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Using Social media is a key to any successful job This is true especially for Hospitality industry. In this video watch Layla display the key points to follow. Please have a look at the detailed posts on about how to use and effectively for your successful hospitality job on using for hospitality job on using for hospitality job is much more on anything about hospitality. Just use the box.

For a reason we call it ‘The Hospitality Engine’.

hi it’s me Layla again with fresh hospitality updates do you know how to search hospitality jobs through Linked.In and Facebook here are few points 1 complete your profile please even on facebook to make your headline count three follow your desired companies or make your profile shine with recommendations life’s and etc 5 request introductions and connect with HR managers 6 connects to influential and interesting people of the industry 7 share content related to your prospective job areas eight keep expanding your network 9 don’t be afraid to ask for help 10 finally stay in the game till you succeed use the search box on ww sog jobs com for details for a reason we call it the hospitality search engine. .