Twitter Jobs

Short demonstration of how to share your job on and Twitter using HireFlo.

so I just posted my job on a higher flow now I want to start driving applicants to that job so I’m going to share it on linkedin and twitter now we see here in my recommended action section I’ve got to share on linkedin link so I’m going to click that and this window comes up and sure enough higher flow is hiring a customer support representative I can post it to my update stream if i want i can post it to any groups that I’m part of i’m going to skip that for now and just hit share and now i’ve shared on linkedin now i want to do the same thing on twitter i have a share on twitter link so i click that my twitter window comes up up twitter is a little slow but here it is okay higher flow is hiring a customer support representative i can customize this if i want support your resume here twitter is going to automatically shorten that URL for me so i’m just going to hit tweet and it’s spinning and saving and saving and there it is I’ve just shared my job on Twitter so now you’ll notice that both the Linked.In and the twitter link are no longer under recommended actions but I have these items under tracking I’ve got linkedin and twitter both here in my tracking section so any applicants who come in through those links that i just shared i’m going to see them right here so that’s how to share your job on linkedin and twitter with higher flow. .