks cavalry the prepare of tanara general away agriculture loan Seco Gaston Ducati Akuma Thurlow Monica crop loans currency what interest rate green shattered on caye caulker saloon tie questions so general the central government announcement Jason Atlantic interest sub mentioned scheme kindda so far Munson has a Moodle of shallow a rocky 7% of the interest rate thirty monarchy so cropland syllabus don’t I seven percent of the interest rate 30 if in time low between the six months of the span time local atheria celli sorrow while like a mannequin touch subvention on a three percent run today accepted a four percent interest rate maroon today a variety within the six months of the span low silica gel is sorrow at the intervention kinda central government an ad is to only former crop loan scheme Venetia how to prepare ante how to dress for an interview so the dressing for male candidates and female candidates is entirely different for the male candidates the dressing is with formal attire which generally adviser to have a light colored shirt preferably of white to blue and a dark trousers and the trousers should be high waist do not go with low waist general trend eaten solid clothes go with well ironed clothes and also important thing is boys do trim your world must touch as well as beard it is good if you go with a clean shave of beard and a trim of masters and boys do not have any ponytail or long hair and hate Curt and every shaving should be done three days prior to the interview date so that you will be habit rated to that and the shoes which you are going to wear male candidates keep in mind you have to wear the shoe which is formal and do not go with any heel kind of thing one inch is acceptable more than one inch is not acceptable the shoe color you’re wearing should match with your belt color that is must if your wedding tie please wear any plain cut ties do not go with cartoon printed or any graphic printer ties and for ladies generally wear salwar kameez in India for interviews so your salwar kameez should be light colored and do secure your dupatta with pants and do tie your hair do not leave like what I did here and do trim your nails and your nails should be clean and without any dirt for boys and girls do and moreover the important thing is do not smell order body auto you have to have a very light perfume or column so do not have any body order and do make yourself look like highly professional and you’re seeking for a government job then what do keratins see generally in the car later itself and the notification itself we generally have the list of things which are to be carried with us it includes the certificates and mainly the car later itself the certificates includes your all certificates of educational and if you have any work experience work certificates also including that they will be asking you for caste certificate birth certificate whatever they have given in de car letter and the notification do carry with you and including they will be asking you to bring three or four sets of Xerox copies do carry one more additional set for safe side do not forget to carry a notepad and a pen so alone is Santhosh sugar a slew and they sell the help groups green she explains yester a self help groups and the government of India general yeah so Lula radius loan I ever item I know not have all the self or the self employment creates yes Connie wall do own have all della powered undergo some he self help groups in a create serum Jerry Hindi so you sell fell to groups key woman can support an equal some government of india deen dayal until they ionic in the ARB a recent october 2000 similar notify a cindy deen dayal until their genican driver at the self help group sonar oh well Lucky seven percent of interest rate thirty when a three lakhs were like a low quality squad Anika oh come on the banks when she special yourself elbow groups of Allah Manju shop on how our body language should be generally people do neglects body language because the feel that it matters what we speak and how he answered no you know our tongue my life but our body doesn’t that is a reason interiors trust your body linguist the way you sit the way your face is the may of maintaining eye contact the way of placing your hands and using the gestures everything matters a lot according to research 60 percent importance is given to body language so you should know how to place your body while sitting in a chair in front of your interviewer make sure you are sitting straight but do not go with very upright posture sit comfortably in the chair and place your hands on your thighs when the shade has the arms you can place your on the arms of the chair in addition to this please do not maintain eye contact with only one interviewer who was pretty the question the eye contact should be with all the members of the panel do not maintain eye contact with only one person and use hand gestures but do not overuse hand justice open hand justice are well taken do not go with folding your hands and other kind of gestures at the same time your legs also will be noticed do not ever cross your legs cross your legs are no way big notice do not cross your hands or cross your legs so put your body seeking for active enthusiastic your body language should say that you’re ready enthusiastic very active person who is seeking the job and highly professional in how to speak you have to remember the people who are interviewing you there are generally retired or elderly Bank personals they are all elderly persons so do talk courteously and well mannered polite tree of expression is very much encouraged and that is how you have to speak with politeness courtesy and with greeting attitude do not forget to have a smiling face throughout the interview generally students do smile whenever they do not know questions know you have to have a smiling face throughout the interview not just when you do not know the question Karia time flow small break this canal if I still be my age explain so every interview preparation of allocate different so hundred percent return on accustom no question what is mean by pradhan mantri fasal be myojin ischaemia castle immune a rules and regulations january 2015 before Danika no mundo so general great American national agriculture incident scheming in daily 2015 key before the on place flown a so pradhan mantri fasal be myogenesis communities coordinating international agriculture incident scheme clay Slone a sofa silent a crop on a beam anti incidence and is generally the crop incidence criminalize monarchy so a crop incidence criminal monarchy kharif season ek.and. ruby seasons candy season like math applicable oath language i had the season candy summer low funding Tchaikovsky a further month I shall be my ocean applicability called curry find Ribisi John story special the food crops ki Mario oilseed skier ended he could applicable Oh Tandy and kharif season lino and then Robbie season Lana and Caravan Rugby season O’Malley leaving a horticultural crop Sakura is scheming area applicable out on the old scheme national agriculture insurance scheme third compact yes a scheme lower channel 20 next to changes into the antenna Jirga so only scheme Linnell premium and I shall like background as a farmer spinach and cheddar dannika so got the farmer Santa interest to pinch of alcazaba premium underdog Walla so the English a low premium and I shall attack ginger and Jerry and Aoife shall be myogenic in de general occur if season low a vitamin a food crops away the pundits um occur if season low danke just to 2% of the incidents when a premium payment a such a teapot only are they Robbie seasonal abundance a food crops quite a 1. 5 percent are they a Karif season in our abhi season ina horticultural crops cages to 5% of the some of the insured and the premium of Amenti a sorry Putin ez major Gartner 20 major change okatee pradhan mantri was have been myojin has compared with the old one and second one HSE manic general old scheme low daughter puma hockey 50 percent of the crop damage from tama tremé manic incidents and the applicability of ad so Connie is Kim low damage crop damage Ariana the shallower the tagging Shahrukh a vellum Moop a moon shot on 33 percent of the crop damage area one tomaron Shalu so farmers and other wala incidents in claims Jordanna key or come on Lindy and path the scheme louis chase him anarchy incidents an ad host harvesting season at the condo question at errata then key incidents and reclaim Janica hashem lado only scheme Lou cannon each scheme low excessive after harvesting terroir Tokuda Patna Leroy lower canta canta question of cardinal rule of iraq a new crop incidents in acclaimed is Cortana key or custom in the pradhan mantri fasal be myogenic in de ello agriculture improve some Benicia policies Grinch explains yes Tara especially our original donor banks ever I taped a Langan option particular Oh Pewaukee telangana original order Bangkok purchased Kunar Oh voila get Telangana going Chicago tells Kunta bottarga Marxist Cordia Donna Kakashi mutiny particularly Telangana region de Paula Telangana low abate a column Atlantic Robson I a sales and IM irrigation project anomaly 20 cover consonances say so echo questions Amir Fayed and Kakashi mutiny particularly in Telangana so a plate a major agriculture improvement cause I’m telling a national strategy in the mission kakatiya majorly so mission cavity energy kakatiya raj alaikum o to nature will to venture and then Perry collimation karate and patrons arrogantly so mission cavity is a generally a restoration of the minor tank irrigation system in Telangana so a way that Sheena Sheena chair Hulu and upon save a tone I put together on some iconic what in theory ki restauration Cherokee star th in the motor mission kakatiya then of course on 20,000 crores you drive a Lakota 30 Nalu by are availa chair will need silica restauration chair and cusamano key mission kakatiya needed 2014 winches 2019 over K that Robbie I do some scholar 2014 1919 very key data by mannequin Albertville a chair will make owner adventure Danny Goswami the mission cavity Anitha start sharing in EB major scheme donto particle Monica College foreign lift irrigation project to gudiwada finer are the cocoon Damali someone’s freedom Sagar project colonies Amba these two o’clock one I define only Danny could happen ours even a rejuvenation of the so this freedom Sagar project in would have start shade on Jerry Gandhi so even occur in token top assilex electronic pine gah so I crawl up the knee to power the London she Telangana law agriculture development you Donna key you project London a future look upon online so Alan aapka so apk someone in such a semantically day I put a noose Lauren out owned a topic a Polavaram soap Oliver and Abu Paula Harmon she relaxed electronic a zagnut non which a major part comes annual into Monday right Ella gay so a comment on the help which encounter on a Monica Allen Erica tells in day so don terawatt a major in TR jolla Syria Navy in Katya Andhra Pradesh government starts children jeering in the NT are jealous Siri so entr jealous eerie intent a so development of the underground water system so underground water knee so Baga developed a saber well since niganda bore wells tale of a kun de Somme on a continuing education we provide chia chu by using the underground water so the Chanukah Sameach under Polish government an animatic major Agha so entr jealousy and a project nature per team okay so mono already marklar Cunha intent a er RVP work someone she Allante topics an ivy covered chess coach you are there is an okay interview quill it approval and problem faced yes that on a discussed a stone and Gotha so Manju chamois Japanese and they a question Allah face really as we already discussed do answer the question with confidence your confidence can be shown with your body language did not ever bend and do not have a relaxed posture and while you’re answering the question do answer only if you know when you do not know it can admit sorry I don’t know but do not give egg answers Dalia kunda answer shipped a interviewer Kia demo to thee so Telangana Peru tell you Danny chip attorney better tele kunda answer children get righteous thing interior monkey Naru so if you know then only answer and while you’re answering also try to have this smile on your face and give the answer whatever you know boldly and show enthusiasm do not show overconfidence Allah name Santosh Commission what is it after scheme so you don’t start scheming idea Monica holiday rusty a cliche because yo janati manichaean Davila L ostriches are madam already so render Ella L or Ostia Christy because aversion and it’s not gesture or Ostia cliche because yo janati identity the central government and the state government we support you soon agriculture development al is an awesome central government energy funding provides us under the state government are the Ostia Krissi Boccaccio Gina the Anika additionally puto extension project a pramana K for October 2017 low monarchy central government and Molly roster and his scheme minimally notified serum Jeremy so R after na the intent edema narrative approaches for the agriculture and allied sector in narrative approach for agriculture and a nice chapter and a common law agriculture and a profitable agriculture ooga Ella converts a Ali another green cheese cottage in the manicure of thought scheme so hereafter scheme cusamano key central government and another 15 thousand crore rupees and the unknown franchise in the fifteen thousand crore rupees and a manic central government and state government we support Draven only thousand crore rupees slow it a 50 percent of the amount of money a writer window of 50 percent energy agriculture infrastructure develop shared an ecosystem over 30 percent of the money a rate on the agriculture productivity any improvement should undergo some 20 percent of the money and a day Monica farmers key skill training about an equal sum so erupt our scheme lower different sectors key in the arranged low cation chopper namely Manju sham ago being a BTech graduate how do you aspect for a career in banking sector this is the Christian which is being faced by all the beta graduates who are applying for bank jobs please do not give the same answer which interviewers are listening since 2011 yes people generally start with banking is the fastest growing sector hence I would like to join no no do not just only include that be genuine tell us the actual reason why you’re coming to banking sector sure that you also have some interest that is the reason you’re coming did not say some other reasons like you are forced to come or someone is responsible for your decisions you are the responsible person for your decision so say ensure that you are also interested in Indian economy and banking and also show some service motor also so these four are the things you have to cover yes of course it can add banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in India along with that please cover everything what we discussed Santa Chiara Lani formers in the cuy magical a lot Mahalo a couch a schooner mirenkova monomer National Crime Records Bureau 2016 choose a madam so Maharaj Shantanu first place loan the cone Vidarbha region low Paulo da da índia Mutombo eight thousand farmers Atma teaches kun da da da po so Maharashtra in the first place now in the second place no Telangana and a 1300 farmers and a Suzy a schooner 2016 so major I Telangana region only induces a disc under Maharashtra Telangana Maharashtra foster place Telangana second place low in Dooku you know an ant a major that Telangana ki monarchy you say Telangana region low poly cotton low rent Akkad of granite so Telangana Aryan has put their granite rocks xxx open in the cavity Pentagon war storage KO Kishan lathe so copper taken a farmer’s Kyra Gatien facility Sunderland a cat’s tongue up in the projects wounded Appa so underground water when she was Sanjay say so chances and a chocolate octagonal are the aquatic major region render by the indigent a so farmers commercial crops of ayperi Akuma tallow cultivated on kiss chopper to Naru so food crops in cultivate shaken like Camuto commercial crops in cultivation Amla spare example caught aunties conduct commercial curve echo Mc. Donald input constant as a backup a repo so Monica market load on kadar octagoon Lonavala so Ryan and up locally at Mattel chase container the second reason and she approached the third region HSA so farmers can has a scientific education on Adam na valo guna 20 soil in TV a silo would not want to mineral say in TV so down low a crop or cultivate shale and ID so our scientific knowledge generally farmers kiss ariga wounded Hamlin for touches a monarchy natural calamity Sadat’s grandiloquent a heavy floods Connie so you need love Allah khuda general gaffar mercy kakuzu searches Kuna Adi cocoon de major Agha so he Telangana region reduced not or deta monarchy 80% of the former salon carré and evolution latina and marginal and small farmers ignorant idle economy Topanga who novel you Naru velena i the kerala la pantalla cinema is not today immediateiy Cavallo so at matok a pauper to Naru if he major citizenship oho career time slow models my water your strengths question is asked about strengths be careful to answer not just what you possess do research aboard the skills required for people in our our base research definitely helps you a lot so compare yoga skills and strengths with the skills required for the post you are applying for so match the skills and tell those skills which are suitable for the job so do not say eating is my strength that is not anywhere relevant to the job interview so make sure which is relevant to the interview like teamwork or leadership qualities but do remember whenever you are giving something as strengths you had a supporting information like some past experience where you have shown your strengths and skills that way you can also answer the further questions which are asking whether interviews then what about the weakness biggest weaknesses did not ever answer like I don’t have any weakness because definitely the next question you are going to face is are you God because every human will have a weakness you can answer this question in two ways one tell something which do not hurt do not be burden to the interview for example you are attending a bank interview this is bag so you can say your weakness as eating chocolates are eating ice creams because that definitely never give any kind of loss to bank but if you are going for an interview in chocolate factory and say that eating chocolate is your weakness definitely it is a blunder so do remember say something which is not relevant to the bank jobs and the second way you can answer this as a strength in a disused way where do you see the yourself in five years from now encoder question are you tone taro so a decoder chala random gov internet went questioning Bardeen Elif al you realistic say your realistic goals when you are joining in a bank as a Pivo from five years from now where will you see people definitely two years probation after that you will be given assistant manager and that assistant manager will be turned into manager it may takes four years or five years so be realistic with your answer in five years you can see yourself as a manager when you join in scale one but people if you’re joining in scale to analyze you of a job and see for the hierarchy where can you find yourself in five years be hierarchical way and see and analyze based on that only you can answer well so santoshi are UNIX to minimal cover chase a twenty topic he saw Mukti Sun sedan glitch explain Chester ki sun Mukti some sage and alga so easy magic alum demonic a number montolo De. Lillo Jerry Hindi key son Mukti some sanity so far mercenary common of a demonic tales in the zoo suggests country nor any so major regions and the indented minimum support price is like a pod on farm and ski render then a Simon is labas article like four hundred right so you’re in the Regents were like como ellos who searches Continentals indica but a so a coma thalaiva right environment low agriculture is slavery tomorrow when ideally on a gentleman caller cha la motte ikou Mc. Auliffe armored Cindy alone a twenty initiate soon see average farmer so suicide attempt at schooner Avila families under coup Dominic De. Lillo him are number two thousand seven low under karate in died so I got a government a government agriculture in illa llah wisata commercial and Hanako some so he farmers save Walla Walla kabillion prepare JC a billionaire Parliament a our farmers a pasture and Geri Markel aunty we won’t a ma’am Agricultural Sciences mechanical domain bout birthin future Landau addition thought a so farmers under Cal Pocomoke Parliament any occurred our monarchy honest men shared engineering indeed are named animal kiss on Mukti some southern kuda pillar stone doe eyed everything the Telangana loner to warrant a II right through someone amazing Telugu inch so Telangana low e Monte Carlo monarchy September 2017 low Telangana government and I’m Anika right to someone by some till name Anarchy so farm said I’m Jeremy so you write to someone by a some till and I do Monica totally got Monica for level Sloane I write to someone write something on it so village level write to someone why some teeth or what a Mundell level and the district level right to someone by seventy and the next state level right someone by Osama T E like the village level no not under 15 members and Mundell and the district level owner right someone buys something of 24 member sundar oh and the state level owner Dominic 42 members of the so members oh right none element are totally unique uh mr.

locota right element are so village level Mancha state level of Allah khuda as a interviewer the first step is how to enter into the interview room olara how to leave the room can you suggest any tips or something yes definitely when you’re entering the interview room when you’re knocking on the door are opening the door do remember to close the door silently while you’re entering the room before you entering the room you have to remember two things before you enter the room just close your eyes and think everything goes well for you do not have such tension if you have tension definitely you’ll forget many things be confident enough after entering the room while you’re walking that walk also being observed so walk properly do not have some kind of cat Walker’s back walk whatever it is walk professionally and walk with elegancy and while reaching the chair which is given for you keep in mind do not go and simplicity in the chair do wait until they offer you the chair so that is the best thing you can do and then by living the interiors room by living the interiors room do thank the interviewers the panel did for spending time with you for giving their valuable time and also do have a smile if any interviewer gave you a handshake do shake your hand professionally professional handshake is different from the casual handshake when you’re giving handshake do remember your hand should be warm and dry do not have wet hands and cool hands so have a kerchief or something and clean your hands while giving the an trick your handshake should be professional professional handshake is very simple it should be both the hand should be equal and there is a rhythm which follows like one two three yes up done middle so just a quick handshake follow these rules while you are living the interiors room so Allen is Santosh a guru in a BA degree in check they spend a burden as a manic important so a regional lunar banks a waiting I’m gonna be pre interview are tender a regional donor banks a regional donor banks Kuwait a Monica total amount of the money at a rate have a crop loans he soon died Oh a crop loan seats your money on taka Dominic Nevada provides you soon to in the region and lunar banks key so he put in aa burden a the general manic 1982 low he stopped this mentally so in about Anna’s major Agha monarchy two thousand seventeen and eighteen budget reduced not tight a so Government of India net in our body Kyoko twenty thousand corrode rotational provides yet and Jerry Indy to develop the long term irrigation facilities in India so final eerie capitalization of public sector banks Grinch explain Chester so even the column on a Government of India so again to improve the financial health of the so public sector banks so Government of India mnemonic recapitalisation planning announcements a time during October 2017 low recapitalisation plan I shall have what is mean by capitalization and what is mean by recapitalisation so capitalization under a monarchy other shoe 14 2015 low when a capitalization plan and I cannot spend shea butter the Government of India output of Government of India energy monarchy seventy thousand crore rupees name Monica capitalization Brownlow announcement Jason Lee Sohee public sector band slow non performing assets baaga very poor tonight but financial health and Athabasca a road out on the court a but financial help and improvements you’re done equals some capitalization plonk in the seventy thousand crores inning Monica released a tangerine so don t low Dada we put over aku monarchy 58,000 crowd additionally already religious teaching the out of seventy thousand crores money he put a recent ago Monica October 2017 low plan Danny Amano recapitalisation of the public sector banks on tone of non performing assets in ela overcome a volley away game on a Basel 3 noms proc are Amana capital adequacy ratio energy 11.5% in a reach of Allah mas 31st 2019 at K so the are indeed landowner come chaired an eco summer Government of India and the two point one lakh roads to point double one lakh rupees of the so recapitalisation planning announcement chair engineering right thank you so much Santa Shigeru and thank is so much money Shigeru thank you thank you so easy multi carrier types choose the name NADH MTV. .