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online social networks are the rage in this job market because applicants need to use pretty much every tool in the shed to find work and Twitter can be a powerful and useful tool during your job search so here’s a question how can you tweet your way to your next job career coach Donald strength kowski from ascend career and life strategies is here to explain Donald good morning great morning as usual alright so tweeting it’s one of those things it’s a big deal a lot of people use it in a social aspect but how about for a job how do you use twitter to get a job I think there’s a misconception out there amongst jobseekers and professionals that Twitter is just for athletes and maybe movie stars and the like but what a lot of people don’t know is that thirty to forty percent of all traffic on Twitter it’s for professionals by professionals so job seekers can really boost their chances by engaging with employers engaging with recruiters following certain publications to really give themselves an edge in the job market a couple of tips that job seekers can follow to utilize Twitter number one set up a professional account for Twitter which means a professional name for Twitter not rad skier water dancing or 34 right you have 160 characters to write a profile to you can also enter a URL link you could connect your Twitter account to your Linked.In profile or even a personal web page number two is to start following people publications and companies on Twitter that can assist you in your job search here’s an outstanding strategy jobseekers can research hiring managers and recruiters on linkedin then see if that particular hiring manager has a profile on Twitter and start following them then they can garner information from that hiring manager from that recruiter companies often posts openings on Twitter they want their followers to have the openings first it’s free advertising another thing jobseekers can do is offer tips advice and recommendations on Twitter it’s not just about reading people’s tweets or putting tweets out there of your own that builds your online brand Mike there’s an eighty to ninety percent chance that a hiring manager is going to Google you at some point during the interview process what’s going to come up very early your Twitter account so if a hiring manager sees you’re offering tips advice recommendations regarding a particular occupation or industry that positions use a subject matter expert it can really help you build your brand and you really got to be careful I’d imagined what you’re tweeting you want to make sure that you said you set up a professional Twitter account but you want to be careful even if you have one that’s more for social purposes don’t you really got to mind your P’s and Q’s where the things that you actually tweet you really do I mean what you post on Twitter is part of the public record who you follow is part of the public record so for job seekers I always recommend stay middle of the road use it for professional purposes if you want to set up a fun Twitter account under an alias or some other night you know go ahead and do that beer pong 33 you can do so right there you go and my prediction is Peyton Manning is trending right now on twitter yes yes he is so add that in there too right Donal great stuff as usual thanks so much thank you Mike all right now you can find more information on our website of course that is ktar. com you’ll find a link to ascend career and life strategies in the on air section. .