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How to for elearning and instructional design jobs with Twitter COMMUNITY Presenter Quizmaker Engage Online.

alright so I recently tweeted a comment about just noticing that there seem to be more instructional design and e learning job positions being shared in Twitter and I was really surprised at how many emails and direct messages I received asking how did I come across those or what was I searching for to find those job positions so I kind of wanted to share with you just how I set up some of my my Twitter searches and show you how i came across those terms I didn’t even show you another way you can use just the web based version of Twitter to search for e learning and instructional design jobs so I do like Twitter tweetdeck it’s a nice way to kind of monitor a lot of keywords across a a single screen which is really helpful this is kind of condensed down here on only three columns but normally have this a lot wider and I can see about eight or nine column so all I do is set up searches around just keywords in our industry so this is a new version of tweetdeck so let me add a new column was what I’m going to do and I’m going to add a search column and the search column that i came across at least i’ve been i’ve been seeing those jobs posted in has been my elearning a search phrases so what i would do is type in hashtag elearning right because a lot of the positions will include the hashtag which is really helpful then i type in or and that’s because i want to look for different variations of e learning so i might even type in just the straight elearning then type in maybe even hyphenated e learning to see if anyone specifically typed it like that now i’m not going to add this because i already have this column right here I think you can see it down here elearning or elearning and that’s what I’m seeing a lot of them come through but if you wanted to actually search specifically for e learning jobs what I would look for is the word elearning and then a comma and then job I probably just use job rather than jobs that way both would show up and if i add this search column check this out it’s going to add another column over here and see what we are looking at us already so we’ve got a few from the day that are showing up thursday i think my tweet from the other night so that’s a way to what kind of monitor the keywords and you might type instructional design com a job our ID job things like that just variations of it and set up a couple columns or a single column with all those variations in there and then you can scroll through and kind of keep an eye on what’s being posted so let’s take a look at how we could also use the Twitter search to do this I actually really like this webpage i actually have it bookmarked and i’ll quickly jump in here for searching quick terms its search twitter com and the advanced search is what i like to work with this has got a lot of extra features that make it easy so let’s say we looking for instruction re learning or instructional design jobs right so i might type in i definitely want to search for e learning but i don’t necessarily need an exact phrase but i might add for the the phrase here i might add job or position or maybe even a role and that means that any of these words plus this word e learning will return a result i don’t want all of these roles these results these search terms most likely if someone’s not going to use all of those then i can search down here and i can search for language i can search for a specific person or tweet or if i knew that there was like a job agency or some other person posting those positions regularly i can select a zip code for where I want to look for work and attitudes i was like that but most people don’t include it up a smiley or unhappiest of my face in the posting and you can choose how many links results per page probably do about 25 and click search so check this out quite a few results right here and the last what 17 24 hours so that’s just a couple ways that you can use Twitter and tweet deck to keep an eye on upcoming positions in our industry.