Facebook Jobs


hey everyone it’s Todd from adhoc here and today we’re gonna go over how to target specific job titles in for your Facebook ads now this is a really awesome feature that allows you to target users based on their job title so for instance if you’re selling a marketing software you might want to target users that are head of marketing or maybe CMO so let me show you how to set this up so you need to first create a campaign and you can pick any type of campaign here for the purpose of this demo we’re gonna send people to your website and we’re gonna put our website in there and then we’re gonna do set audience and budget now there’s a whole lot of things that you can do in here including locations age gender languages so on and so forth but I want to show you where the job title targeting is hiding so go into detail targeting and click browse then you want to go into demographics and then when you scroll down you’ll see a lot of different options but you want to click on relationships and underneath relationships you see work then click into work and click on job titles now this is where you can actually search for different job titles so let’s say we want to target CMOS we type CMO in there and look at that chief marketing officer so we are now targeting chief marketing officers now you might want to layer this targeting with people that have interests in your specific product or service as well but this is how to target specific job titles again make sure you layer that with specific interests or other demographic data thanks so much and be sure to check out triad hakam for all of your digital advertising needs.