Facebook Jobs

This is video version of my.

hi this is John kapitsa from jancowitz our comm and this is my guide on how to target people based on their job title in facebook advertising so basically imagine you would like to for example grow your list by people who are working a specific field specific company and with specific job title and place in company for campaigns like this Facebook is probably best tool ever and now show you how to do so first you need to go to your power editor and basically load your data and choose your ad set and go and add so example here this is my ad set basic like my test ad set and I will go to edit audience so now you are in your editing your audience and we need to we need to work with demographics so first go to demographics go to work and and select a job titles now we have job titles you need to do another step and that’s selecting again work and employers also you need to probably you know fill all the data that you would like to that do you know about your audience so it’ll be like accurate but for for targeting job titles is enough and basically from here I can I can play with those job titles so so I know so to be really accurate I know that I must like add employer so for example here Victoria yeah Victoria’s Secret and to make sure I will target just specific people you know so I have some kind of like offer for models I will add model or fish modeling so now you can see that in USA there’s like five thousand and since hand has six hundred people who are probably like models I mean it’s not is there 100% and I think because you know it’s Victoria’s Secret and model is kind of cliche so it’s probably a bit like make 500 models and their children will be probably people who are just trying to you know play for model you know however so yeah so so bye so so so so and this is how we will keep adding your your job titles and employ so when you will finish yeah it could look like this this is how basically you and if you keep going and and keep adding companies because if you add companies there is like a big possibility you will actually like you will actually hit those people so everybody could could put to their Facebook account some kind of like so I’m gonna like fake you know work title or something like that but if you if you pick all of our titles and then select specific companies you will probably hit them because some of these companies are small and if there is like a match you you’re probably you probably already want so so this is how you could be like super like super accurate you know so so this is how we actually like target those people from those companies also you know you can you can also look play with those ad sets for example for example for example here in for behaviors you can I don’t target like small business owners so and and also you know frequent travelers or people who who recently used some kind of like several apps because here I’m targeting like models so so you know and so it’s so it’s possible that models travel a lot so this can make my targeting more accurate also there is like big and it’s in it’s in Disney cheer for example but I think they’re black some somewhere similar niches with this problem and that problem is like fake job titles so so if you’re targeting people with job titles and companies that could give some kinda like social value right you know like see your in Microsoft or some kind or something like that I mean you’re probably not going to target CEO in Microsoft Word but but jokes like CEO for example yeah so because because because this is like giving some kind of social value and it’s funny so you will need to be more specific or you will serve your ads to people who don’t have any relevant correction to that company or to a job title so so this is most like for example those those job title model and company are sick it’s like super common job title and company so that you will probably find your facebook profiles of girls like between eighteen and twenty first twenty five years so all these people are using this information profile for fun and nothing is wrong with that however it will kill your accuracy and you will be targeting people who could be probably like opposite of people who are looking for so if those people also sign up or you will get under will get drugged wrong data your conversion pixel rule going to optimize for wrong at the ends and they will cost you money and you will need to start again so so you need to be like you’re sure that you are also adding I think more small companies than those large ones because more companies will probably give you accurate data and large ones maybe not you know so that’s it and I hope this will help somebody so thank you bye.